Monet 1879 expo

almost finished

Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Paintings 4th impressionist exposition 1879

Catalogue numbers: 138-166+hc3


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 29+3hc=32 pictures that were shown by Monet at the fourth ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1879.
For an account (references, info, discussion, location on Google-maps) see hereMy main sources are Moffett (=R2) and Wildenstein (R22). Often the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here. My main sources for the pictures are (=iR2) and (=iR51).


1879-138, Habitation bourgeoise, à Zaandam (Hollande),
now: 1871, CR184, The Blue House at Zaandam, 45×61, private (iR2;R22)

1879-139, Paysage à Courbevoie
compare: CR455, 1878, Springtime through the branches (Île de la Grande Jatte), 52×63, Marmottan (iR51;R22)

1879-140 Marine (1875),
compare CR73, 1865, The Green Wave, 49×65, Metropolitan (iR2;R22)


1879-141, Vétheuil, vu de Lavacourt,
compare: CR529, 1879, The Seine at Vetheuil, 54×73, private (iR2;R22)

1879-142 Fleurs (1869),
perhaps: CR139, 1869, (still life with) flowers and Fruit, 100x8o, JPGM Los Angeles (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

1879-143 Pommiers,
Compare: CR491, 1878, Apple Trees on the Chantemesle Hill, 64×81, private (iR2;iR51;R22)


1879-144 Effet de neige à Vétheuil,
now: CR506, 1878-79, the church at Vétheuil, winter, 53×71, Orsay (iR2;R22)

1879-145 La rue Montergeuil, fête du 30 juin,
now: CR469, 1878, The Rue Montorgeuil 30th of June 1878, 80×50, Orsay (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

1879-146, Effet de brouillard, Impression,
perhaps: CR263, 1872-73, Le Havre, Impression, sunrise, 48×63, Marmottan (iR3;iR2; iR51; R22)


1879-147 Estacade de Trouville, marée basse (1870),
now: CR154, 1870, Entrance to the Port of Trouville, 54×66, SM Budapest (iR3;iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)

1879-148, Paysage de Vétheuil,
very uncertain: CR526, 1879, Landscape, Vétheuil, 60×73, Orsay (iR51;R22)
1879-149 Lavacourt, perhaps: CR475, 1878, The Seine at Lavacourt, 56×75, private (iR2;R22)



1879-150 La Seine à Lavacourt (soleil couchant),
compare: CR574, 1880, sunset on the Seine, winter, 60×80, private (iR2;iR51;R22)

1879-151, Vétheuil, very uncertain: CR534, 1879, Vétheuil in Summer, 68×90, AGO Toronto (iR2;R22)

1879-152 Parc Monceaux
perhaps: CR468, 1878, The Parc Monceau, 54×65, private (iR2;R22)


1879-153, Bords de la Seine, environs de Paris
now: CR456, 1878, Banks of the Seine, Île de la Grande Jatte, 54×65, private (iR51; iR2;R22)

1879-154 La rue Saint-Denis, fête du 30 juin,
Now: CR470, 1878, 76×52, MBA Rouen (iR2;R22)

1879-155, Un jardin, 1867,
now: CR68, 1866, Jeanne Marguerite Lecadre in the garden, 80×99, Hermitage (iR3;iR2;iR51;R22)


1879-156 Eglise de Vétheuil,
now: CR474, 1878, The Church at Vetheuil, 65×55, NGS Edinburgh (iR2;R22)

1879-157 Jardin à Sainte-Adresse (1867),
now: CR95, 1867, Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 98×130, Metropolitan (iR6;iR2;R22)

1879-158 Les Charbonniers (1875),
now: CR364, 1875, The Coal-Dockers, 55×66, Orsay (iR2; iR8=zoom;iR51;R22)


1879-159, effet de neige (1875) à Argenteuil
uncertain: CR348, 1874-75, Snow at Argenteuil, 57×74, MFA Boston (iR51; R22)

1879-160, La mare, effet de neige
compare: CR347, 1874, Geese in the brook, 74×60, CAI Williamstown (iR51;R22)

1879-161 Lavacourt, temps gris,
very uncertain: CR513, 1879, Riverbanks at Lavacourt, snow, 55×74, private (iR2;R22)


1879-162 Chemin de halage à Lavacourt,
now: CR496, 1878, Tow Path at Lavacourt, 60×74, private (iR7;iR2;R22)

1879-163, Étude de Mer,
perhaps CR112, 1868, The Sea at Saint-Adresse, 60×82, CMA Pittsburgh (iR2;R22)

1879-164 coucher du soleil,
very uncertain: CR429, 1876, Argenteuil, evening, 50×65, private (iR51;iR2;R22)



1879-165, Paysage d’hiver, 1875,
perhaps: CR362, Snow Effect, sunset, 53×64, Marmottan (iR51;R22)

1879-166 le petit bras à Vétheuil,
compare: CR482, 1878, arm of the Seine, near Vétheuil, 60×80, private (iR51;iR2;R22)

1879-166+hc, Foreground with Dahlias,
very uncertain: 1877, CR453, Argenteuil, Flowered Riverbank, 54×65, PMA Hakone, (iR51,iR2;R22)


1879-166+hc2, unknown title
very uncertain: CR518, 1879, Vetheuil in the Fog, 60×71, Marmottan (iR2; iR51;R22)

1879-166+hc3, unknown title
very uncertain: 1879, CR533, Vétheuil,
60×81, NGV Melbourne, (iR51;iR8=zoom;R22)