Tillot, Charles

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Charles(-Victor) Tillot (1825 – 1877 / 95)


Charles Tillot joined the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1876, 1877, 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1886:

  • At the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876 Tillot showed 8 works (catalogue numbers 245-252; R2,p165).
  • At the 3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1877 Tillot showed 14 works (catalogue numbers 228-241; R2,p206/7)
  • At the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879 Tillot showed 12 works (catalogue numbers 231-241; R2,p27/1), no.238 containing 2 works.
  • At the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880 Tillot showed at least 16 works (catalogue numbers 193-206; R2,p314), no. 204+205 both containing at least 2 works.
  • At the 6th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1881 Tillot showed at least 11 works (catalogue numbers 140-149; R2,p356), no. 149 containing at least 2 works.
  • At the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886 Tillot showed 17 works (catalogue numbers 202-217; R2,p447), no. 210 containing of 2 works.
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Charles(-Victor) Vidal and the Salon:

Vidal exhibited at the Salon des Refusés in 1863 and at the Salon in 1870.



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