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The goal of this website in progress:

As indicated in the homepage the main goal of this website is to share the beauty of impressionist paintings and to render answers on the main questions I used for my investigation:

  1. What paintings were exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions from 1874-1886?
  2. Who were the partaking artists? Especially: who were the (quite) unknown partakers?
  3. What is Impressionism?
  4. Where did the Impressionists meet and paint together?
  5. How were the Impressionists related to the Paris Salon?
  6. What are the characteristics of the surroundings of the Impressionists and the ‘impressionist’ expositions?

So the purpose of this website is educational and for entertainment, not commercial. That’s why I don’t use advertisements as many websites do. (Advertisements that only stimulate the greed that is within us.)  This website is fully in progress and will be so for the next years. To follow what is new and changed see blog.


About the developer:

My name is Hans Weevers and I’m a lover of bright-vibrant-colours. I’m not educated in art-history and I’m not a painter. I’m just very much interested in art-history and painting, especially the period 1860-1914. I like to question some of the general opinions on Impressionism and impressionist artists. In this way I like to stimulate an ongoing debate on Impressionism instead of repeating  the general opinions. And I acknowledge that in this debate I’m just an amateur. One of the foundations of my knowledge is a close observance of the pictures.
This website is a very big hobby of mine. I also give some lectures about Impressionism. I’m Dutch, so excuse my simple English and that’s also why most of my sources are in Dutch. Most translations are my own, helped by (=iR170), (=iR171) and old dictionaries.
If you want to react on this website or contact me for another reason my email-address is: .


Used sources and references:

For the general references (=R) to sources used in the pages see. For the references to internet pages (=iR) see. For additional references (=aR) used for the partaking artists and other items see at the bottom of the main page on that artist / item. Because of limited resources and limited acces to specialised libraries many of my sources are quite old. I assume that the pictures I used are Public Domain (see). I also assume that it is legal to use different sources when they are referred to properly. I try to do this with my own system (see above) to maintain the readability of this website. I try to render my sources as good as possible and in this way I like to honour these writers and providers of pictures. If I do it in an improper or unauthorized way, please let me know. For my email-address see above.


Some practical hints:

  • Links to the partaking artists / impressionist painters are found in the left column. On the main page of the artist you will find links to the pictures they exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions and the Salon and an account of this and other links.
  • Links to info on the ‘impressionist’ expositions, impressionism, locations (of meeting and painting together), the Salon, surroundings etc. are found in the header.
  • The underlined turquoise words have an internal or external link which are mostly opened in a new tab-screen. Topographical references are mostly linked to Google-maps.
  • For an explanation of the subscriptions of the pictures see.
  • About the identification of the pictures exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions and the Salon see.
  • Abbreviations and foreign words (for more info see):
    • 1874/04/03 means the third of April 1874
    • en-plein-air = painting outside (in the full sky)
    • CR = Catalogue Raisonné
    • hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue


Please donate:

Creating this website takes me expanses and a lot of time. Of you like this website and want to stimulate me to complete it, please donate some money by PayPal (see the PayPal button in the top of the left menu).


Please invest in Oikocredit:

If you have the luxury of enjoying art, maybe you have some money left to invest in people who are struggling to make a decent living. Oikocredit is a worldwide organization who invests in microfinance, faire trade organizations and (agricultural) cooperatives. You can invest your money in a relatively safe way, with a small financial profit and a large social impact. I’ve done so for years and it gives me great joy. Note: investments give some financial risks, please inform yourself well. See more.


Jubilee in the art-market:

In the art-market there are thousands and even millions paid for just one art-work. Works that mostly end up with one person / family and those works are out of sight for all other people who would like to enjoy those art-works or want to study it. I think these thousands and millions are better spend to support the millions in this world that hardly can make a living. Maybe the idea of the Jubilee (see in the Bible-book Leviticus chapter 25) can free the art-market.  Would not the art-market be more in proportion if the art-work, 50 years after it is made, must be returned for free to a museum that is chosen by the artist. The museum than has to display it in real and on the internet to be seen and enjoyed by everybody.