Degas 1877 expo

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Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Pictures 3rd impressionist exposition 1877

Catalogue numbers: 37-61+hc



Here you will find an impression of the 26 pictures that were shown by Degas at the 3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition. Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, seeSee here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion and locations on Google-maps). See here for the general references (=R) and here for references to internet pages (=iR). My main source for the pictures was (=iR2). I render the pictures thematically.


1877-37, Femmes devant un café, le soir , Now: Degas, 1877, CR419, Women on a Café Terrace in the Evening, pastel, 41×60, Orsay, (iR2;iR59;R26,no430)

1877-61+hc, L’Absinthe, Now: Degas, 1876, CR393, in a café (the Absinthe drinker), 92×68, Orsay (iR2;R26,no399)


1877-42, Chanteuse de café-concert, Uncertain: Degas, 1875-76ca, Chanteuse de Café-Concert, pastel, 23×28, A2012/11/07 (iR11;iR2)

1877-43, Café-concert. Now: Degas, 1877, CR404, The Café Concert, pastel, 24×43, CGA Washington, (iR2;R26,no411)

1877-44, Café-concert. Uncertain: Degas, 1875-77ca, CR405, Café Concert – At ´Les Ambassadeurs´, pastel on monotype, 37×27, MBA Lyon, (iR2;iR59;R26,no413)


1877-47, Choristes. Now: Degas, 1877, CR420, The Chorus, pastel on monotype, 29×30, Orsay, (iR2;iR59;R26,no416)

1877-39 Ballet, Now: Degas, 1877-80ca, CR513, Ballet at the Paris Opera, pastel, 35×71, AI Chicago, (iR2;R26,no724)


1877-40, Danseuse, un bouquet à la main. Now: Degas, 1877, CR418, Dancer With Bouquet, pastel tempera, 67×38, Orsay, (iR59;R26,no499)

1877-52, coulisses de théâtre. Very uncertain: Degas, 1876-85ca, CR617, Dancers in Pink, 59×74, HSM Farmington (iR2;R26,no790)

1877-61, Répétition de ballet. Now: Degas, 1874ca, CR400, The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage, 54×73, Metropolitan, (iR22;R26,no466)


1877-38, Ecole de danse. Now: Degas, 1873, CR398, The Dance Class, 48×63, CGA Washington, (iR2;R26,no490)

1877-41, Danseuse à la barre. Option 2: Degas, 1876-77, CR408, Dancers Practicing at the Barre, thinned oil, 75×80, Metropolitan, (iR2;iR59;R26,no497)


1877-48, Classe de danse. Uncertain: Degas, 1873-6ca, CR341, the ballet class, 85×75, Orsay (iR2;R26,no479)

1877-57, Ballet. Very uncertain: Degas, 1873, Ballet rehearsal, xx, FAM Cambridge, (iR6)


1877-49, Portrait de monsieur H.R…, Now: Degas, 1875ca, CR373, Henri Rouart in front of His Factory, 66×50, CMA Pittsburg, (iR59;iR2;R26,no392)

1877-53, portrait. Now: Degas, CR163, 1867, Rose Adelaide Aurore de Gas, Ducess Morbilli de Sancto Angelo, 27×22, Orsay (iR2;R26,no223)

1877-54, Portrait. Very uncertain: Degas, 1869, CR198, Emma Dobigny, 31×26, Kh Hamburg (iR2;R26,no254;R47,p44)


1877-50, Bains de mer, petite fille peignée par sa bonne. Now: Degas, 1870-77ca, CR406, Beach Scene, thinned oil, 46×81, NG London, (iR2;iR59;R26,no410)

1877-51, Petites filles du pays se baignant dans la mer à la nuit tombante. Now: Degas, 1875-76, CR377, Peasant Girls Bathing in the Sea at Dusk, 65×81, private, (iR2;R26,no396)


1877-45, Femme sortant du bain. Now: Degas, 1877ca, CR422, Woman Leaving Her Bath, pastel on monotype, 23×31, Orsay, (iR2;R26,no427)

1877-46, Femme prenant son tub le soir. Maybe: Degas, 1876-7, CR423, Woman leaving the tube, pastel on monotype, 17×28, NSM Pasadena (iR59;R26,no428)


1877-58, dessin. Very uncertain: Degas, 1876-7ca, the tube, monotype, 41×35, BNF Paris (iR10;iR26)

1877-59, dessin. Compare: Degas, 1880-90, woman by a fireplace, monotype, 28×38, NGA Washington (iR10;iR8)

1877-60, dessin. Compare: Degas, 1880-5ca, Woman Reading, monotype ink, 38×27, NGA Washington (iR91;iR10;iR8)


1877-55 Billard. Compare: Degas, 1892, CR1114, The Billiard Room at Menil-Hubert, 51×65, Sg Stuttgart (iR2;R26,no1157)