Cassatt 1886 expo

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Mary Cassatt (1845-1926)

Pictures 8th impressionist exposition 1886

Catalogue numbers: 7-13




Here below you will find an impression of the just 7 works that Mary Cassatt showed at the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886, including 1 pastel. Some suggestions are very uncertain, see account. See link for the subscriptions and see at the bottom of the main page on Mary Cassatt for the sources.


1886-7, Jeune fille à la fenêtre. Now: Mary Cassatt, 1883-4ca, Susan (young girl) on a balcony holding a dog , 100×65, NGA Washington (iR92;iR2;iR59;R2,p449;R44,p23)

1886-8, Jeune fille au jardin, Now probably: Mary Cassatt, 1880-6ca, CR144, Young Woman Sewing in a Garden, 92×64, 92×63, Orsay, (iR2;iR59;iR92;R44,p89;R3,p594)

1886-9, Étude, Now: Mary Cassatt, 1886, CR146, Girl arranging Her Hair, 76×62, NGA Washington (iR92;iR2;iR59;R2,p450;R44,p91)


1886-10, portrait. Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1880-83ca, Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt, 81×74, private (iR92;iR2;iR7;iR10)

1886-11, Enfants sur la plage. Now: Mary Cassatt, 1884, CR131, (Two) children on the Beach , 98×74, NGA Washington (iR92;iR2;iR3;iR59;R2,p451;R44,p79)


1886-12, Enfants au jardin. Maybe: Mary Cassatt, 1878, Children in a Garden, 73×92, MFA Houston (iR92;iR2;iR59;aR1;iR2) Probably CR57

1886-13, Mère et enfant, pastel. Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1880, CR88, Mother and Child (a goodnight hug), pastel, 42×61, A2018/05/14, (iR2;iR59;iR13;iR92)