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Pierre(-Isidore) Bureau (1822-1876)




I found less than 10 pictures of Pierre-Isidore Bureau:

In books on Impressionism only Walther shows a work of Bureau (R3,p55). On the internet Wikimedia renders 2 pictures of Bureau (iR6), the-Athenaeum 3 (iR2), eclecticlight 4 (aR1), theartstack 3 (iR68), Joconde 3 (iR23), Google-images 7, including a rare one (iR10). Artnet mentions auctions of 3 works without rendering a picture (see below; iR13). Yet most sources render the same paintings so in total I found less than 10 works of Bureau.
In the subscriptions I will give suggestions which works were exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1874 and 1876 and at the Salon. See link for an account. For explanations and sources see at the bottom of the main page about Bureau.


Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 1867, Moonlight on the Banks of the Oise near L’Isle-Adam, 33 x 41, MLS Isle-Adam (Orsay) (iR20; aR1; R3,p55) Perhaps: 1874-35 and S1867-240.


Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 18xx, The Road, 89×116, MLS Isle-Adam (Orsay) (iR2; iR23; aR1) Very uncertain: 1876-9


Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 18xx, Rural path with figures, 72×114, A2018/03/17 (iR11; iR2; iR41;iR13). Compare entrance of… 1876-12+14, S1869-358.

Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 1882ca, Hilly Road (chemin montant), 26×41, MUDO Beauvais (iR2; iR23; aR3). Compare: 1876-9; S1866-293; S1874-284.


Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 18xx, unknown title (route de village), xx, private (iR10). Compare entrance of … 1876-12+14; S1869-358.

Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 1870ca, Plage de Dieppe, xx, CM Dieppe (iR6; iR23; aR1;iR111)


Pierre-Isidore Bureau: 1870ca, A Muslim lady reclining in her harem by a smoking hooka (after Émile Prisse d’Avennes, 1807-79: 1851, Egyptian lady in the harem, drawn on stone by Bureau, NYPL), colour litho, 25×35, xx (iR5; iR20; aR1; aR5)


Titles of paintings by Pierre-Isidore Bureau:

  • 18xx, Forêt près de l’Isle-Adam, xx, A1994/06/19 (iR13)
  • 18xx, Vue du Pont de Chennevieres, xx, A1990/05/20 (iR13)
  • 18xx, Paysage de la Marne, xx, A1990/05/20 (iR13)