Caillebotte 1876 expo

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Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)

Pictures at the 1876 exposition

catalogue numbers: 17 – 24


On this page you will find an impression of the 8 paintings that Gustave Caillebotte exhibited at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1876 in Paris. See the link for an account. See for an explanation of the subscriptions and the used sources below at the main page about Gustave Caillebotte.


1876-17, Raboteurs de parquets, Now: 1875-6, CR28, the floor-scrapers, 100×145, Orsay, (iR2;iR3;iR8;R2,p166;R41,p100)

1876-18, Raboteurs de Parquets, Now: 1876, CR29, the floor-scrapers, 80×100, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p168;R41,p12)


1876-19 Jeune homme jouant du piano, Now: 1876, CR30, young man playing the piano, 80×116, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p154;R41,p74)

1876-20 Jeune homme à sa fenêtre, Now: 1876, CR26, young man at his window, 116×81, NY private, (iR2;R2,p169;R41,p72)

1876-21 déjeuner, Now: 1876, CR32, Luncheon, 52×75, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p155;R41,p53)


1876-22 Jardin, Uncertain: 1876ca, Garden at Yerres, 59×81, private (iR2)



1876-23 Jardin
Uncertain: 1875, The Park on the Caillebotte Property at Yerres, 65×92, A20051101 (iR2;iR11)

1876-24 Après déjeuner
Compare: 1875-6ca, Billiards (unfinished), 60×81, private (iR2)