Vignon, topographical overview



Impressionism: a historical reconstruction

Victor Vignon


topographical overview

of the titles of his pictures


On this page you will find a topographical overview of the titles of works made by Victor Vignon. Most works he made in Auvers, Jouy and Champagne along the Oise. I start with these works. Then I render works made in the surroundings of Meulan, south-west of Pontoise, where Vignon died in 1909. Then works made in the surroundings of Paris. Then works made in the region of Aisne where Vignon was born. Then works made along the Normandy coast and in Britanny. At last I render more uncertain locations.
In the notifications it is indicated when these works were exhibited or sold at (historical) auctions; for more info see the account. When known, additional info is added and also the sources (see for explanation at the bottom of the main page about Vignon). I also render information on where Vignon has painted from other sources (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41). See also the thematical overview. For the pictures see 5IE-1880, 6IE-1881, 7IE-1882, 8IE-1886, solo exhibitions and auction sales.


Vignon did not paint much in Pontoise, where Camille Pissarro lived from 1866-68 and 1872-82 (R116II,p97-100). Pontoise lies about 6km south of Auvers-sur-Oise:

GP1919/12/01-218, Déchargement au bord d’un canel (certainement l’Oise en amont de Pontoise), 45×65, Sbl, ill  (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

18xx, Entrée de village, environs de Pontoise, 27×35, A2004/11/17 (iR13)

BJ1894-62, 1882, La Route de Pontoise à Auvers. (aR9=iR19)

1877-85 (1882ca), Landscape Pontoise, 49×81, Kh Bremen (R272,p31;R89,p57)

Le Valhermeil:
Le Valhermeil lies just north of Pontoise and south of Auvers-sur-Oise. It is also written as: Val-Hermé / Val-Hermay / Val Hermoy. He painted here several times in the 1880s. He lived here in 1880.

8IE-1886-231, Au Val-Hermay (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

HD1914/06/19-90, Hameau du Val Hermoy (iR40)

7IE-1882-189, Une route au val Hermé, appartient à M. R.  (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p213)

BJ1894-60, 1883, Route du Val-Hermay ; automne. (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-238, Plaine des Chaînes, près Val-Hermay, 31×44 ; 420fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

1884-87ca, Vallon du Vallermé (aR13=iR40)

1880, The Hamlet of Valhermeil near Auvers-sur-Oise, 54×65, MBH Bayonne (iR2;iR59;iR127;R272,no29;M191)


Vignon made many pictures in Auvers-sur-Oise and surroundings, which lies about 30km north-west of Paris. He painted here in many times from 1881-87 and according to other sources also in  1877+88+89 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

H&S1938-33, Auvers sur Oise, 33×42 (R273)

H&S1938-40, Auvers sur Oise, 32×46 (R273)

HD1914/06/12-74, Paysage (Auvers-sur-Oise), 29×46, Sbl; 205fr Camentron (former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30)

18xx, Paysage à Auvers-sur-Oise, xx, xx (R9,p726)

H&S1938-32, Paysage à Auvers sur Oise, 33×41 (R273)

H&S1938-21, Paysage, environs d’Auvers sur Oise, 32×47 (R273)

7IE-1882-190, Les chaumières à Auvers, appartient à M. D.  (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

BJ1894-57, 1882, Masures à Auvers-sur-Oise. (aR9=iR19)

MJ1914/05/11-80, Les Masures, près Auvers-sur-Oise, 33×41, Sbr (former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30;aR7=iR261)

GP1919/12/01-216, Les maisons brûlées à Auvers, 33×40, Sbl, ill (Former Hazard collection) (R272,p30)

GP1900/06/11-98, Le chemin menant à Auvers-sur-Oise, 46×55 ; 920fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

GP1903/05/18-66, Le vieux chemin à Auvers-sur-Oise, 38×47, Sbl, ill. (former Arsène Alexandre collection) (R272,p30;aR12=iR40;R232)

GP1919/12/01-239, Vieux chemin à Auvers, au soleil, 38×46, Sbr (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

