Expositions: partaking artists

Impressionism, the partakers of the expositions:

1874 – 1886 expositions

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Here below in the PDF you’ll find an overview of the artists that exhibited at the 8 ‘impressionist’  expositions in the years 1874, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82 and 86. In the catalogue there were 56 names mentioned. Reviews make clear that in 1874 Comtesse de Luchaire and in 1886 Comtesse de Rambure also exhibited, but were not in the catalogue (=hors catalogue = hc) (indicated in the PDF with red). So you will find 56+2hc=58 names in the PDF. But research makes clear that probably Comtesse de Rambure was the same as ‘Jacques François‘, who exhibited in 1876 and 1877 (indicated in the PDF with blue). Other artists have exhibited more often, than indicated in the catalogue (=hc; indicated in the PDF with red). You’ll see, that only Camille Pissarro did join all the 8 expositions. Rouart, Morisot and Degas 7x (they were absent at the 1882 exposition). Guillaumin and Tillot 6x. Monet exhibited 5x, Renoir and Sisley 4x. So lesser known artists exhibited more often than these three masters of Impressionism. Remarkable is that in 1874 more than half of all partakers exhibited and in 1882 only 9. After 1874 15 of the 30+1hc partakers stopped exhibiting with the impressionists. In 1886 5 artists joined for the first and last time.


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My main sources are Moffett (1986=R2), Berson (1996=R90), Denvier (1993=R5) and Monneret (1978-81=R88).
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