Attendu pictures

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Antoine-Ferdinand Attendu (1845-1908)


a thematical overview



Pictures of Antoine-Ferdinand Attendu scraped together:

Here below you will find the pictures I could find about Antoine-Ferdinand Attendu. I could find none in books. On the internet I could find many pictures at (iR13) and additionally eclecticlight (iR35), (iR41), ebay (iR42), wikigallery (iR37). Additionally I found pictures as indicated at the additional references at the bottom of the main page on Antoine Attendu.
I will render them thematically. When possible I will indicate if this work has been exhibited by Antoine Attendu at the Salon or at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. But this is very hard to do, see also my account.



City views:

1IE-1874-9            Quelques réflexions (au XIIIe arrondissement)
SdAF-1880-94: La Valence !; 78x140cm
SdAF-1883-56: La Valence ! La belle Valence !
SdAF-1881-49: Arrivage du Mans



still lifes:

S1870-61: Nature morte
SdR1873-399: Nature morte
1IE-1874-7 :  Nature morte
SdAF-1890-51: nature mort
1IE-1874-10 : Nature morte : musique (aquarelle)
SdAF-1882-61: Chez l’armurier
SdAF-1885-77: Les Armures



Kitchen Still-lifes:

1IE-1874-11          Nature morte : cuisine  (aquarelle, appartient à  M.J.D)
1IE-1874-12          Nature morte : cuisine (aquarelle, appartient à  M.J.D)
S1874-45: Huîtres, etc
S1877-59: Les huîtres
S1879-79: Les langoustes
S1879-78: ‘Chez mon écaillère’
S1875-46: Salade Mayonnaise
S1875-47: Lapin de garenne
S1888-2615: Le lapin de garenne, pastel(?)
S1886-77: Le Lièvre
S1887-2556: Le Poulet, pastel
S1889-2801: La dinde, pastel
S1890-2513: l’oie, pastel
S1880-95: Pommes; 78x140cm
S1887-2557: les grenades, pastel
S1887-55: Les citrons
S1884-52: Les dattes
S1885-76: Le potiron
S1886-55: Le chou
S1886-2511: les oeufs, pastel
S1889-2802: le livarot, pastel
S1883-55: Le chaudron (appartient à M. Charles Tissier)
S1884-53: La Terrine
S1876-44: Le thé
S1877-58 Le café
S1878-59: Le déjeuner froid







S1885-2511: Dans les champs, pastel


S1890-50: Coin de crémerie

Figure paintings:

S1870-3024: Saltimbanque, d’après M. Mettling ; aquarelle
SdR1873-400: Un vieux type
S1881-50: Les Victimes
S1888-66: Les portugaises
S1889-58: La dame-jeanne