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Welcome on this website about Impressionism ! This site wants to share the beauty of the impressionist paintings.



1874 – 1886: eight ‘impressionist’ expositions

In the years 1874 – 1886 eight expositions were held in Paris, which are now known as the ‘impressionist’ expositions. The main goal of this website is to give an impression of what paintings were exhibited then and to give a sketch of the partaking artists. In the starting page about the expositions you will find links to info about the expositions, the eight catalogues and several overviews.



  • Why were the Impressionists called ‘impressionists’, see?
  • Were the partaking artists of the ‘impressionist’ expositions Impressionists?
    Were they part of the impressionist art-movement in France from about 1860-1886?
    Did they paint in an impressionist painting style?
  • What painters inspired the Impressionists (see pre-impressionists)?
  • Which (impressionist) painters were related to the Impressionists but didn’t partake in the expositions?
  • And more under the links in the starting page about impressionism.



The partaking artists / impressionist painters:

Ever heard about Comtesse de Luchaire and Comtesse de Rambure? They were not in the catalogues of the ‘impressionist’ expositions, but still they joined some of them. This makes the total partaking artists 56+2=58. Several of them are almost completely unknown. Of many others there is not much known. This website focusses especially on those unknown artists.
What paintings did these 58 artists exhibit? (On this website you can enjoy the pictures that give an impression and read a detailed account.) Were they all impressionist? Why did the famous impressionist Renoir only participate actively in three of the eight expositions? Did you know that the greatest impressionist Monet finished many of his paintings in his studio? This and more you will find in the pages about the 58 partaking artists (listed in the left menu or bottom menu on smartphones).


Locations – meeting and painting together:

The Impressionists can be seen as circles of friends. They met and painted together in different places. You will find a chronology and pages on important places like Fontainebleau, Grenouillère and Argenteuil. See the starting page about these locations for additional links.



Without the Paris Salon it was hard to get yourself known as painter and to sell your pictures. The eight ‘impressionist’ expositions were independent of the Paris Salon. Still the relationship of many Impressionist with the Salon was ambivalent. See the starting page of the Salon. (Note: many pages still have to be developed (-/-).



The Impressionists didn’t live on an island, so we will give short information about their surroundings. See the starting page of the surroundings. Some highlights:

  • Art-dealers: Without Durand-Ruel there wouldn’t have been such a breakthrough of Impressionism.
  • Art-movements: The Barbizon painters already painted en-plein-air and tried to render the influence of sunlight on colours. What discerns the Impressionists most, is the brightness of their colours and the vividness of their brushstroke.


About this website:

On this page you will find more info about the website, the author, the sources and links to for example:

  • blog: this website is still under construction; follow it’s development
  • subscription: info about the subscription used below the paintings
  • general references (=R) to sources that are used
  • references to internet pages (=iR) that are used
  • other practical hints in using this website and the meaning of the abbreviations (see)


Moffett (ed.): The New Painting, 1986

2024: A new exhibition?

In 1986, 100 years after the last ‘impressionist’ exposition, the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco and the National Gallery of Art in Washington organized an exhibition with the title ‘‘The New Painting: Impressionism 1874 – 1886’’. Charles S. Moffett edited an excellent catalogue about this exhibition with the same name. I hope in 2024, 150 years after the first ‘impressionist’ exposition, there will be a new exhibition. So we are able to see all these beautiful paintings together. And I hope that there will be a new catalogue with all the latest information about these expositions and artists who changed the world of art in a definitive way. Maybe even there will be a catalogue raisonné published on these expositions. And maybe afterwards it can be part of the Google-Art-Project.
I hope this exhibition and new books on Impressionism will devote more space to artists like Cals, Forain, Guillaumin, Levert, Rouart, Tillot, Vignon and Zandomeneghi and less to Bazille, Manet and Van Gogh (who never joined the expositions), Seurat and Signac (who are neo-Impressionists) and Cézanne and Gauguin (who are mainly post-Impressionists).
With this website I want to give an impression of what was to be seen on these expositions from 1874-1886 and a sketch of the (many unknown) artists involved. In this way I want to give a glimpse of what this exhibition in 2024 may look like.


Start enjoying !