GP1919/12/01-236, Chemin à Auvers, 32×46, Sbl (Former Hazard collection) (R272,p30)

BJ1921-9, Chemin à Auvers, ill. (R272,p31+no13=1878-85, Road at Auvers-sur-Oise, 32×46, private)

7IE-1882-193, La Sente d’Auvers (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

8IE-1886-234bis, Sente d’Auvers (R2,p447;iR1)

1884-87ca, Sente d’Auvers (aR13=iR40)

BJ1921-20, Vue d’Auvers (R272,p31)

Rue de Four, Auvers-sur-Oise:

BJ1894-77, 1882, Maison à Four. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-44, 1881, Le Chemin de Four. (aR9=iR19)

GP1900/06/11-99, Le chemin de Four, à Auvers-sur-Oise, 32×40 ; 500fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

GP1906/05/07-88, Le chemin de four à Auvers, 32×41, Sbl, ill. (former Stumpf collection) (aR17=iR40;R232;R272,p30)

MJ1914/05/11-82, Le chemin de Four à Auvers, 33×46, Sbr (former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30;aR7=iR261)

8IE-1886-220, La Vieille Sente, à Four (R2,p447;iR1

GP1906/05/07-89, 1884, SDbr, Le vieux chemin à Four, 26×36  (former Stumpf collection) (R272,p30)

H&S1938-19, Le vieux chemin à Four, 38×47 (R273)

Rue Boucher, Auvers-sur-Oise:

8IE-1886-223, Champs, près la rue Boucher, à Auvers, printemps (R2,p447;iR1)

Rue Remy, Auvers-sur-Oise:

8IE-1886-225, Près la rue Remy, hiver, Auvers-sur-Oise (R2,p447;iR1)

BJ1894-12, 1883, La Rue Remy à Auvers-sur-Oise, (aR9=iR19)

H&S1938-17, La Rue Rémy à Auvers sur Oise, 38×46 (R273)

1884-87ca, Rue Rémy, à Auvers (aR13=iR40)

The next title was probably not made in Saint-Rémy, but maybe connected to this Rue Remy or to the église Saint-Remy in Orrouy , 8km north of Auvers. Or otherwise the église Saint-Remy in Orrouy . Orrouy lies about 75km north to Paris.
BJ1894-41, Chaumière à Saint-Remy (aR9=iR19)

Côté Saint-Nicolas, near Auvers-sur-Oise:

8IE-1886-219, La Côte Saint-Nicolas (hiver), à Auvers-sur-Oise (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

BJ1894-45, 1882, La Côte Saint-Nicolas. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-59, 1883, La Côte Saint-Nicolas à Auvers-sur-Oise; Appartiennent à M. Roger Marx. (aR9=iR19)

MJ1914/05/11-81, 1883, La Côte Saint-Nicolas à Auvers-sur-Oise, 35×44, SDbr (BJ1894-expo; former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30;aR7=iR261)

1883, The Côte Saint-Nicolas at Auvers, 36×44, Copenhagen NCG (R89,p61)

GP1919/12/01-244, 1884, La Côte Saint-Nicolas, 46×56, SDbl (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

GP1897/05/10-39, 1884, Sbr, La Côte Saint-Nicholas à Anvers (sic), 65×54 (R90II,p285).

8IE-1886-234, Auvers, la côte ; appartient à M. Aubry (R90II,p254).

BJ1921-45, La côte Saint-Nicolas à Auvers (R272,p31)

BJ1894-38, Le Vieux chemin à Saint-Nicolas. (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-246, Saint-Nicolas, effet de brouillard (Vallée de l’Oise), 31×45 ; 560fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

1883, Saint-Nicolas, vallée de l’Oise, 33×46, A20180708 (iR11)


Hamlets near Auvers-sur-Oise:
Vignon painted several hamlets near Auvers-sur-Oise, that are now part of Auvers-sur-Oise.

Compare: Rue de Chaponval, Auvers-sur-Oise. Other sources mention that Vignon also painted here in 1882  (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

8IE-1886-222, La Sente, à Chaponval (R2,p447;iR1) (Eng.: footpath at Chaponval.

