Monet 1882 expo

almost finished

Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Paintings 7th impressionist exposition 1882

Catalogue numbers: 57-91


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 35 pictures that were shown by Monet at the seventh ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1882.
The pictures are rendered in a thematical way and not chronologically following the numbers of the catalogue. We’ll start with Monet’s serie about the cliffs of the Normandy coast. There are several pictures from Vétheuil, where Monet lived from 1878-81 and also of the floating ice on the Seine in Januar 1880.
See here for an account (references, info, discussion, locations on Google-maps). My main sources are Moffett (=R2,p395) and Wildenstein (R22). Often the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. My main sources for the pictures are (=iR2) and (=iR51).


1882-66. Marée basse, vue prise sur les falaises,
perhaps: CR650, Calm Weather, Fécamp, 60×74, Km Basel (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-67, La mer du haut des falaises,
now: CR648, 1881, The Sea seen from the Cliffs, 60×75, Private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-76, Étude de mer vue des hauteurs, compare CR647, 1881, Seascape near Fécamp, 60×81, private (iR2;R22)


1882-61, sur falaise à Grainval,
perhaps: CR655, 1881, View Taken from Grainval, 61×81, private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-77, À Grainval, près de Fécamp,
now: CR653, At Grainval, near Fécamp, 61×80, private (iR51;iR2;R22)

1882-87, du haut des falaises à Fécamp,
perhaps: CR656, 1881, The Cliff at Fécamp, 64×80, Aberdeen AGM (iR51;iR2;R22)


1882-73 Falaises des petite dalles,
option of two: CR621, 1880, The Cliffs of Les Petites-Dalles, 59×75, MFA Boston (iR51;iR2;R22)

1882-83 Le matin au bord de la mer,
now: CR651, 1881, Morning by the Sea, 61×81, private (iR51;iR2;R22)


1882-59, entrée du petit bras de la Seine à Vétheuil,
now: CR601, 1880, The Small Arm of the Seine at Vétheuil, 69×100, private (iR2;R22)

1882-79, Vétheuil,
very uncertain: CR605, 1880, Vétheuil in summer, 60×100, Metropolitan (iR2;R22)


1882-75, Château de la Roche-Guyon
now: CR643, 1881, The chateau of La Roche-Guyon, 60×80, private (R22)

1882-72 Vétheuil, effet de neige,
perhaps: CR508, 1879, The Road coming into Vétheuil, Snow Effect, 61×82, MFA St. Petersburg, Florida (iR2;R22)

1882-68, Vétheuil, effet de neige,
very uncertain: 1879, CR510, The Road in Vétheuil in Winter, 53×72, Göteborg Km (iR2;R22)


1882-70 Un coin de jardin à Vétheuil,
option of two: CR684, 1881, The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil, 100×80, private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-63 Femme lisant dans un jardin,
Compare: CR680, 1881, Alice Hoschedé in the garden, 81×65, private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-65, Église de Vétheuil,
compare: 1881, The Church of Vétheuil, 47×73,private (iR51;iR2;R22)


1882-58, Les glacons,
now: CR568, 1880, Floating Ice, 97×151, SM Vermont, (iR7;iR51; iR2;R22)

1882-85 Les glacons,
Compare: CR567, 1880, floating ice (study), 61×100, Orsay, (iR51;iR2;iR22;R22)


1882-62 soleil couchant, sur la Seine, effet d’hiver,
now: 1880, CR576, Sunset on the Seine (at Lavacourt), Winter Effect, 100×152, Petit Palais (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-71 Inondation,
Compare: CR638, 1881, The Flood of the Seine at Vétheuil, 65×81, private (iR2;R22)


1882-60 Marine,
very uncertain: 1882, Sunset on the sea, off Pourville, 54×73, private (iR2;R22)

1882-74 Marine,
very uncertain: CR662, 1881, Sea Study, 50×73, A1994/06/28 (iR2; iR14;R22)


1882-64, Bateau échoué, one of two options: 1881, CR644, Boat lying at Low Tide (at Fécamp), 80×60, Tokyo FAM (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

1882-64 Bateau échoué,
one of two options: CR645, 1881, Boats Lying at Low Tide at Fecamp, 80×66, private (iR2;iR51;R22)


1882-78, Bouquet de soleils,
now: CR628, 1880, Bouquet of Sunflowers, 101×82, Metropolitan (iR51;R22)

1882-57, Fleurs de topinambour
now: CR629, 1880, Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers, 100×73, NGA Washington, (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-69 Chrysanthèmes,
Compare: CR634, 1880, Chrysanthemums, 100×81, Metropolitan (iR2;R22)


82-80, Glaïeuls, CR694, 1881 Gladioli, 99×41, private (or: PMA Hakone) (iR51;R22)

1882-81, Glaïeuls,
now: CR695, 1881 Gladioli, 99×41, private (iR51;R22)

1882-82 Gibiers, nature morte,
perhaps: CR550, 1879, Pheasants and Lapwings, 68×90, Minneapolis IA (iR2; R22; iR8=zoom)


1882-84, Sur la côte à Trouville, CR687, 1881, On the Coast at Trouville, 60×81, MFA Boston (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-91, Les saules,
now: CR611, 1880, The willows, 66×82, CGA Washington (iR2;iR51;R22)


1882-86 Les coquelicots,
perhaps: CR677, 1881, Poppy Field, 58×79, MBB Rotterdam (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)

1882-88, Sentier dans les blés,
pershaps: CR676, 1881, Field of Corn, 66×82, Cleveland MA (iR2;iR51;R22)


1882-89 Sentier dans l’île St-Martin,
Compare: CR592, 1880, Lane in the Poppy Field, Ile Saint-Martin, 80×60, Metropolitan (iR2;iR51;R22)

1882-90 Paysage d’été, ‘île St-Martin,
perhaps: CR679, 1881, landscape in Ile Saint-Martin, 73x60cm, private (iR51;iR2;R22)