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List of 19 partakers

2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876

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Who were the partakers of the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition?
There were 19 partakers in the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876. Six of them were newcomers; Desboutin and Legros were a sort of guests of honour and showed many art-works. Seven partakers would not return anymore to the ‘impressionist’ expositions. Caillebotte mentioned that Mme de Rambure also exhibited, but she was not in the catalogue (=hc). Probably she was the same as the woman that exhibited under the pseudonym ‘Jacques François‘. So the amount of partakers stays 19. Portraits of the partakers Henri Rouart (no.71-2), Claude Monet (no.220) and Auguste Renoir (no.226+hc) were depicted.
On this page you will find the catalogue numbers, links to info, pictures, an account and sometimes a (topographical / thematical) overview.


List of partakers in 1876:

  1. Béliard, Edouard
    no. 1-8; info artist; paintings; account;
  2. Bureau, Pierre-Isidore
    no. 9-16; info artist; paintings; account;
  3. Caillebotte, Gustave
    no. 17-24; info artist; paintings; account
  4. Cals, Félix-Adolphe
    no. 25-35; info artist; paintings; account;
    (Note: his first name is also mentioned as Adolphe-Félix)
  5. Degas, Edgard
    no. 36-59; info artist; paintings; account; thematical overview
  6. Desboutin (Marcellin)
    no. 60-72+hcinfo artist; paintings; account
  7. François, Jacques
    no. 73-80; info artist
    (Note: pseudonym for probably Mme de Rambure)
  8. Legros, Alphonse
    no. 81-92; info artist; paintings; account;
  9. Levert, (Jean-Baptiste-Léopold)
    no. 93-101; info artist; paintings; account;
  10. Lepic, Ludovic-Napoléon
    no. 102-137; info artist; paintings; account;
    (Note: not in an alphabetic order)
  11. Millet, Jean-Baptiste
    no. 138-147; info artist; paintings; account;
  12. Monet, Claude
    no. 148-165+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  13. Morisot, Berthe
    no. 167-182; info artist; paintings; account
  14. Ottin, Léon-Auguste
    no. 183-196; info artist; paintings; account
  15. Pissarro, Camille
    no. 197-208; info artist; paintings; account
  16. Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
    no. 209-226+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  17. Rouart, Stanislas-Henri
    no. 227-236; info artist; paintings; account; thematical overview;
  18. Sisley (Alfred)
    no. 237-244+hc2; info artist; paintings; account;
  19. Tillot, Charles
    no. 245-252;
     info artist; paintings; account;


See also the links for the full 1876 catalogue, a slide show and general info on the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition.
Explanation: hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue.
My main sources are Moffett, 1986 (=R2,p160-165), Berson, 1996 (=R90I,p47-52), the Salon database of musée d’Orsay (aR1=iR1) and the sources mentioned in the accounts.

Additional references (=aRx):

  1. (catalogue of the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition; =iR1)
  2. (Italian website with list of the partakers of the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition with links to additional info; =iR34)


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