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Edouard Béliard (1832-1912)

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There are just a few pictures known of  Edouard Béliard:
In 2014 the Musée (Municipal or Intercommunal) d’Étampes mentions that there are very little paintings known of Béliard and they make an appeal to send pictures of Béliard in order to increase the knowledge about him and to make a catalogue raisonné (aR7). I like to join this appeal.
Here below you will find all the pictures I could find of Béliard. My main sources for the pictures are the-athenaeum.org (=iR2), Wikimedia.commons (=iR6), eclecticlight (=aR1=iR35). Several pictures rendered by Google images (iR10) and Pinterest (iR64) doesn’t seem to be accurate. Most books render no picture at all. Some just one (R21,p144;R3,p155).
Most works are not dated. I assume most works made in the region of Pontoise are made between 1860-1876 and most works made in the region of Étampes are made between 1876-1912. This is very questionable, because a work made in the region of Pontoise is dated 1910 and it is known that before Béliard moved in 1876 to Étampes he often dwelled there with his grandfather. But I hope my dating gives a rough indication.
In the subscriptions you’ll also find suggestions when the work possibly was exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ Expositions of 1874 + 1876 or at the Salon and if it was in the posthumous catalogue of 1913. See link for an account (references, info, locations on Google-maps and discussion). My main sources are Moffett (=R2) and the Salon database (iR1). For other sources see at the bottom of the main page about Edouard Béliard. Often the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here




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