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Jean-Baptiste Millet



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On this page you will find an account of the pictures that Jean-Baptiste Millet exhibited at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876 and at the Salon. For the used sources see at the bottom of the main page about Jean-Baptiste Millet. See link for his pictures.


General overview 1876:

  • catalogue numbers 138 – 147
  • so in total Millet (Jean-Baptiste) exhibited 10 works; including 5 watercolours and 2 sepia drawings
    • 1x an indication of place
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study 
    • 6x a loan: 3x M. Petit (no.140;141; 144); 2x M. Haro (no.139+143); 1x M. Brame (no. 138).
  • Moffett doesn’t give one suggestion what actual works Jean-Baptiste Millet exhibited (R2,p163), nor does Berson, who leaves out Millet, which means there were no reviews (R90II,p40).

Emile Blémont (1876/04/09) reviewed ‘Mr. Jean-Baptiste Millet has given a serie of fresh and caressing rustic watercolours.’ (R90I,p63).

1876 catalogue: (R2,p163; iR1)

2IE-1876-138, Femme gardant les vaches (aquarelle); appartient à M. Brame
Eng.: Women guarding the cows (watercolour).

2IE-1876-139, La Ferme (aquarelle); appartient à M. Haro
Eng.: The farm (watercolour). Compare: S1876-2763 Une ferme ; aquarelle. Note: the Salon of 1876 and the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition partly exhibited at the same time, so this couldn’t be the same works.

2IE-1876-140, La Chaumière (aquarelle); appartient à M. Petit
Eng.: Thatched cottage (watercolour). Probably belonging to Georges Petit.

2IE-1876-141, Moulin à eau (aquarelle); appartient à M. Petit
Eng.: The watermill (watercolour). See no.140. Probably belonging to Georges Petit.

2IE-1876-142, Coin de ferme
Eng.: Corner of a farm.

2IE-1876-143, Ferme du Fays; appartient à M. Haro
Eng.: farm in Fays. Fays lies >400km east of Paris (see map).

2IE-1876-144, Le pré; appartient à M. Petit
Eng.: the field. Probably belonging to Georges Petit.

2IE-1876-145, Le verger (sépia)
Eng.: orchard. Sépia is a brown-reddish colour, that is used in photography (iR3). Probably this is a brown-reddish drawing and not a photograph.

2IE-1876-146, Le labourage (sépia rehaussée)
Eng.: Ploughing (enhanced sepia). See no.145.

2IE-1876-147, La Fermière (aquarelle)
Eng.: the peasant (woman) (watercolour).



Jean-Baptiste Millet at the Salon (=S):
Jean-Baptiste Millet exhibited from 1879-1880 at the Salon (=S) and it’s successor the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF).
Note: There were several persons with the last name Millet who exhibited at the Salon: Of course Jean-François Millet, but also Pierre Millet, Aimé Millet, Eugène-Henri Millet, François Millet, Mlle Claire-Henriette Millet, Gustave Millet. (iR1)

S1870-3830, Vue de l’église de Chailly; aquarelle
Eng.: View of the church of Chailly. Probably the Saint-Paul church in Chailly-en-Bière (about 60km south-east of Paris; see map). 

S1874-2384, Après la moisson; aquarelle
Eng.: After the harvest (watercolour).

S1874-2385, La ferme de Barbizon; aquarelle (Appartient à M. Tillot)
Eng.: The farm in Barbizon (watercolour). Belonged maybe to Charles Tillot. Jean-Baptiste Millet than lived in Barbizon (see map).

S1874-2386, Le chemin de Fleury ; aquarelle (Appartient à M. F. Chaigneau)
Eng.: The road to Fleury (watercolour).

S1875-2570, L’aumône; aquarelle (Appartient à M. H. Rouart)
Eng.: almsgiving (watercolour). Probably belonged to Henri Rouart, but it was not part of his posthumes auction.

S1875-2571, Vieux moulin de la plaine de Choilly; aquarelle (Appartient à M. H. Rouart)
Eng.: Old mill in the fields of Choilly. Choilly probably is an erratum of Chailly(en-Bière), which lies north of Barbizon where Jean-Baptiste Millet lived at the time (see map). See also S1875-2570.

S1875-2572, La moisson; aquarelle (Appartient à M. F. Chaigneau)
Eng.: the harvest (watercolour)

S1876-2763, Une ferme; aquarelle
Eng.: a farm (watercolour). Compare: 2IE-1876-139 La Ferme (aquarelle) ; appartient à M. Haro.

S1877-3164, Une cour de ferme; aquarelle.
Eng.: a farm yard (watercolour).

S1877-3165, Une récolte de noix; aquarelle (Appartient à Mme Viguerie)
Eng.: a nut harvest (watercolour).

S1878-3488, Pendant la moisson; aquarelle
Eng.: during the harvest (watercolour).


Jean-Baptiste Millet at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF):

SdAF-1880 5408, Une laveuse; aquarelle

SdAF-1880-5409, Moulin, environs de Fontainebleau; aquarelle



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