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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

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On this page you will find an extended account of the works that Eugène Boudin exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. You will also find the start of a more brief account of the works Boudin exhibited at the Salon, the Société des Artiste Français (SdAF) and the Société National des Beaux-Arts (SNBA), where he exhibited very frequently. And also at regional exhibitions, the Exposition Universelle. For general information about Boudin and the used sources see the main page. For the exhibited pictures in 1874 see. For an impression of some works he exhibited at the Salon, see.


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

  • catalogue numbers 17-22
  • No. 20 en 22 consisted of 4 works and no. 21 of 2 works
  • so in total Boudin exhibited 13 works, 3x oil paintings, 4x watercolours, 6x pastels
    • 7x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 6x a study
    • 0x loans (appartient à…).
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p119). Moffett refers to an exhibition catalogue in Galerie Schmidt in 1973 made by Robert Schmidt (R2,p498). See for the suggestions of Adhémar (R87,p230). See for the suggestions of Berson (R90II,p3).
  • See the exhibited pictures.

Burty (1874/04/25) ‘The more moderate and no less valiant works of Messrs. Colin, Rouart, Boudin, Lépine, Ottin fils or de Nittis, the watercolours of Mr. Lepic, show how much is to be expected from this school. (R87,p262)
Ernest Chesnau (1874/05/07) reviewed: ‘To have invited to participate in this exhibition certain painters who are at the extreme end of the latest banalities of the official Salons, and even artists of undeniable talent, but acting in ways that differ from their own, such as the misters de Nittis, Boudin, Bracquemond, Brandon, Lépine, Gustave Colin, this is a major error of both logic and tactics.’ (R87,p268/9).
Ernest d’Hervilly calls Boudin as one of the first members of ‘la société coopérative’ and later remarks ‘M. G. Colin, M. Boudin and M. Z. Astruc, all artists of great value, who brought to the Exhibition of paintings the fine flower of their talent for research and exploration. (R87,p256/7).


The catalogue (R2,p119;R87,p230;R90I,p4;iR1):

1IE-1874-17, Le Toulinguet, côtes de Camaret (Finistère)
Le Toulinguet is in the far west of the Brittany peninsula, see link for location (iR9). Dayez/Adhémar suggests with a ‘probably’ 1872, Camaret, Le Toulinguet (Finistère), from the old collection of Durand-Ruel. Moffett suggests with a perhaps: Schmidt 808 or 809. Berson leaves it unidentified and she points out that Schmidt no.809 is the same as Adhémar suggests. Berson refers to a review of De Montifaud (1874/05/01), but he just mentions the work.

1IE-1874-18, Rivage de Portrieux (Côtes-du-Nord)
1IE-1874-19, Rivage de Portrieux (Côtes-du-Nord)

Eng.: the shoreline at (Saint-Quay-)Portrieux, see map (iR9). Moffett suggests with a perhaps for no.18: 1874, Environs de Portrieux (The coast near Portrieux, Brittany), 85×148 in a private collection in England = Schmidt no. 964 (R2,p125). Berson remarks that this option is also applyable to no.19. Berson refers to a review of De Montifaud (1874/05/01), but he just mentions the work. Adhémar doesn’t give a suggestion. Selz suggests the following work to be exhibited ‘1874, Surroundings of Portrieux’ and describes it as ‘a range of colors with its brown earth and glowering stormy sky’ (R161,p65); I could not identify this work. For no.19 I render to compare a work that is made a year later: 1875, The Shore and the Sea at Portrieux, 54×90, private (iR2;R2,p119;R90II,p3).

1IE-1874-20, 4 Cadres (même numéro). Études de ciel (pastels)
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion; see also no. 22. Berson omits this work, which also means there was no review (R90II,p3). Adhémar doesn’t give a suggestion. I render 4 uncertain options: 1860, Seascape with Large Sky, pastel, xx, private (iR2;R2,p119); and: 18xx, Sky, an afternoon in October, pastel, 21×29, A2000/11/20 (iR13;R2,p119;R87,p230); and: 18xx, Study of the sky, pastel, 15×22, A2017/03/29 (iR13;iR10;R2,p119;R87,p230); and: 1854-59ca, Sunset and cliff (Étretat), pastel, 15×21, MEB Honfleur (iR23;R51,p197;R2,p119;R87,p230;M19) =EdBA-1899-?.

1IE-1874-21, 2 Cadres (même numéro). Études diverses (pastels)
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Berson omits this work, which also means there was no review (R90II,p3). Adhémar doesn’t give a suggestion. I render two very uncertain options: 1855-60, Honfleur, the lighthouse, pastel, private (iR2;R2,p119); and: 1860, The Saint-Simeon Farm, pastel, 20×30, private (iR2;R2,p119).

