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an impression of his exhibited art-works


Which art-works did Seurat show at other exhibitions?
On this page you will find an impression of 93 works that Georges Seurat exhibited at several exhibitions. Starting with works exhibited at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF) (and that were rejected). Then you will find an impression of the works that Georges Seurat exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants (=SdI) and it’s predecessor of the Groupe des Artistes Indépendants (=GdAI-1884/05), at the exhibition in New York in 1886 (=NY-AAG-1886), at regional exhibitions (in Nantes 1886), at Les XX in Brussels (=XX), at the Revue Indépendante (=RI1888). And also the retrospectives that were shown at the Salon des Indépendants in 1892 and 1905, at Les XX in 1892, at Association pour l’Art in Antwerp in 1892 (=Anvers-ApA-1892), and at La Revue Blanche in 1900 (=RB1900). And also the works that were posthumously exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in 1900 + 1940, at Centennial exhibitions (in Saint-Petersbourg in 1912), at La Libre Esthetique in Brussels in 1904+10 (=LE). The works that were only shown at the retrospectives you will find at the end of this page and also some groups of studies. The pictures will be rendered by form. Note: If you double click on the first picture (of a serie) and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. Enjoy!





Studies and retrospectives:
At several exhibitions Seurat had shown drawings and studies, see above. But he also showed some groups of studies. In December 1884 at the first Salon des Independants he showed 9 studies, maybe all of the Grande Jatte (R162,p95). In 1886 he showed in New York 12 studies and probably partly the same studies at the 3rd exhibition of the Salon des Indépendants in 1887 (R207,p122-127+138). Here you will find uncertain suggestions.
Here you will also find works, mostly studies, that were only exhibited at posthumous retrospectives. See also the intro.

My main sources are the suggestions given by Berger (R207,p122-130), the suggestions given by Dorra & Rewald (=DR=R183) and information found on the websites of Musea and of auction houses. See for the used sources at the bottom of the main page on Georges Seurat. See the links for an explanation of the subscriptions and for an account.


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