8IE-1886-234ter, Sente de Chaponval (R2,p447;iR1) (Eng.: footpath at Chaponval. About the same title as 8IE-1886-222.)

BJ1894-47, 1881, Le Chemin de Chaponval, (aR9=iR19)

GP1919/12/01-230, Le vieux chemin de Chaponval, 41×32, Sbr (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1894-27, 1881, Levée de brouillard à Chaponval, (aR9=iR19)

Compare: Rue du Gré, Auvers-sur-Oise.

7IE-1882-197, Les champs aux grès

BJ1894-61, 1883, La Vieille sente, aux Grès. (aR9=iR19)

There is a Chemin des Carrières aux Coulon in Auvers.

JC1927-10, Environs de Carrières (R272,p31)

Butry-sur-Oise lies just north-east of Auvers.

BJ1894-19, 1882, Une Sente à Butry. (aR9=iR19)

Valmondois lies just north-west of Butry. Paul Alexis (‘Trublot’) visited him here in a rented farm in 1887 (aR13).

HD1913/12/17-86, Le village de Nesle-la-Vallée, près de Valmondois  (iR40)

Nesles-la-Vallée lies just north-west of Valmondois. It is also written as Nesles / Nesle-la-Vallée / Nesles (-la-Vallée). He probably painted her from 1886-89 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

BJ1894-9, 1888, Carrières à Nesles (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-34, Effet de neige à Nesles. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-66, 1889, Entrée de Nesles. (aR9=iR19)

JC1927-19, Vieille meule (Plaine de Rochefort à Nesles) (R272,p31)

BJ1894-24, Vue de la vallée de Nesles, Appartient à M. A. Alexandre. (aR9=iR19)

HD1913/12/17-86, Le village de Nesle-la-Vallée, près de Valmondois  (iR40)

GP1903/05/18-67, Le village de Nesles (-la-Vallée), 38×47, Sbl (former Arsène Alexandre collection) (R272,p30;aR12=iR40;R232)

GP1903/05/18-69, Nesles-la-Vallée, 38×55, Sbr, ill. (former Arsène Alexandre collection) (R272,p30;aR12=iR40;R232)

DR1907/03/21-87, Paysage, environs de Nesles-la-Vallée, 27×41, Sbl, ill. (Former Viau collection) (R272,p30+no12=1878-85, Surroundings of Nesle-la-Vallée, 27×41, private;aR7=iR261)

1878-85, Surroundings of Nesle-la-Vallée, 27×41, A1997/10/22 (R272,no12;iR13;aR1)

There is a Chemin de la Garenne dit de Rochefort in Nesles-la-Vallée.

BJ1894-50, 1887, Chemin de la plaine de Rochefort; printemps; Appartiennent à M. Hazard. (aR9=iR19)

JC1927-19, Vieille meule (Plaine de Rochefort à Nesles) (R272,p31)

HD1911/05/29-19, 18xx, Sr, La plaine de Rochefort (Seine-et-Oise), 16×22, (aR6=iR40)

There now are Les Gîtes de Fontenelles in Nesles-la-Vallée. It is close to the river Sausseron which flows through Nesles-la-Vallée and Valmondois into the Oise. Saussiron is maybe a writing error. Fontenelles is also (wrongly) written as Fontenelle / Fontenille:

GP1899/05/04-235, Vallée du Saussiron, vue de la plaine de Fontenille, 31×39 ; 400fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

GP1899/05/04-250, Le chemin de la plaine de Fontenelle, 31×44 ; 450fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

BJ1921-18, Le chemin de la plaine à Fontenelles (R272,p31)

Hamlets near Nesles-la-Vallée:
Vignon painted several hamlets near Nesles-la-Vallée, that are now part of this municipality.

Also written as Cheneval and Chenivat. There now is a Rue de Chenival and a Chemin du Chenival. Other sources mention he painted here in 1890 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

GP1899/05/04-233, Chaumières à Chenival, 31×44 ; 820fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

H&S1938-22, Chaumières à Chenival, Printemps, 34×46 (R273)

GP1900/06/11-96, La meule, le chemin de Chenivat, plaine de Nesle, 33×41 ; 150fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)


Labbeville lies just west of Nesles-la-Vallée. Maybe Lubbeville was a writing error.

