Félix Bracquemond, 1880 expo

Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Félix Bracquemond (1833-1914)

An impression of his art-works

at the 5th impressionist exposition 1880



Here you will find an impression of the art-works Félix Bracquemond exhibited at the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1880. He exhibited 1 drawing and a series of etchings, according to Burty around 20. The title in the catalogue was ‘Eaux-fortes pour décoration de services de faïence et de porcelaine’ (Eng.: Etchings for decoration of earthenware and porcelain services). Probably Bracquemond exhibited prints of the 25 etchings he had made for the Rousseau dinner service: ‘Motifs pour le décor d’un service de table en faïence de la maison Rousseau’ (Motifs for the decoration of an earthenware dinner service from the house of Rousseau). I found most of the prints at gallica.bnf.fr  (aR9=iR40). I reworked all the pictures, added English titles and sometimes rotated them. I render the horizontal and the vertical pictures together. In the subscriptions I render the number from the Beraldi catalogue of 1885, no.B530-B554 (=R85=aR14) and the number of the Rousseau plates, 1-25. (I wonder if the numbers 2 and 5 and also 15 and 22 are interchanged (already by Beraldi). See my account. Other sources for the pictures are the NYPL digital collection (=aR1=iR61), commons.wikimedia (=iR6) and Google images (iR10). See for the other sources at the bottom of the main page on Félix Bracquemond. See link for explanation of the subscriptions. Enjoy!


Works exhibited at the 5th impressionist exposition in 1880:






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