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List of 9 partakers

7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882

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Who were the partakers of the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition?
There were only 9 partakers in the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882, showing many pictures. All the partakers merely painted in an impressionist style, in that sense this was the most impressionist exposition of all. Still, this exposition was called the ‘7me exposition des artistes indépendant‘. Because Jean-François Raffaëlli. was not welcome, Degas and his friends had withdrawn. On the other hand Caillebotte, Monet, Renoir and Sisley returned, just for this exposition.

On this page you will find the catalogue numbers, links to info, pictures, an account and sometimes a (topographical / thematical) overview.
See also the links for the full 1882 catalogue, a slide-show, the used techniques and general info on the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition.
Explanation: hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue.

List of partakers in 1882:

  1. Caillebotte, Gustave
    no. 1-17+hc; info artist; paintings; account
  2. Gauguin, Paul
    no. 18-30; info artist; paintings; account;
  3. Guillaumin, Armand
    no. 31-56; info artist; paintings; account
    topographical overview
  4. Monet, Claude
    no. 57-91; info artist; paintings; account;
  5. Morisot, Berthe
    no. 92-100+hc4; info artist; paintings; account
  6. Pissarro, Camille
    no. 101-136+hc2; info artist; paintings; account
  7. Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
    no. 137-161+hc4; info artist; paintings; account
  8. Sisley, Alfred
    no. 162-188; info artist; paintings; account;
  9. Vignon, Victor
    no. 189-203; info artist; paintings; account
    topographical overview; thematical overview;


My main sources are Moffett, 1986 (=R2,p394), Berson, 1996 (=R90I,p377), the Salon database of musée d’Orsay (aR1=iR1) and the sources mentioned in the accounts.


Additional references (=aRx):

  1. (catalogue of the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition; =iR1)
  2. (Italian website with list of the partakers of the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition with links to additional info; =iR34)


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