Levert impressionist exposition 1880



Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert


at the 5th ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1880

an impression of his exhibited art-works


What pictures did Léopold Levert show in 1880?
At the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880 in Paris Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert showed at least 9 art-works (catalogue numbers 105-112). None of my main sources render a suggestion (R90II; R2). There was just one review making a general remark, so there were no descriptions given (R90I). The other problem is that there are hardly oil paintings known of Levert, they all have a general title and are not dated. This makes identification (almost) impossible.
Still, I want to honour Levert, who joined the ‘impressionist’ expositions 4x, which is more than Cézanne did. And I want to give an impression of what landscapes he exhibited in 1880. Therefore I will render undated oil paintings of Levert depicting general landscapes as most uncertain suggestions. To compare I will also render drawings of Levert with similar scenes (in general terms), an old photo and oil paintings of other artists depicting a more specific similar scene. (See also the account.)




For no. 105, which depicts the banks of the river Essone (see map), I render to compare a drawing of Levert showing an unlocated riverbank and a painting of another artist showing the banks of the river Essonne.
For no. 106, which depicts a farm in Saint-Marc (see map), I render an unlocated painting of Levert probably depicting a farm.
For no. 107, which depicts thatched cottages in Carteret, I render to compare a painting of Levert showing a Breton young girl with in the background thatched cottages.
For no. 108, which depicts a a plain in Barbizon, I render to compare a painting of Levert showing an unlocated hilly landscape.
For no. 109, which depicts a plaster factory or mine in Fontenay-sous-Bois. There is a PDF of a booklet on this quarry. I render to compare an old photo of this plaster quarry from this PDF and to compare a painting of Corot showing a quarry in an unlocated mountain landscape.
For no. 110 and 111, which both depict the plain in Brie, I render to compare a drawing of Levert showing a plain with haystacks, maybe located in Brie and two paintings of other artists. The first one of Caillebotte showing the plain of Brie and one of Tondu showing a road (on a plain) near La Croix- en-Brie. There are some villages called ‘Brie’ east-south of Paris, see map. La Croix-en-Brie lies 40km east.
No. 112, depicted a framework with (untitled) etchings, so at least two and maybe more. I couldn’t find any etching of Levert. To compare I render two ink drawings, which look a bit like etchings. To compare I also render a compilation of 6 ink drawings within 1 frame.


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