Mulot-Durivage, account

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Emilien Mulot-Durivage (1838-1920)


of his exhibited works






The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

  • catalogue numbers 113+114
  • in total Mulot-Durivage exhibited 2 works;
    • 0x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0x loans (appartient à…); .
  • Adhémar (R87,p246), Moffett (R2,p122) and Berson (R90II,p11) leave the works unidentified and render no suggestions at all.


1874 catalogue: (R2,p122;R90I,p7;iR1)

1IE-1874-113, Barques à plomb
Eng.: boats in the lead or: plomb boats. Ned.: loodgieterij boten. (the meaning is unclear). Berson refers to the reviews of Drumont and Le Père Siffleur (R90II,p11). Adhémar refers to a review of de Montifaud (R87,p246). They all just mention the title (R90I,p21+30+38).

1IE-1874-114, La Rampe
Eng.: The ramp. Ned.: de helling. Berson omits this works, which means there were no reviews (R90II,p11).



Mulot-Durivage at the Salon:


SdR1875-141, Roches à marée basse à Granville (Manche)

SdAF-1882- 1969, La Madeleine ; forêt de Fontainebleau

SdAF-1887-1760, Bords du Loing, près Nemours
Eng.: (iR1;iR40;iR4)

SdAF-1890- 1763, *L’étang du moulin


Mulot-Durivage at other exhibitions:

F1887, Un paysage du board du Lung
1887/08/15 announcement in the Figaro: Mulot-Durivage joined the Exposition de Fontainebleau (iR4;iR40). Loing in stead of Lung?



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