1IE-1874-22, 4 Cadres (même numéro). Plage de Trouville (aquarelles)
Trouville lies about 20km south of Le Havre. Dayez/Adhémar suggests with a ‘probably’ 1874, Plage de Trouville, watercolour. Moffett refers to this suggestion, wrongly noting no.20. I could not find a picture of this one. Berson omits this work, which also means there was no review (R90II,p3). I render 4 uncertain options: 1868, Trouville, wc, 17×27, private (iR2;R2,p119); and: 1865ca, A Couple Seated on the Beach with Two Dogs, watercolour, 17×21, NGA Washington (iR2;R2,p119;R87,p230;M21); and: 1872/05/09, Crinolines on the Beach, wc, xx, private (iR2;R2,p119;R87,p230); and: 1866, Beach of Trouville, wc, 35×42, A2018/12/04 (iR11;R2,p119;R87,p230).



Eugène(-Louis) Boudin at the Salon, the SdAF and the SNBA:
Here I will render a brief account of the works that Boudin exhibited at the Salon (=S) from 1859-79, the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF) from 1880-89 and the Salon de la Société National des Beaux-Arts (=SNBA) from 1890-97 (iR1). Note: from 1890-96 there also was a Mlle Alice-H. Boudin, born in La Charité (Nièvre) who exhibited etchings (iR1).

General overview:

Boudin at the Salon (=S):

S1859-330, Le Pardon de Sainte-Anne-Palud au fond de la baie de Douarnenez (Finistère)
Debut at the Salon (iR1;R161,p20). Bought by the city of Le Havre for 500fr (R161,p20).

S1864-214, *Plage aux environs de Trouville
=1864, CR258, Trouville, beach scene, on wood, 26×48, Orsay (iRx;R161,p31).

S1865-252, *Un concert au casino de Deauville
=1865, Concert at the Casino of Deauville, 42×74, NGA Washington (iR6;R161,p42;M21)

S1865-253, *La plage de Trouville, à l’heure du bain

S1866-223, *La plage de Trouville

S1866-224, *Réunion sur la plage

S1867- 179, *La jetée
Eng.: the jetty. Nl.: de pier.

S1867- 180, *La plage

S1868-298, Le départ pour le pardon (Finistère)
Pothey (1868/09/12) renders an etch (R265,no20=iR40)

S1868-299, La jetée du Havre
Pothey (1868/07/24) renders an etch and calls it ‘full of air and light, with figures skilfully and spiritually sown (R265,no13=iR40).

S1869-286, La plage, à marée basse

S1869-287, La plage ; marée montante

S1870-328, La rade de Brest
Eng.: the harbour / the bay of Brest.

S1870-329, Pêcheuses de Kérhor (Finistère)

S1872-179, Au rivage
Eng.: at the shoreline / waterfront.

S1872-180, Une rade
Eng.: the harbour / the bay

S1873-153, Port de Camaret (Finistère)

S1873-154, Rade de Camaret
Eng.: the harbour / the bay of Camaret.
Claretie reviewed these two works ‘
The two seascapes of M. Eugène Boudin, the Port and the Rade of Camaret (Finistère) are quite worthy of this talent, very particular, which sees nature, the sea, the ships, in a kind of special atmosphere and as powdered with a chalky dust. This painting, based on plaster, is not less remarkable.’ (R246,p182).

S1874-229, Quai du Portrieux (Côtes-du-Nord)
Eng.: the dock / platform of Portrieux.

S1874-230, Rivage du Portrieux
Eng.: at the shoreline / waterfront of Portrieux.

S1875-266, Le port de Bordeaux
Eng.: the harbour of Bordeaux.

S1875-267, Le port de Bordeaux, vu du quai des Chartrons
Eng.: the harbour of Bordeaux, view of the dock / platform of Chartrons.

S1876-236, *La plage de Berck (Pas-de-Calais)

S1876-237, *L’Escaut, à Anvers (Belgique)
Eng.: The Schelde river at Antwerp (Belgium).

S1877-266, Rotterdam (Pays-Bas)

S1878-304, Portrieux (Cotes-du-Nord)

S1878-305, Piege de Berck (Pas-de-Calais)
Eng.: pitfall at Berck.

S1879-367, La plage


Boudin at the Salon des Sociéte des Artistes Français =SdAF:

SdAF-1880-433, La pêche
Additional info: H. 0m,85.- L. 1m,50. ([salle] 28.) Les non exempts dans les salles 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 et à la galerie.

