Monet 1877 expo

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Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Paintings third exposition 1877

Catalogue numbers: 90-119 + h.c.


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 30+1hc=31 pictures that were shown by Monet at the third ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1877.
I will render the pictures in a thematical way, not chronological by number. I’ll start with Monet his serie of 8 pictures of the Saint-Lazare station. Next 8 pictures of which 7 were made in and around Montgeron and belonged to Hoschedé.
For an account (references, info, discussion, locations on Google-maps) see hereMy main sources are Moffett (=R2) and Wildenstein (R22). Often the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here. My main sources for the pictures are (=iR2) and (=iR51).


1877-97, Arrivée du train de Normandie, gare St-Lazare, app M. H…,
now: CR440, 1877, Saint-Lazare station, the Normandy train, 60×80, AIC Chicago (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

1877-100, La Gare St-Lazare, arrivée d’un train,
now: CR439, 1876, Arrival at Saint-Lazare Station, 82×101, FAM Cambridge (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

77-102, Vue Intérieur de la Gare St-Lazares,
now: CR438, 1877, Saint-Lazare, station, 75×100, Orsay (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)


1777-116, Intérieur de la gare St-Lazare à Paris,
uncertain: CR444, 1877, Exterior of the Saint-Lazare Station, Arrival of a Train, 60×72, private (iR2;R22)

1877-117, Intérieur de la gare St-Lazare à Paris,
uncertain: CR447, 1877, Exterior View of Saint-Lazare Station, 64×81, private (iR2;R22)

1877-118, Intérieur de la gare St-Lazare à Paris,
uncertain: CR448, 1877, Exterior of Saint-Lazare Station (The Signal), 65×82, NLM Hanover (iR2;R22)


1877-119, h.c. La gare Saint-Lazare à l’exterieur,
uncertain: CR443, 1877, Exterior of Saint-Lazare Station, Sunlight Effect, 60×80, private (iR2;R22)

1877-98, Le pont de Rome (Gare St-Lazare),
now: CR442, 1877, Le Pont de l’Europe, Saint-Lazare Station, 64×81, Marmottan (iR2;R22)


1877-91, La mare à Montgeron,
now: 1876 , CR419, The Pond at Montgeron (study), 60×82, private (iR51;R22)

1877-93, Les Dahlias, Montgeron,
now: 1876, CR417, The Rose bushes in the Garden at Montgeron, 60×81, private (iR2;R22)

1877-101 Les dindons (décoration non terminée)
now: CR416, 1877 Turkeys (at the Château de Rottembourg at Montgeron), 172×175, Orsay (iR2;R22)


1877-113, Un jardin,
very uncertain: 1876, CR414, Les Glaïeuls (Gladioli), 60×82, DIA Detroit, (iR51;R22)

1877-112, Un jardin,
perhaps: 1877, CR418, A Corner of the Garden at Montgeron, 172×193, Hermitage, (iR51;R22)


1877-92, paysage d’automne,
compare: 1876, CR433, Hunting (La Chasse), 173×140, Hôtel Guénéaud, Paris (iR51;R22)

1877-108, Effet d’Automne à Montgeron, 1876,
now: CR431, Sous-bois (Wood Lane), 73×54, private, (iR51;iR2;R22)


1877-99 portrait d’enfant (app. M. H.),
now: CR434, 1876-77, Germaine Hoschedé with her doll, 81×60, private (iR51;R22)

1877-114, portrait,
uncertain: 1875, CR366, Camille Embroidering , 65×55, Barnes, (iR2;iR51;R22)

1877-115 Intérieur d’appartement,
now: CR365, 1875, Appartement Interieur (or: A Corner of the Apartment), 80×60, Orsay (iR2;iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)


1877-95 Les Tuileries, app. M. Bellio,
now: CR401, 1876, The Tuileries, 54×73, Marmottan, (iR2;R22)

1877-105 Tuileries, esquisse,
now: CR403, 1876, The Tuileries (study), 50×74, Orsay (iR2;R22)

1877-119, Le jardin des Tuileries,
now: CR402, 1876, The Tuileries garden, 60×80, private (CR22)



1877-90, La prairie,
very uncertain: CR377, 1875 Poppy field, summertime (or: Meadow with Poplars), 60×81, private (or: MFA Boston) (iR2;iR51;R22)

1877-94, Prairie,
now: 1876, CR405, In the Meadow, 60×82, private, (iR51;R22)

1877-107 La plaine de Gennevilliers,
now: CR437, 1876-77, The plain at Gennevilliers, 50×61, private (iR2;R22)


1877-96 Paysage, Le parc Monceau,
now: CR398, 1876, The Parc Monceau, Paris, 60×81, Metropolitan (iR51;iR2;R22)

77-106 Corbeille de fleurs,
compare: 1878, CR492a, Chrysanthemums, 54×61, private (iR2;R22)



77-103, La maison du passeur à Argenteuil, 
compare: 1874, CR325, Le Bassin d’Argenteuil, 54×73, MA Rhode Island (iR2;iR51;R22)

1877-104, Marine,
perhaps CR327, 1874, The Seine near Argenteuil, 55×66, private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1877-110, Marine (Sainte-Adresse),
uncertain: CR94, 1867, A hut at Sainte-Adresse, (the Cabin), 52×62, MAH Geneva (iR2;iR51;R22)



1877-109, Le châlet,
perhaps: CR422, 1876, the house at Yerres, 80×61, private (R22)

1877-111, Le grand quai au Hâvre (esquisse)
now: 1872, CR295, The Grand Quai at Le Havre, 61×81, Hermitage (iR51;R22)