Brandon, Edouard

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Édouard Brandon (1831-1897)

or: Jacques Émile Édouard Pereijra Brandon



Édouard Brandon only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:

  • At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition Brandon showed at least 6 works (catalogue numbers 29-32bis) (R2,p119), including 2 oil paintings, 2 drawings and several watercolours.
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Edouard Brandon as a painter:

Brandon mainly painted religious scenes (of Jewish life) (R3;R9) and historical scenes (R9).  Brandon painted in a realist style rendering the effects of light (R3). But not in an impressionistic style (R9).


Jacques Émile Édouard Pereijra Brandon, short biography:

  • 1831/07/03: Brandon was born in Paris (iR24;iR69;R3;R16)
  • He was also named: Jacob-Emile-Edouard-Pereyra Brandon (iR24; iR65;R3)
  • 1849: Brandon was admitted at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (iR69;iR65;R9;R3;R16)
    There he was a pupil of François-Edouard Picot and Antoine Alphonse Montfort (iR24; iR69;R9;R16) and also of Corot (iR65;R9)
  • 1856-63: Brandon stayed / spent time in Rome (iR69; iR24;iR65); where he decorated the walls of the oratorio of Sainte Brigitte (iR65)
    during this period friendship with Degas (R3)
  • 1861: debut at the Salon (iR69; iR65;R3)
  • 1865: medal at the Salon (iR69)
  • 1866: painted in Amsterdam (iR24)
  • 1867: medal at the Salon for ‘Portugese Synagoge at Amsterdam’ (aR1; iR69)
  • Brandon was a teacher of Édouard Moyse and Alphonse Lévy (aR1)
  • 1874: Brandon joins the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition (R2,p119)
    he was invited by Degas (R9;R3)
    3 of the works Degas exhibited in 1874 were owned by Brandon (R2,p120;R9)
  • 1890-97: exhibits with ‘la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts’ (iR65)
  • 1897/05/20: Brandon died in Paris (iR24; iR69;R3;R16)
  • 1897/12/13-14: posthumes auction: 85 of his own works (58 paintings and 27 drawings and watercolours); 31 paintings and drawings of others, including 16 of his teacher Montfort, 6 of Corot, several of Ingres and work of Lenbach; 31 prints of A. Bosse, Legros, Rembrandt and others (iR65).  There were no works of Degas of whom he owned in 1874 three works (R2,p120). Anyway Brandon also was a collector of art (R9).
  • His paintings can be found in musea in Anvers, Avignon and Lille (iR65)




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