GJ1894-36, La Route de Lubbeville; impression d’automne (aR9=iR19)

Hédouville lies just north of Nesles-la-Vallée.

BJ1894-32, 1889, Entrée d’Hédouville. Août 1889. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-72, 1888, Cavée d’Hédouville. (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-236, Le chemin des vignes, à Hédouville (Seine-et-Oise), 31×46 ; 620fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

H&S1938-20, Chemin des Prés à Hédouville, 33×41 (R273)

BJ1921-41, Champ d’avoine à Hédouville (R272,p31+no17?= 1880-85, Oat field (champs d’avoine), 45×54, private)

H&S1938-11, Hédouville, église et rocher, 38×47 (R273)

Herrouville (Seine-et-Oise):
Hérouville lies just south of Nesles-la-Vallée and just north-west of Auvers-sur-Oise.

GP1919/12/01-220, Chemin de la briqueterie à Herrouville (Seine-et-Oise), 46×55, ill (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

Vignon very often painted in Jouy-le-Comte and surroundings. Vignon lived here anyway in 1886 and 1887, this last year he lived at the Morcourt mill in Jouy-le-Comte (R272,p7). There now is a Rue de moulin. Jouy-le-Comte lies about 8km north of Auvers-sur-Oise. One work is dated 1865, when Vignon was 18 years old, it would be more logical if it was dated 1885; can it be a reading error? Most works are dated between 1884-87 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

8IE-1886-221, L’ancien moulin de Jouy, soleil d’Avril (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

HD1911/05/29-14, 1886, Sr, Paysage, Jouy-le-Comte, on carton, 24×33, (aR6=iR40)

GP1899/05/04-244, Jouy-le-Comte (Seine-et-Oise), 31×45, 500fr. ; (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

GP1906/05/07-85, 1886, Hameau de Jouy-le-Comte, 33×41, SDbl , ill. (former Stumpf collection) (R272,p30;aR17)

8IE-1886-229, Une ferme, vue du Codru, à Jouy; appartient à M. Brulé (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

BJ1894-22, Petite Ferme à Jouy-Le-Comte, (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-28, 1884, La Maison du curé à Jouy-le-Comte (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-46, Maison à Jouy-Ie-Comte (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-70, 1884, Jouy-le-Comte; Maison (aR9=iR19)

GP1919/12/01-219, Maison du cantonnier, à Jouy, 46×38, Sbl, ill (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

GP1919/12/01-238, 1865, Le Printemps à Jouy-le-Comte, 38×46, SDbl (les maisons sont vues de la voirie) (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1921-40, Les maisons de Jouy-le-Comte (R272,p31)

BJ1894-39, Une Rue à Jouy-le-Comte; Appartiennent à M. Get. (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-245, Jouy-le-Comte (La Cavée), 36×45 ; 440fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

BJ1894-35, Étude d’arbres à Jouy-le-Comte (aR9=iR19)

GP1906/05/07-91, Verger abandonné, Jouy-le-Comte, 31×41, Sbl (former Stumpf collection) (aR17=iR40;R232;R272,p30)

8IE-1886-226, Le coteau des Grandes-Nises, vu du marais, à Jouy (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

Église Saint-Denis de Jouy-le-Comte:
Note: I can’t find the road to the graveyard, which should be closeby.

