Monet 1876 expo

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Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Paintings 2nd exposition 1876

Catalogue numbers: 148-165 + h.c.


General introduction:

Here you will find on impression of the 18+1hc=19 oil paintings that were shown by Monet at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1876.
For an account (references, info, locations on Google-maps and discussion) see here. My main sources are Moffett (=R2) and Wildenstein (R22). Often the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here. My main sources for the pictures are (=iR2) and (=iR51).


1876-148, Le petit bras, Argenteuil,
perhaps: CR290, 1873, Autumn effect at Argenteuil, 56×75, (c) The Courtauld GalleryFoundation (iR2;R22)

1876-149, La Seine à Argenteuil
perhaps: CR373, 1875, The Seine at Argenteuil, 60x80cm, San Francisco MMA (iR2;iR51;R22)

1876-150, Le chemin d’Epinay, effet de neige,
Option of 2: 1875, CR389, The Lane in Epinay, snow effect, 60×105, AKAG Buffalo (iR51;R22)


1876-151, La plage à Sainte-Adresse
now: CR92, 1867, The beach at Sainte-Adresse, 75×101, AI Chicago (iR2;R22)

1876-152 Le pont de chemin de fer (Argenteuil),
perhaps: CR279, 1873, The railway bridge at Argenteuil, 60x99cm, private (iR2;R22)

1876-153, Japonnerie,
now: 1876, CR387, Camille Monet in Japanese costume, 232×142, MFA Boston (iR2;iR51;R22)


1876-154 La prairie,
now: CR341, 1874, Meadow at Bezons, 57×80, NG Berlin (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)

1876-155, Le petit Genevilliers,
perhaps: 1875, CR368, Yachts at Argenteuil, 54×65, Cologne Gallery Abels (iR2;iR51;R22)

1876-156 Le Pont d’Argenteuil ,
now: CR311, 1874, The Bridge at Argenteuil, 60×80, Orsay (iR2;iR51;R22)


1876-157, La Berge d’Argenteuil,
very uncertain: 1872, CR225, (Le Bassin) The port at Argenteuil, 60×81, Orsay (iR51;iR8=zoom;R22)

1876-158, Effet d’automne,
probably: 1873, CR291, Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil, 54×73, private (iR2;iR51;iR8=zoom;R22)

1876-159, Les Dahlias, perhaps: 1875, CR383, Young Girls in a bed of Dahlias, 54×66, NGP Prague (iR3;iR8=zoom; iR51;R22)


1876-160, Les bateaux d’Argenteuil, Option of 2: 1875, CR369, Red boats, Agenteuil, 60×81, HAM Cambridge (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)

1876-161, La promenade,
now: 1875, CR381, the walk, woman with a parasol, 100×81, NGA Washington (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51; R22)

1876-162, Panneau décoratif,
now: 1873, CR285, Le Déjeuner, (Monet’s garden in Argenteuil), 162×203, Orsay (iR2; iR51; R22)


1876-163, Le printemps,
now: CR201, 1872, Apple trees in blossom, 58×70, ULCC Chicago (iR2;iR51;R22)

1876-164, Les bains de la Grenouillière, compare CR135, 1869, Bathers at La Grenouillère, 73×92, NG London (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)

1876-165, Bateuax de pêche (etude),
very uncertain 1866, CR76, fishing boats study, 45×55, private (iR2;R22)


1876-165+hc springtime,
now: CR205, 1872, The reader (figure en rose), 50×65, WAG Baltimore (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)