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George Seurat



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On this page you will find an account of the works that Seurat exhibited at the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition and at the Salon. For general info on George Seurat and the used sources see the main page. See link for his -/- pictures.



The eight ‘impressionist’ exposition 1886:

  • catalogue numbers 175-183.
  • in total Seurat exhibited 9 works, including 3 drawings
    • 5x indication of place, 3x Grand-Camp (no.167-8).
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 3x loans (appartient à…): M. Appert (no. 180), M. J.K. Huysmans (no. 182), Mme Robert-Caze (no. 183).
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p446), he refers to Dorra, Henri & John Rewald: Seurat, L’oeuvre peint, biographie et catalogue critique. Paris, 1959.

1886 catalogue: (R2,p446; iR1)

8IE-1886-175             Un dimanche à la Grande-Jatte (1884)
Now: 1884-6, D&R139, Afternoon on the Island of La Grande-Jatte, 206×306, AI Chicago (R2,p420)

8IE-1886-176             Le bec du Hoc (Grand-Camp)
Moffett suggests: D&R153, Now in Tate Gallery, London.

8IE-1886-177             Le fort Samson (Grand-Camp)
Moffett suggests: D&R157, Lost during World War 2

8IE-1886-178             La rade de Grand-Camp
Now: 1885, D&R154, The harbour at Grandcamp, 65×81, private collection (R2,p465).

8IE-1886-179             La Seine, à Courbevoie
Moffett suggests: D&R161; Private collection in Paris.

8IE-1886-180             Les pêcheurs ; appartient à M. Appert
Moffett suggests: D&R80, Musé d’Art Morne Troyes.

8IE-1886-181             Une parade, dessin
Moffett mentions: Previously thought to be in a private collection in Lexington Kentucky.

8IE-1886-182             Condoléances ; dessin ; appartient à M. J.K. Huysmans
Now: 1886, Réunion de famille, conté crayon, 24×32, private coll Switzerland (R2,p466).

8IE-1886-183             La banquiste ; dessin ; appartient à Mme Robert-Caze
Eng.: the banker. Moffett doesn’t have a suggestion.



Georges Seurat at the Salon:


S1883- 3189 Broderie ;
Additional info: Dessins, cartons, aquarelles, pastels, miniatures vitraux, émaux, porcelaines, faïences.
Eng.: Embroidery. Nl.: Borduurwerk / borduren. This must have been a drawing of Aman-Jean (R162).


Georges Seurat at Centennial exhibitions:

Saint-Petersbourg-1912-592. Port de Honfleur (Harbor in Honfleur]  [Druet in Paris]
Saint-Petersbourg-1912-593. Le Phare et l᾿Hospice d᾿Honfleur (Lighthouse]  [Bernheim in Paris]


Georges Seurat at La Libre Esthétique:

17LE-1910-167. Le Quai d’Honfleur (1886)
17LE-1910-168. La Seine à la Grande-Jatte (1888) (appartient à Mlle A. Boch)
17LE-1910-169. Marine (appartient à Collection Van Cutsem)




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