Caillebotte 1882 expo

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Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)

Pictures at the 1882 exposition

catalogue numbers: 1 – 17 + 1hc


On this page you will find an impression of the 18 paintings that Gustave Caillebotte exhibited at the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1882 in Paris. I render the pictures in a more thematical way. Sometimes I give two suggestions. See the link for an account. See for an explanation of the subscriptions and the used sources below at the main page about Gustave Caillebotte.



1882-1 Partie de bézique, Now: 1880-81, CR165, Game of Bezique, 121×161, Louvre Abu Dhabi, (iR2;iR11;R2,p396;R41,p90)

1882-2 homme au balcon Uncertain option 1: 1880 Man ont the balcony (Boulevard Haussmann), 117×90, A2000/05/08 (iR3;iR11;iR15;R41,p67) Maybe CR139

1882-2 Homme au balcon Uncertain option 2: 1880ca, The Man on the Balcony, 116×90, private (iR2;R41,p14) Maybe CR139


1882-3 Chemin montant Uncertain: 1881, Rising road (Chemin montant), 100×125, A2003/11/04 (iR6;iR2;iR11)

1882-4 Fruits, Now: 1880-82ca, Fruit Displayed on a Stand, 74×100, MFA Boston (iR2;R2,p374;R41,p82)


1882-5 Portrait de M.G Uncertain: 1881, Portrait of Richard Gallo, xx, NAMA Kansas City (iR6) Maybe CR167

1882-6 Portrait de M.F. Very uncertain: 1881, Portrait d’homme, 46×38, A2018/05/15 (iR11)

1882-6 Portrait de M.F. Compare: 1885, Portrait of a Man Writing in His Study (Émile-Jean Fontaine), 66×82, Josefowitz coll (iR2; R41,p23)


1882-7 Villers-sur-mer Uncertain: 1882, The Sea at Villerville, private (Paris), (iR2) Maybe CR153

1882-8 Marine, Now: 1880-4ca, CR152, Seascape, Regatta at Villers, 74×100, private (iR2;R2,p397;R41,p79)


1882-9 Route d’Honfleur à Trouville Compare: 1883, Allée de la villa des fleurs à Trouville, 60×73, A2018/11/12 (iR11)

1882-9 Route de Honfleur à Trouville Uncertain: 1880, Allée sous bois (en Normandie), 66×54, private (iR6) Maybe CR174

1882-16 Chemin vert Uncertain: 1882, Allée sous-bois en Normandie, xx, xx (iR6) Maybe CR175


1882-10, Boulevard vu d’en haut, Now: 1880, CR143, Boulevard Seen from Above, 65×54, private Paris, (iR2;R2p375;R41,p41)

1882-11 Balcon, Now: 1880, CR136, A Balcony, 68×61, private, (iR2;iR3;R2,p398)


1882-12 Paysage (environs de Trouville) Uncertain: 1882, A Garden in Trouville, 65×82, A2011/11/03 (iR2;iR11) Maybe CR171

1882-13 Bois près de la mer Uncertain: 1882, La mer, vue de Villerville, 60×74, A2005/11/02 (iR11;iR2)


1882-14 Marine (pastel)Compare: 1882, Seashore, Trouville, xx, private (Paris) (iR2)

1882-15 pommiers Uncertain: 1880, Apple Trees on edge of Sea, Trouville, 65×55, A20080625 (iR2;iR11) Maybe CR161


1882-17 Pêcheur Uncertain: 1876ca, Fishermen on the Banks of the Yerres, 66×50, private (iR2;iR49) Maybe CR36

1882-17+hc Couple sortant d’une mare Compare: 1888, Three Fishermen in a Boat, 25×32, private (iR2)