Caillebotte 1880 expo

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Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)

Pictures at the 1880 exposition

catalogue numbers: 6 – 16


On this page you will find an impression of the 11 paintings that Gustave Caillebotte exhibited at the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1880 in Paris, including 3 pastels. I render the pictures in a more thematical way. See the link for an account. See for an explanation of the subscriptions and the used sources below at the main page about Gustave Caillebotte.



1880-6 dans un café, Now: 1880, CR134, In a Café, 155×115, MBA Rouen (iR2;iR3;R2,p292;R41,p50)

1880-6 Dans un café, Now: 1880, Dans un café (detail), 155×115, MBA Rouen, (HW18)


1880-7 portrait de M.J.R. Maybe: 1879, Portrait of Jules Richemont, xx, private, (iR2) Maybe CR153

1880-8 portrait de M.G.C. Probably: 1879-80ca, Self Portrait with Easel, 90×115, private (iR2;R2,p310,R41,p32) Probably CR131


1880-9 Intérieur Uncertain: 1880, CR130, Interior, woman at the balcony, 116×89, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p319;R41,p62)

1880-10 Intérieur, Now: 1880, CR127, Interior, woman seated, 65×81, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p299;R41,p61)


1880-11 Nature morte, Now: 1879, CR123, Still Life, 50×60, private, (iR2;R2,p320)

1880-12 Vue prise à travers un balcon Uncertain: 1880, View Seen Through a Balcony, xx, VGM Amsterdam (iR2;R41,p42)


1880-13 Vue de Paris, soleil, Probably 18xx, View of Paris, xx, Josefowitz coll Lausanne (iR49) Maybe CR142

1880-13, Vue de Paris, soleil Another uncertain option: 1880, La place Saint-Georges, 73×92, A2017/11/14 (iR11)


1880-14 portrait de M.C.D. (pastel), Probably: 1877, Camille Daurelle in the Park at Yerres, pastel, 56×44, private (iR2) Probably CR71

1880-15 Tête d’enfant (pastel) Probably: 1877, Portrait of Camille Daurelle, pastel, 40×32, private (iR2) Probably CR70

1880-16 Paysage (pastel) Compare: 1880, Cliffs in Normandy, 73×60, Brooklyn Museum (iR6;iR2)