Renoir 1882 expo

almost finished

Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Pictures 7th impressionist exposition 1882

Catalogue numbers: 137-161+hc2


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 25+2=27 pictures that were shown by Renoir at the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882.
Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’,
see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. For an account (references, translations, info, discussion, locations on Google-Maps), seeFor the general references (=R) see. For references to internet pages (=iR) see. For references to the additional sources (=aR) see at the bottom of the main page about Renoir.


1882-137, jeune fille au chat;
now: CR330, 1880, Sleeping Girl (also known as Girl with a Cat),
120×92, CAI Williamstown, (iR2; iR3;iR22;iR52)

1882-138 Deux soeurs,
now: CR378, 1881, Sur la terrasse (Two Sisters),
101×81, AI Chicago; zoom ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-139, une loge à l’Opéra,
now: CR 329; 1880 (dans la loge),
99×80, CAI Williamstown, (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1882-140, un déjeuner à Bougival,
now: CR379, 1880-81, the luncheon on the boating party,
129×172, coll. Ph. Washington; info ; (iR3;iR2;iR52)

1882-141 Rêverie,
very uncertain: 1877, Reflection,
46×38, private (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1882-142 Femme cueillant des fleurs,
now: CR74, ca 1872, woman gathering flowers,
66×54, CAI Williamstown (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-143 Champs de bananiers près d’Alger,
now: 1881, Field of Banana Trees,
50×71, Orsay; zoom ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-144, assiette de prunes,
uncertain: 1882-84, Still life a plate of plums ,
56×46, private (iR52;iR22;iR2)


1882-145, Lilas,
uncertain: 1878ca, Bouquet of Flowers, 65×54, private NY (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-146, Vue de Venise, Grande Canal,
now: 1881, Grande Canal Venice,
54×65, MFA Boston ; (iR2;iR22)

1882-147 Vue de Venice,
option 1881, Le palais des Doges,
55×65, CAI Williamstown (iR52;iR22;iR2)


1882-148 Jeune fille endormie,
now: CR328, 1880ca, The Sleeper,
49×60, private Switzerland (iR2;iR22;iR52)
1882-149 La lecture,
now: CR333, 1880-86ca, Young Girl Reading [Lesendes Mädchen),
57×48, SKi Frankfurt (iR52)

1882-150 Au bord de la Seine,
very uncertain: 1879-81, The Seine at Bougival,
32×41, private (iR2)


1882-151 Les canotiers,
perhaps: CR307, 1879, Oarsmen at Chatou,
81×100, NGA Washington; zoom ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-152 Les bords de la Seine,
very uncertain: 1880, The Banks of the Seine at Argenteuil,
xx, private (iR2)

1882-153 Femme assisse sur l’herbe,
perhaps: CR355 = maybe:, 1880, Madame Renoir with a Dog,
32×41, private Paris (iR2;iR52)


1882-154 la Seine à Chatou
perhaps: 1881, The Seine at Chatou,
73×92, MFA Boston ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-155, Marronniers en fleurs,
uncertain: 1881, Chestnut tree blooming ,
71×89, private, (iR52;iR22)

1882-156 Géraniums,
option: 1881, Geraniums and Cats,
91×73, NY private (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1882-157 Jardin Desaix a Alger,
option: 1881or82 The Jardin d’Essai in Algiers,
41×33 or 81×65, private Paris (iR2;iR22)

1882-158 pivoines,
uncertain: 1876-78, Peonies,
xx, private (iR2)

1882-159, Les pêches,
uncertain: 1881, Still Life with Peaches ,
53×64, Metropolitan (iR52;iR22)


1882-160 Femme à l’éventail,
now: CR332, ca 1880, Woman with a Fan,
65×50, Hermitage (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-161 Près de Bougival,
very uncertain: 1875-95, The Banks of the Seine, Bougival,
41×55, private (iR7;iR22)


1882-161+hc1, Jongleuses au Cirque Fernando,
now: 1879, Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando (Francisca and Angelina Wartenberg),
134×99, AI Chicago; zoom ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1882-161-hc2 Jeune fille pêcheuse de Crevettes,
very uncertain: 1879, CR291, Gypsy Girl,
73×54, private (iR2;iR22;iR52; R31,no46)