Cassatt at the Salon

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Mary Cassatt (1845-1926)

At the Salon




Here below you will find an impression of the works that Mary Cassatt submitted to the Salon from 1868-1877. Many suggestions are very uncertain, see account. See link for the subscriptions and see at the bottom of the main page on Mary Cassatt for the sources.


S1868-2335, Mary Stevenson, La mandoline, Maybe: Mary Cassatt, 1868, The Mandolin Player, 92×74, private (iR2;iR10;R44,p7).

S1868-2335, Mary Stevenson, La mandoline. Compare: Mary Cassatt, 1869ca, young woman wearing a ruff, 81×63, A2017/04/07 (iR92;iR13)

S1869-R, Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1869, Two Women Seated (by a Woodland Stream), xx, private (iR2;iR92)


S1870-2675, Mlle Mary Stevenson, Une contadina di Fobello, val Sesia (Piémont). Compare: Mary Cassatt, 1872, Portrait of a Woman, xx, Dayton AI (aR1;iR6;iR10)

S1872-1433, Mlle Mary Stevenson, Pendant le carnaval, Probably: Mary Cassatt, 1872, (two women throwing flowers) during Carnival, 65×57, Philadelphia MA (iR2;iR92;R44,p10)

S1873-1372, Mlle Mary Stevenson-Cassatt. Now: Mary Cassatt, Offrant le panal au torero 1872-3, CR22, Offering the Panal to the Bullfighter, 101×85, CAI Williamstown (iR3;iR92;R44,p45;R3,p591)


S1874-326, Mlle Mary Cassatt, Ida. Probably: Mary Cassatt, 1874, Ida, 57×44, private (iR92;iR49)

S1875-367, Mlle Mary Cassatt, Portrait of Mlle E.C… Compare: Mary Cassatt, 1873, Mrs. Robert Simpson Cassatt (Mary’s mother), xx, private (iR2;iR92)

S1875-R Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1875, Young Woman on a Striped Sofa with Her Dog, 33×41, FAM Cambridge (iR92)


S1876-352, Mlle Mary Cassatt, Portrait de Mme W… Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1875, The Young Bride, 87×69, private (iR92;iR50;aR1)

S1876-353, Mlle Mary Cassatt, Portrait de Mlle C… Very uncertain Mary Cassatt, 1874, Portrait of Mme Cortier, 48×40, A2016/10/20 (iR10;iR14;iR2;iR92)


S/EU1877-R1. Probably: Mary Cassatt, 1878, CR56, Portrait of a Little Girl (in a blue armchair), 89×129, NGA Washington (iR2;iR59;R44,p53;R3,p592)

S1877-R2 Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1877, The Reader, 81×65, CBAM Bentonville (iR3;iR2;iR92)