Sisley Salon



Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Alfred Sisley


at the Salon

an impression of his paintings submitted


Which pictures did Alfred Sisley submit to the Salon?
On this page you will find an impression of the pictures that Alfred Sisley submitted to the official Paris Salon (=S).
Some were accepted and some were rejected (=Refusée=R).





Probably after 1877 Alfred Sisley again submitted to the Salon. But he wasn’t accepted. I don’t know which works were rejected.


Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Probably after 1877 he again submitted to the Salon, but he wasn’t accepted, but I don’t know which works.Note: some suggestions are uncertain, see identification of pictures. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. See here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion, locations on Google-maps). For the sources see at the bottom of the main page about Sisley. Most of the paintings are from the former marvelous database of (=iR2).


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