Forain, 1881 expo

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Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

Art-works 6th impressionist exposition 1881




Here you will find an impression of the 10 art-works Forain did exhibit at the 6th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1881. Two times I render 2 options. See also my account. My main sources for the pictures are (iR2), (iR11) and Wikimedia (iR6).  See for more sources at the bottom of the main page about Forain. See link for explanation of the subscription of the paintings.


1881-20 Au théâtre
Uncertain: 1880ca, At the Theater, Orchestra Seats, 26×31, DGG Memphis, (iR2)

1881-21 Coin de bal masqué à l’Opéra Perhaps: 1880ca, Un bal a l’Opera, 31×39, private (iR6;R50,p99)

1881-21 Coin de bal masqué à l’Opéra Second option: 1885ca (or maybe 1880ca), Ball in the Paris Grand Opera, 74×61, Puskin (iR6;R3,p262)


1881-22 Loge d’actrice, Now: 1880, visit à la loge (d’actrice), gouache, 28×23, A2011/12/01 (iR11;R2,p364)

1881-23 Couloir de théâtre, Perhaps: 1877, la rencontre au foyer (entre-acte), 34×22, private London (R50,p79)

1881-23 Couloir de théâtre.
Second uncertain option: 18xx, The Dialogue, 70×55, private, (iR2;iR11)


1881-24 Marine Very uncertain: 1877, Vue du mont Valérien depuis les quais de la Seine, water-colour,16×27, A2012/03/29 (iR11).

1881-25 Portrait de Mlle Madeleine C…, pastel, Very uncertain: 1xxx, portrait of a woman (with a red plume hat), pastel, 55×39, A2017/05/11 (iR11)

1881-26 dessin Very uncertain: 18xx, Homme et femme dans un café, drawing, 14×11, A2007/03/22 (iR11)


1881-27 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, La Supplique, encre, 40×35, A2016/04/15 (iR11)

1881-28 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, La visite, pencil, 35×28, A2008/11/19 (iR11)

1881-29 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, visiting the artist in his studio, ink, 37×32, A2009/03/10 (iR11)