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Federico Zandomeneghi at the Salon and other exhibitions:
On this page you will find a rough impression of the pictures that were shown by Federico Zandomeneghi at other expositions. In this way I will also render an overview of his oeuvre. I will merely render some pictures that Zandomeneghi  exhibited  in Italy from 1862-79, in Vienna (1873), at the solo exhibitions held at the Durand-Ruel galleries in 1893 + 1897 (or 98) + 1903 and at the XI Biennale at Venice in 1914.
For additional info see the link to the account. My main sources are the Salon database (iR1) and the Catalogo Generale made by the Fondazione Enrico Piceni (=CG=R204). For the other sources, also of the pictures, see at the bottom of the main page on Federico Zandomeneghi. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here. Note: If you double click on the first picture  (of a group) and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow and also zoom in. Enjoy!



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