SdAF-1881-260, La Meuse, à Rotterdam
Boudin received a bronze medal / a 3rd class medal (R161,p70;R231/iR40).

SdAF-1882-336, Sur la Meuse ; environs de Rotterdam

SdAF-1883-320, L’entrée
Eng.: the entrance. A view of Le Havre received a silver medal / a 2nd class medal (R161,p73;R231/iR40).

SdAF-1883-321, La sortie
Eng.: the departure.

SdAF-1884-316, Marée basse
Eng.: low tide.

SdAF-1884-317, Marée haute
Eng.: high tide.

SdAF-1885-327, *L’appareillage
Eng.: the equipment.
Note: 1885 onwards Boudin exhibited ‘hors concours’ (iR1).

SdAF-1885-328, *La Meuse devant Dordrecht; Hollande

SdAF-1886-302, Un grain
Eng.: a squall; Nl. een rukwind. Bought by the State, now: 1886, Un grain (a squall), 117×160, MBA Morlaix (iR6;R161,p79;iR1).

SdAF-1886-303, Marée basse
Eng.: low tide. Compare S1884-316.

SdAF-1887-306, Etaples ; marée basse

SdAF-1887-307, Un rivage

SdAF-1888-321, Le “bateau pilote”

SdAF-1888-322, Une corvette russe dans le bassin de l’Eure; le Havre
The Russian Corvette in the Eure Docks was bought by the state, now: 1888, CR1726, Le Havre, A Russian corvette in the Eure basin, 41×56, A2014/11/26 (iR10;iR15;R161,p79) = EdBA-1899-249.

SdAF-1889-324, Retour des barques de pêche; Trouville

SdAF-1889-325, L’avant-port du Havre


Boudin at the Salon des Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts =SNBA:

SNBA 1890:
SNBA-1890-107, Bassin de l’Eure au Havre (effet de brouillard)

SNBA-1890-108, La Plage de Scheveninghe (Hollande)

SNBA-1890-109, Berck (le départ des barques)

SNBA-1890-110, Berck (le retour des barques)

SNBA-1890-111, Dunkerque (le fond du port)
(Appartient à Mme la baronne Nathaniel de Rothschild)

SNBA-1890-112, Dunkerque (l’entrée du port)
(Appartient à Mme la baronne Nathaniel de Rothschild)

SNBA-1890-113, Vue de Caudebec-en-Caux .

SNBA-1890-114, Coin de ferme (environs de Dunkerque)

SNBA-1890-115, La maison du fermier (environs de Dunkerque)

SNBA-1890-116, La plage de Berneville .

SNBA 1891:
SNBA-1891-113, Etretat (falaise d’amont)

SNBA-1891-114, Etretat (falaise d’aval)

SNBA-1891-115, Marée montante (Deauville)

SNBA-1891-116, Marée basse (Trouville)

SNBA-1891-117, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme .

SNBA-1891-118, Le Vieux port de Touques .

SNBA-1891-119, Le Quai au Crotoy (Somme).

SNBA-1891-120, La Plage de Berck (Pas-de-Calais)

SNBA-1891-121, L’Eglise d’Etaples (Pas-de-Calais)

SNBA-1891-122, Le Rivage d’Etretat (Brouillard)

SNBA 1892:
SNBA-1892-140, Beaulieu ; La Baie ; effet du matin .

SNBA-1892-141, Beaulieu ; La Baie des Fourmis

SNBA-1892-142, Beaulieu ; Baie de Saint-Jean

SNBA-1892-143, Villefranche ; La Rade
Villefranche, the bay bought by the state (R161,p81), maybe now in Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nice. Note: Boudin made several works depicting the bay of Villefranche. 

SNBA-1892-144, Villefranche ; Le Lazaret

SNBA-1892-145, Villefranche ; Le Quai

SNBA-1892-146, Villefranche ; Vue de la ville

SNBA-1892-147, Villefranche ; Le Fort

SNBA 1893:
SNBA-1893-130, Vue générale d’Antibes .

SNBA-1893-131, Juan-les-Pins (Alpes-Maritimes)

SNBA-1893-132, Le golfe Juan .

SNBA-1893-133, Le Port à Antibes .

SNBA-1893-134, Les récifs à Antibes .

SNBA-1893-135, Le quai à Vïllefranche .

SNBA-1893-136, La rue de la Mer à Saint-Vaast (Manche) .

SNBA 1894:
SNBA-1894-153, Le rivage de Deauville .

SNBA-1894-154, La rentrée des barques (Trouville)

SNBA-1894-155, Marée haute à Deauville .

SNBA-1894-156, Coucher de soleil .

