Brandon, Edouard

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Édouard Brandon (1831-1897)

or: Jacques Émile Édouard Pereijra Brandon



Was Édouard Brandon an Impressionist?
Brandon only exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition. He was befriended with Degas and maybe had contact with Legros. For the rest there doesn’t seem to be close contacts with other Impressionists. This makes Brandon a side-figure within the ‘impressionist’ art-movement.
Brandon depicted many historical and religious themes, which betrays a neo-classical influence. But his brushstroke is more loose, not rendering small details. Still he never uses juxta-posed brushstrokes. In many of his paintings he uses a lot of browns, blacks and greys. In several Italian pictures his palet is more bright. In some paintings he renders the influence of light, but this is not a main theme, nor does Brandon use purples for his shadows. So you can say that Brandon did not paint in an impressionistic style.


Édouard Brandon at the Salon:
1861: debut at the Salon (iR69; iR65;R3;iR1). Exhibits yearly from 1863-70. 1865: medal (of History) at the Salon (iR1;iR69). 1867: medal at the Salon for ‘Portugese Synagoge at Amsterdam’ (aR1; iR69). He doesn’t exhibit in 1872, than again in 1873, and probably again in 1889 and maybe posthumous in 1905. Why didn’t Brandon exhibit at the Salon between 1874-1889?
There was (another) Brandon that exhibited in 1890 + 1902 + 1907 with ‘la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts’ (iR1), according to another source frome 1890-97, which is probably wrong (iR65).


Édouard Brandon only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:
At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition Brandon showed at least 6 works (catalogue numbers 29-32bis) (R2,p119), including 2 oil paintings, 2 drawings and several watercolours. Brandon was invited by Degas (R9;R3). 3 of the works Degas exhibited in 1874 were owned by Brandon (R2,p120;R9).
See link for his -/-pictures. See link for an account.


Édouard Brandon as a painter:
Brandon mainly painted religious scenes (of Jewish life) (R3;R9) and historical scenes (R9). He renders neo-classical themes (iR1). Brandon painted in a realist style rendering the effects of light (R3). But not in an impressionistic style (R9).


Jacques Émile Édouard Pereijra Brandon, short biography:

  • 1831/07/03: Brandon was born in Paris (iR24;iR69;R3;R16)
  • He was also named: Jacob-Emile-Edouard-Pereyra Brandon (iR24; iR65;R3)
  • 1849: Brandon was admitted at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (iR69;iR65;R9;R3;R16)
    There he was a pupil of François-Edouard Picot and Antoine Alphonse Montfort (iR24; iR69;R9;R16) and also of Corot (iR65;R9)
  • 1856-63: Brandon stayed / spent time in Rome (iR69; iR24;iR65); where he decorated the walls of the oratorio of Sainte Brigitte (iR65)
    during this period friendship with Degas (R3)
  • 1863: Brandon lived Paris, rue Saint-Georges, 58 (iR1)
  • 1864-69: Brandon lived in rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, 44 , Paris (iR1)
  • 1866: painted in Amsterdam (iR24)
  • Brandon was a teacher of Édouard Moyse and Alphonse Lévy (aR1)
  • 1870-74: Brandon lives at rue d’Amsterdam, 77, Paris (iR1;R2,p119)
  • 1874: Brandon joins the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition (R2,p119)
  • 1897/05/20: Brandon died in Paris (iR24; iR69;R3;R16)
  • 1897/12/13-14: posthumes auction: 85 of his own works (58 paintings and 27 drawings and watercolours); 31 paintings and drawings of others, including 16 of his teacher Montfort, 6 of Corot, several of Ingres and work of Lenbach; 31 prints of A. Bosse, Legros, Rembrandt and others (iR65).  There were no works of Degas of whom he owned in 1874 three works (R2,p120). Anyway Brandon also was a collector of art (R9).
  • His paintings can be found in musea in Anvers, Avignon and Lille (iR65)


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