Rambure, Comtesse de

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Comtesse de Rambure (18??-??)


Denvier and Rewald mention that during the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886 there also was a Comtesse (=Countess) de Rambure exhibiting hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue. The critic Félix Fénéon remarked sarcastic: ‘The catalogue did not dare to mention her works.’ (R5,p151;R1,p523). This plural form ‘works’ indicates she showed at least two works. Fénénon his article in ‘La Vogue’ of 13-20 June 1886 was titled ‘Les impressionnistes (en 1886)’ (R2,p495), also to be found in his ‘Oeuvres’ published 1948 in Paris (R1,p544).
When we look at the Salon database of musée d’Orsay (iR1) there is no result for Rambure. Wikipedia (=iR4) shows there is a château de Rambures (with an ‘s’ added), but around 1886 it was inhabited by a marquise instead of a comtesse, though the tittle of the family later became ‘comtesse’. Another webpage about this family (see) mentions that (Louise Amour) Marie de Bouillé (1844-1926) in 1864 married Charles Antoine de Rambures (1839-1930). In the same article there is a painting of the Spanish painter Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz (1815-94) titled ‘Louise Amour Marie de la Roche-Fontenilles, marquesa de Rambures’ which is now in the Padro in Madrid (see picture iR2). On this picture she is painting. Other webpages mark that both spelling are used, so with and without an ‘s’ (see and see). So maybe this Comtesse de Rambure is the same as Marie de Bouillé, marquise de Rambures.
Anyway Comtesse de Rambure is the fourth woman exhibiting with the Impressionists, together with Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt and Marie Bracquemond. Comtesse de Luchaire who exhibited hc in 1874 is a pseudonym of a man, namely Lieutenant de Lanciers (R2,p123).
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