SNBA-1894-157, Rochers de l’Ilette à Antibes .

SNBA-1894-158, Fortifications d’Antibes .

SNBA-1894-159, Un coup de mistral à Antibes .

SNBA-1894-160, Le rivage de Juan-les-Pins .

SNBA 1895:
SNBA-1895-172, Les fortifications d’Antibes .

SNBA-1895-173, Le fort carré à Antibes .

SNBA-1895-174, Le bassin de la Barre au Havre .

SNBA-1895-175, Le bourg de Touques .

SNBA-1895-176, La place Courbet à Abbeville .

SNBA-1895-177, Marée montante à Deauville (octobre) .

SNBA 1896:
Boudin did not send anything to the Salon (R161,p84).

SNBA 1897:
SNBA-1897-143, Le rivage de Deauville (octobre).

SNBA-1897-144, Le marais à Deauville .

SNBA1897-145, Coup de vent devant Frascati (Havre) .

SNBA-1897-146, Un grain de Nord-Ouest .

SNBA-1897-147, Venise (huit études dans le même cadre) .


Boudin at the Exposition Universelle:
Boudin exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in 1889 + 1900.

1889, Exposition Universelle d’Oeuvre d’Art (=EU-OdA-1889) (R231/iR40):
EU-OdA-1889-154, Un coucher de soleil, marine
EU-OdA-1889-155, Les Lamaneurs
Eng.: The handlers / the boatmen

1889, Exposition Centennale (1789-1889) (=EU-C-1889) (R231/iR40):
EU-C-1889-88, Panorama d’Anvers en 1871, vue prise de la Tête de Flandre.
EU-C-1889-89, Les quais d’Anvers en 1871 avant l’établissement des docks (app. à M. Ch. de Bériot)
EU-C-1889-90, Vue du port de Brest (app. à M. le comte de Douville-Maillefeu)

1900, Exposition Centennale (=EU-C-1900) (R231/iR40):
EU-C-1900-53, Le port de Bordeaux (à M. Viau)
EU-C-1900-54, Plage aux environs de Trouville (à M. Gustave Cahen)
EU-C-1900-55, Le port de Camaret (à Mme. Georges Feydeau)


Centennial exhibitions:
Works of Boudin were exhibited at the Centennial exhibition in Saint-Petersbourg in 1912, 3 of them were send in by Durand-Ruel.

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-60. Vue des environs de Rotterdam [View of the Rotterdam Area] [Durand-Ruel in Paris]

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-61. La sortie du port du Hâvre (Exit from Le Havre Harbor] [Durand-Ruel in Paris]

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-62. Retour des barques [Return of the Boats] [Durand-Ruel in Paris]

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-63. L᾿église de Plougastel, aquarelle  [Beurdeley in Paris]

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-64. Une rue à Landerneau [A Street in Landerneau], aquarelle

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-65. L᾿heure de la plage [The Hour of Low Tide], aquarelle

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-66. other medium

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-67. other medium

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-68. other medium


Boudin at regional exhibitions:
Boudin exhibited several times at regional exhibitions (iR1).

Toulouse-1864-45, Plage du Havre.
Toulouse-1864-46, Brick anglais sortant du port de Honfleur.

Toulouse-1865-84, Port de Honfleur.
Toulouse-1865-85, Plage de Trouville.

Lille-1866-161, Plage, marée basse.
Lille-1866-162, Plage, marée montante.

Carcassonne-1867-25, Vue de Trouville (Marine)

Le Havre-1868-?,
1868/07/02 – 11/15: Boudin took part in the Exposition maritime internationale in Le Havre; he received a silver medal (R161,p54/5;R22IV,p1016)

1869: Boudin exhibited in Pau (R161,p55).

1869: Boudin exhibited in Roubaix (R161,p55).

Besançon-1870-53, Marine (iR1)

Marseille-1877-4, Le Port de Trouville.
Marseille-1877-5, Une plage à Trouville.

Mulhouse-1883-53, La plage de Portrieux (côtes du Nord)
Mulhouse-1883-54, Marine.

Toulouse-1885-34, Le fond du bassin à Deauville (Calvados).

Toulouse-1889-49, Laveuses en Normandie.
Notification: 250 francs.
Toulouse-1889-50, Marine.
Notification: 250 francs.

Honfleur-1899: there were posthumous 30 paintings and several drawings shown of Boudin (iR1).


Boudin at La Libre Esthétique in Brussels:
A Work of Boudin was exhibited at La Libre Esthétique in Brussels in 1913 (=20LE-1913).

20LE-1913-34. Vue d’Antibes; le coup de soleil



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