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Odilon Redon (1840-1916)


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On this page you will find an account of the works that Redon exhibited at the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition and at the Salon. For general info on Odilon Redon and the used sources see the main page. See link for his -/- pictures.



The eight ‘impressionist’ exposition 1886:

  • catalogue numbers 124-138.
  • in total Redon exhibited 15 works, including 3 drawings
    • 0x indication of place.
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 6x loans (appartient à…): M. J.K. Huysmans (no. 129), Maurice Fabre (no.130), M. Berthous-Lafargue (no. 132), M. Ch. Haym (no. 133+135+138).
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p446), he refers to Wildenstein, but it is unclear to what work.

1886 catalogue: (R2,p445/6; iR1)

8IE-1886-124             Tête laurée
Eng; unglazed head; Nl. ongelakt hoofd. Moffett suggests a work in a private collection in Paris, referring to Wildenstein.

8IE-1886-125             Le secret
Perhaps: 1886, Le prisonnier (L’accusé), charcoal, 53×37, MuMa New York (R2,p464). Ajalbert (1886/06/20) describes the work as ‘behind the bars of a jail, a thoughtful face, lips sealed by one finge, illuminated by intense light’ (R2,p464).

8IE-1886-126             Homme primitif
Compare: S1885- 4970 with the same title. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-127             L’empreinte
Eng.: the footprint. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-128             L’intelligence
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Maybe: 1885, Upon waking I perceived the goddess of the intelligible, 27×22, MuMa New York (R1,p501). 

8IE-1886-129             Tentation; appartient à M. J.K. Huysmans
Eng.: temptation. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

8IE-1886-130             Béatrix; appartient à M. Maurice Fabre
Moffett suggests a work now in a private collection (of Le Poët-Laval), referring to Wildenstein.

8IE-1886-131             Paysage
Compare: 1886-138 and S1867-2690 with the same title. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-132             Salomé; appartient à M. Brethous-Lafargue
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-133             La désespérance; appartient à M. Ch. Hayem
Eng.: despair. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-134             La Veuve
Eng.: the widow. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-135             Profil d’enfant; appartient à M. Ch. Hayem
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-136             Lune noir
Eng.: dark moon. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-137             Profil de lumière
Moffett suggests a work in the Musée du Petit Palais in Paris.

8IE-1886-138             Paysage; appartient à M. Ch. Hayem
Compare: 1886-131 and S1867-2690 with the same title. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

8IE-1886-138+hc  Eventail
Victor Fournel (1886/06/10) reviews ‘I especially recommend a painted fan with transverse and longitudinal stains, which obviously have some meaning in the author’s idea, even though it’s absolutely impossible, I’m not saying to see it, but to guess a being or an object in it, and the fantastic visions of a gentleman pursued by nightmares that he’s mistakenly trying to tell and so should we, in addition to an incredible Salome, an irresistible comic’s Tentaion.’ In the catalogue it is only Morisot who exihibited fans, but note that he is speaking of a male artist and at the end refers to no. 132 en 129 of Redon, so maybe Redon exhibited a fan outside the catalogue. 



Odilon Redon at the Salon:
There also was a Redon exhibiting at the Salon in 1848/ 64/ 87/ 88/ 89/ 90/ 99/ 04. And a Redon exhibiting at the SNBA in 1903 + 06 and at the SdA 1904. (iR1)
The Salon database indicates that Odilon Redon was born in Bordeaux and that he was a pupil of Gérôme.
His correspondence address was:
1867: M. Carpentier, 8, boulevard Montmartre, Paris
There also was a landscape painter called Pierre-Maurice Redon, born in Paris, who exhibited at the Salon in at least 1877 / 84/ 86.


S1867- 2690 Paysage ; eau-forte
Compare: 1886-131 and 1886-138 with the same title.

S1870-3987 Dessin d’après Léonard de Vinci

S1878-3709 Un faune menant un ange ; fusain
Eng.: A fauna leading an angel; charcoal.

SdAF-1885- 4970 Une lithographie : L’Homme primitif ; Gravure
Compare: 1886-124.

SdAF-1886- 5329 Une lithographie : La vieillesse
Eng.: (a person of) old age.




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