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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Auguste de Molins



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On this page you will find an account of the paintings Auguste de Molins exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1874 and at the Salon. There are two drawings known of the works he exhibited at the Salon in 1863 and a painting he showed at his debut in 1850 (see pictures). At a single occasion he also exhibited at regional exhibitions. It is almost impossible to connect the many works on hunting scenes De Molins exhibited, with the many hunting scenes that are known nowadays.


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

General overview:

  • catalogue numbers 92-94bis
  • so in total De Molins (Auguste) exhibited 4 works ;
    • 0x an indication of place
    • 1x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0x a loan
  • In my choices I’m inspired by Dayez / Adhémar (1974=R87,p242), Moffett who gives just one suggestion (R2,p121) and Berson, who gives 2 suggestions (R90II,p9+23).

Emile Cardon (1874/04/29) reviewed: ‘The misters Brandon, Cals, de Molins, cannot without injustice be regarded as followers of the New School. We will therefore not deal here with them or their works, since we are sure to find them at the Champs-Elysées Palace or on rue Le Peletier. (R87,p263).

1874 catalogue: (R2,p121;R87,p242;iR1)

1IE-1874-92          The Coming storm
Note: the English title. Adhémar and Moffett don’t give a suggestion. Berson suggests (based on subject and date): 1874, Rendez-vous in the Bois de Boulogne, 35×55, private Lausanne (iR10;iR48;R90II,p9+23). To compare I also render: 1875, Chasse à courre, 40×61, A2007/12/15 (iR89;M2,p121), a work that depicts more a coming storm than the other suggested.

1IE-1874-93          Rendez-vous de chasse
Eng.: Hunting appointment. Note: the same title as no.94bis and SdR1873-343. Adhémar and Moffett don’t give a suggestion. Berson suggests: 18xx, Départ pour la chasse, 36×55, private (R90II,p9). I could not find a picture of it, so I render her black-and-white picture. She also mentions it is a possibility for no.94bis. There were no reviews. The suggestion is based on its subject. Because it has the same dimensions as her suggestion for no.92, it could have been shown as a pair. She also refers to two works that were auction at Hôtel Drouot with the same title: HD1876/05/06-14, Rendez-vous de chasse (35x55cm) and: HD1876/05/06-22, Rendez-vous de chasse (24×32). (R90II,p9). As an uncertain option I also render: 1874, Chasse à courre, 34×54, A2011/10/26 (iR11;iR13;iR15;iR4). 1873, Chasse à courre, 35×56, A2005/06/22 (iR13;R2,p121;R88I,p538), see no.94; and: 1875, Chasse à courre, 40×61, A2007/12/15 (iR89;M2,p121;R88I,p538), see no.92, also is an option.

1IE-1874-94          Relai de chiens
Eng.: dog relay; this means something like the refreshment of dogs (during the chase). Adhémar and Moffett don’t give a suggestion. Nor does Berson; there were no reviews. Berson refers to an auction of a work with the same title at Hôtel Drouot: HD1876/05/06-4, relai de chiens (44x70cm) (R90II,p9). I could not find a work with this size depicting a dog relay. To compare I render two works: 1873, Chasse à courre, 56×35, A2005/06/22 (iR13); and: Auguste de Molins, 1874, Before the hunt, 36×56, 2011/12/16 (iR13;iR11;iR10;M2,p121).

1IE-1874-94bis      Rendez-vous de chasse
Eng.: Hunting appointment. Note: the same title as no.93 and SdR1873-343. Moffett and Adhémar suggest: 18xx, Rendez-vous de chasse, xx, private (R87,p242;R2,p121). See for the suggestion of Berson, no.93. I will give some other uncertain suggestions: Auguste de Molins, 1874, Elégantes et calèches au départ de la chasse (the start of the hunt), 36×55, A2019/03/20 (iR13;iR11;iR10;M2,p121); and: Auguste de Molins,1873, Chantilly, 34×55, A2007/11/29 (iR11;iR14;iR13;iR41;R2,p121). 1873, Chasse à courre, 35×56, A2005/06/22 (iR13;R2,p121;R88I,p538), see no.94; and: 1875, Chasse à courre, 40×61, A2007/12/15 (iR89;M2,p121;R88I,p538), see no.92, also is an option.



Auguste de Molins at the Salon:


S1850-22291 Vue du pont du Gard
Eng.: View of the Pont du Gard. Now: 1850, Le pont du Gard, 42×70, MAH Neuchâtel.
Note: the catalogue number should be 2229-1. All four works had the number 2229, the artist before him had 2228 and after him 2230 (iR1).

S1850-22292 Un temps couvert (Arles)
Eng.: A cloudy day (Arles)

S1850-22293 Environs de Nîmes
Eng.: Surroundings of Nîmes. In 1853 Auguste de Molins had his address in Nîmes.

S1850-22294 Colonnes du théâtre romain d’Arles
Columns of the Roman theatre of Arles

S1853-840 Sous le chêne
Eng.: Under the oak tree.

S1863-1331 Danse de bayadère sous un figuier multipliant (île de Java)
Eng.: Bayadère dance under a multiplying fig tree (Java Island). Compare De Molins his drawing in Voyage à Java: 1858-61, Danse de bayadères sous un multipliant aux environs de Boghor, dr, xx, xx (aR7;aR8)

S1863-1332 Porte d’entrée de la mosquée de Soërabaija (île de Java)
Eng.: Gateway to the mosque of Surabaya (Java Island). Compare the drawing of Bar of this work of De Molins: S1863, Entrée de la mosquée de Soërabaija, Bar (after de Molins), dr, xx, xx (aR7).

S1864-1367 Cimetière malais auprès d’un temple indou, à Singapore
Eng.: Malayan cemetery near an Hindu temple in Singapore.

S1864-1368 Site du Kampong-Djirouk-Maniss, à Batavia
Eng.: Kampong-Djirouk-Maniss site, Batavia.

S1872-1124 Chiens en défaut ; automne.
Eng.: Dogs in default; fall.

SdR1873-343 Rendez-vous de chasse.
Eng.: Hunting appointment. Note: the same title as 1IE-1874-93 and 94bis.

1877: Exposition des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse (iR1):

T1877-194 La visite
Eng.: The visit.

T1877-195 Promenade dans le parc
Eng.: The walk in the parc. Maybe: 1860, the walk in the Saint-Cloud park, near Paris, 34×55, A2010/06/22 (aR9;iR11;iR41;iR10) or: 18xx, the walk in the Bois du Boulogne,(a day in the park), 36×55, A2010/06/22 (aR9;iR41;iR89;iR10).


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