Degas 1874 expo

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Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Pictures 1st impressionist exposition 1874

Catalogue numbers: 54-63


General introduction:

Here you will find the 10 works that were shown by Degas at the first ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. See here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion and locations on Google-maps). See here for the general references (=R) and here for references to internet pages (=iR). My main sources for the pictures were: (=iR2) and Google images (iR10). I render the pictures in thematical order.


1874-54, Examen de danse au théâtre, Uncertain: Degas, 1873-74, CR340, Salle de danse (ballet rehearsal on stage), 65×81, Orsay (iR2;iR59;R26,no470)

1874-55, Classe de dance,
now: Degas, 1872ca, CR297, The Dancing Class, 20×27, Metropolitan (iR2;R26,no296)


1874-60, Répétition de ballet sur la scène, dessin, Uncertain: Degas, 1874-6ca, The Ballet Master, chalk wc on monotype, 56×69, NGA Washington (iR10;iR33;iR68)


1874-56, intérieur de Coulisse Compare: Degas, 1882-5, dans les coulisses, pastel, 66×38, Axx (iR15;R26,no630)

1874-57, Blanchisseuse,
Very uncertain: Degas, 1869ca, CR216, La repasseuse, Woman Ironing, 93×73, NP Munich, (iR2;R26,no364)

1874-61, Une blanchisseuse, pastel.
Uncertain: Degas, 1870-86ca, CR277, Woman Ironing, pastel, 70×70, private, (iR2;R26,no365)


1874-58, Départ de course, esquisse, dessin. Uncertain: Degas, 1862ca, At the Races, dr, 34×48, CAI Williamstown (iR10;R27,p26)

1874-58 Départ de course, esquisse, dessin, Compare: Degas, 1860-2, CR76, At the Races, the Start, 32×46, HAM Cambridge (iR2;R26,no164)



1874-59, Faux depart, dessin. Uncertain: Degas, 18xx, Jockey on Horse, dr, 19×23, Barnes Merion (iR10;iR90)

1874-59, Faux depart, dessin,
Compare: Degas, 1869-72, CR258, The False Start, 32×40, YUAG New Haven (iR2;R26,no191)



1874-62, Après le bain, étude, dessin. Very uncertain: Degas, 18xx, After The Bath, dr, xx, xx (iR10)

1874-63, Aux courses en province,
now: 1872ca, CR281, At the Races in the Countryside, 37×56, MFA Boston (iR2;R26,no203)