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Here below you will find the musea with the most impressionist paintings. In alphabetical order you will find the countries. Then the abbreviation used in the subscriptions of the paintings (in an alphabetical order), than the full name of the museum with a link to there website and sometimes a link to an overview of (impressionist) painters. For more museums see (=iR21) and see (=iR23).

2020/09/01 I start another selection below the former classification, numbering the musea. Thus when I use pictures and/or information from a website of a museum I can more easily refer to it. In this classification I will start with musea with the largests collections of impressionist works, than I will render other musea per country and at last I will render other musea with just a few impressionist works.
















Great Britain:












Switzerland / Suisse:




New selection:


  1. Orsay = musée d’Orsay in Paris
    Maybe the most fast and beautiful collection of Impressionists works.
    video’s on YouYube – also with explanation of works
    search option per artist – it will render an overview of the art-works, further on you can click to more detailed information and a (restricted) zoom option; many pictures are not available or just rendered in black and white
    graphic works: search option per artist for graphic works (part of the Louvre; not secured)
  2. Marmottan = Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris
    Monet: a large collection of works of Monet
    Morisot: a large collection of works of Morisot
    impressionists: works of other impressionists;
    The French version of the website will lead you to information on the paintings; there is no zoom option.
  3. Orangerie = musée de l’Orangerie in Paris
    linked with musée d’Orsay
    with the waterlelies of Monet, see virtual tour;
    overview of the Walter and Guillaume collection, with several works of Cézanne and Renoir and with background information on the works;
  4. AI Chicago = the Art Institute Chicago (artic)
    starting page collection with search option; leading to detailed information on the works and excellent zoom options;
    overview collection European art;
    overview collection Impressionism;
    video’s by artic;
    digital publications also on Caillebotte, Gauguin, Monet, Pissarro and Renoir; note: you need to open the table of content to access more information; it leads to marvelous research information, see for example Renoir;