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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Emilien Mulot-Durivage



of his exhibited pictures


On this page you will find an account of the pictures Mulot-Durivage exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 (=1IE-1874), at the Salon des Refusés (=SdR), at the Salon (=S), at it’s successor the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF) and at other exhibitions.


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

  • catalogue numbers 113+114
  • in total Mulot-Durivage exhibited 2 works;
    • 0x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0x loans (appartient à…); .
  • Adhémar (R87,p246), Moffett (R2,p122) and Berson (R90II,p11) leave the works unidentified and render no suggestions at all.
  • See link for the pictures.

short overview given suggestions + reviews:
No.113: Just the title is mentioned in some reviews.
no.114 is not mentioned in the reviews.
No suggestions are given (R87;R2;R90).


1874 catalogue: (R2,p122;R90I,p7;iR1)

1IE-1874-113, Barques à plomb
Eng.: boats in the lead or: plomb boats. Ned.: loodgieterij boten. (the meaning is unclear). Berson refers to the reviews of Drumont and Le Père Siffleur (R90II,p11). Adhémar refers to a review of de Montifaud (R87,p246). They all just mention the title (R90I,p21+30+38). I have no suggestion.

1IE-1874-114, La Rampe
Eng.: The ramp. Ned.: de helling. Berson omits this works, which means there were no reviews (R90II,p11). I have no suggestion.



Mulot-Durivage at the Salon:
Emilien Mulot-Durivage exhibited at the Salon des Refusées in 1875 and at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français in 1882 +87 +90. See also the thematical overview of his pictures.
The Salon database (iR1) doesn’t render any other artist with the name Mulot-Durivage. 1880 onwards there was an Albert(-Félix) Mulot, born in Le Havre who exhibited paintings and sculptures. There also was an Edmond Mulotin de Mérat who exhibited. Further more there was no name that comes close. Schurr & Cabane neither render a name that comes close. So I assume that any time the name Mulot-Durivage is rendered in a contemporary document, it refers to our Emilien born in Granville.

SdR1875-141, Roches à marée basse à Granville (Manche)
Eng.: Rocks at low tide in Granville (Manche).

SdAF-1882- 1969, La Madeleine; forêt de Fontainebleau
Note: maybe Madeleine refers to a female person.

SdAF-1887-1760, Bords du Loing, près Nemours
Eng.: (iR1;iR40;iR4). Note this work is illustrated in the ‘catalogue illustré’ (R266,p283)

SdAF-1890- 1763, *L’étang du moulin
Eng.: the lake at the mill.


Mulot-Durivage at other exhibitions:
Mulot-Durivage exhibited at several regional exhibitions. See also the thematical overview of his pictures.

1870, Le Havre:
1876/01/01, Recueil des publications de la Société havraise d’études diverses, 41me & 42me Années, 1874 + 1875. Le Havre, 1876 (aR13,p411=iR40).
A. Devaux in his ‘résumé des travaux de la 41me année 1874’ mentions: ‘Mulot Durivage is not in progress this year; he had however shown undeniable qualities at the last exhibition (1870), where his ‘Etang d’Oudale’ had attracted attention.’

LH1870, Étang d’Oudale
Note: there is a place called Oudalle, just east of Le Havre, but it seems that it doesn’t have a lake. So I leave the location unidentified.

1884, Rouen:
1884/08/12, 29th exposition Municipale in the Musée de Rouen  (aR10=iR40)

R1884/08/12-630, L’ancienne route de Bourgogne (forêt de Fontainebleau)
Eng.: The old road to Bourgogne.

R1884/08/12-631, Bords de la Seine, au printemps
Eng.: Banks of the Seine, at springtime

1885, Les Independents:
In the chapter called ‘Les independents A-Z’ Théodore Véron mentioned Mulot-Durivage in his 11e Annuaire, Dictionnaire Véron, Salon de 1885. Poitiers, 1885 (aR14,p709=iR40). He writes:
‘His “landscape” is a superb motif, whose great simplicity doubles its grandeur and beauty. A giant oak spreads its knotty trunk in the foreground, which divides into multiple branches and strong vigor, as well as the shady grounds of this same plan; then, under the shadows of the giant, the forest lights up with greenery and pleasant foliage. – What power! what charm! this artist is a poet.’
Note: in 1885 Mulot-Durivage didn’t exhibit at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français. Neither was there a Salon des Indépendants. Véron had just finished to mention all the partakers of the Salon in the different sections. After ‘Les Indépendants’ he mentioned artists that exhibited at the Exposition Internationale at Georges Petit and later at other exhibitions. So it stays unclear at what exhibition this landscape has been showed.
?1885-?, paysage
Depicted is a giant oak tree.

1886, Angers:
1886: Mulot-Durivage exhibited in Angers (iR69;R87), about 300km south-west of Paris. Le Petit courrier 1886/10/10 mentions that M. Mulot-Durivage received at the Exposition d’Angers a ‘médaille de 2e classe (aR15=iR40). I couldn’t find a title of his exhibited work(s).

1887, Fontainebleau:
1887, Exposition de Peinture de Fontainebleau, reviewed in the Gil Blas of 1887/08/23 (aR9=iR40) and anncounced in the Figaro (iR40;iR4):

F1887-?, Un paysage du bords du Lung
Note: maybe it is meant ‘Loing’ in stead of ‘Lung’. The Loing flows through Nemours, where Mulot-Durivage lived in 1887 (iR1). Compare also: SdAF-1887-1760, Bords du Loing, près Nemours.

1891, Annuaire de la Normandie:
1891/01/01, 57th Annuaire de la Normandie (aR12,p470=iR40)

AdN1891, L’Étang du moulin
Added is: ‘It is of a finished picturesque’

1893, Le Havre:
1893/08/03 – 10/01 exhibition of the Société des amis des arts du Havre in Le Havre (aR7=iR40)

LH1893/08/03-390, L’étang du Vivray
Eng.: the lake of Vivray. I can’t find the location.

LH1893/08/03-391, Les Meules
Eng.:  the haystacks

1896, Le Havre:
1896/10/01 – 05 exhibition at Le Havre of the Société des amis des arts du Havre (aR8=iR40)

LH1896/10/01-494, Matinée de Printemps
Eng.: Spring morning.

LH1896/10/01-495, Marais de l’Ile-Adam
Eng.: Marshes of Ile-Adam. Probably it is meant L’Isle-Adam

1898, Pontoise:
4th Salon de Pontoise, 1898/06/25

P1898/06/25 – 133, Maison du garde de l’Isle-Adam
Eng.: House of the guard in Isle-Adam. Reviewed as ‘a charming piece of naturalness and poetry’ (aR6=iR40)

P1898/06/25-134, Église de Valmondois
Reviewed as ‘in which the setting sun illuminates with a very oriental light, is of a striking effect’ (aR6=iR40). Valmondois lies north of Auvers-sur-Oise (iR9).



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