8IE-1886-218, L’Église de Jouy, effet de soleil, mars (R2,p447;iR1;R90II,p254)

8IE-1886-224, Église du Jouy, Mai (R2,p447;iR1)

BJ1894-31, Église et Village de Jouy; neige. (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-248, L’Église de Jouy-le-Comte (Vue du chemin du Cimetière), 31×45 ; 710fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

HD1901/04/23-19, 1885, Église de Jouy, 40×33, SDbr, 580fr. (former M.H.P. collection) (aR11-iR40)

GP1919/12/01-235, Église de Jouy-le-Comte, vue du chemin du cimetière, effet de neige, 33×46, Sbl (former Doria and Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

GP1919/12/01-242, 1885, Église de Jouy-le-Comte, 46×55, SDbr (avec la maison du peintre sur la droite) (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1921-27, Chemin du cimetière à Jouy-le-Comte (R272,p31)

GP1899/05/04-234, Chemin du Cimetière, à Jouy-le-Comte (Seine-et-Oise), 45×37 ; 700fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

GP1899/05/04-248, L’Église de Jouy-le-Comte (Vue du chemin du Cimetière), 31×45 ; 710fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

Surroundings of Jouy-le-Comte:

Jouy-le-Comte is now part of Parmain. Vignon painted here in 1886+87 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41).

GP1899/05/04-247, 1886, Parmain (Seine-et-Oise), 26×34 ; 350fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

H&S1938-38, Plaine de Parmain, 33×40 (R273)

1875ca, Sbr, Le chemin de la Plaine de Parmain, 33×46, A2021/03/26 (iR17)

Le Clos Pollet:
Note: there now is a Rue de Clos Pollet in Parmain, which in Vignon his days probably was a hamlet.

BJ1894-16, 1885, Le Clos Pollet. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-64, 1885, Le Clos Pollet. (aR9=iR19)

GP1906/05/07-90, 1887, Le Clos Pollet, 32×41, SDbr  (former Stumpf collection) (aR17=iR40;R232;R272,p30) (compare no.92)

GP1906/05/07-92, Le Clos Pollet, 33×42, Sbl (former Stumpf collection) (aR17=iR40;R232;R272,p30)

HD1911/03/25-67, Le Clos-Pollet (Jouy-le-Comte), 33×42, Sbr (iR40)

H&S1938-34, Le clos en hiver, 33×42 (R273)

There now is a Rue de Guichard in Parmain.

GP1919/12/01-246, 1887, La Côte des Guichards, Jouy-le-Comte, 54×65, SDbl (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

JC1927-6, La Côte des Guichards (R272,p31)

Champagne-sur-Oise lies just north of Jouy-le-comte, about 11km north of Auvers-sur-Oise. There now is a Chemin de Montrognon as part of Champagne. He actively painted here from 1883-87. Champagne lies opposite L’Isle Adam, where Vignon lived late 1870s / early 1880s (aR20=iR317). But there are no works known made in L’Isle-Adam, neither works made in the surroundings.

8IE-1886-230, Une carrière, Champagne ; esquisse; appartient à M.  Beauvais (R2,p447;iR1)

BJ1894-33, 1885, Carrières à Champagne; automne; Appartiennent à M. le comte Doria. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-58, 1883, Village de Champagne. (aR9=iR19)

HD1914/06/12-76, L’église de Champagne (Seine-et-Oise), 32×41, Sbr, 350fr Beurdeley (former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30)

1884-87ca, Montrognon, à Champagne (aR13=iR40)

There is a Rue de chemin Vert in Champagne-sur-Oise. There is a small village called Vert, which lies just south of Mantes-la-Jolie, 42km south-west of Pontoise.

BJ1921-33, Le chemin du marais à Vert (R272,p31)

Vaux is now part of Champagne-sur-Oise and Vignon his days a hamlet near Champagne. Vignon painted here in 1884 and 1885.

8IE-1886-232, Vaux-sur-Oise; appartient à M. André (R2,p447;iR1)

BJ1894-78, 1884, Vaux-sur-Oise; Appartiennent à M. le docteur Viau (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-242, Hameau de Vaux, près de Champagne (Seine-et-Oise), 31×46 ; 450fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

GP1919/12/01-226, Hameau de Vaux-sur-Oise, 32×41, Sbl (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1894-30, 1885, La Route de Vaux; effet de soleil, automne (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-75, 1885, Chaumières à Vaux; Appartiennent à M. Tavernier (aR9=iR19)

Compare: Vaux-sur-Seine:


South-west of Pontoise:
Vignon painted at several places south-west of Pontoise. Most of these works were not dated. He died in Meulan, which lies between Evecquemont and Hadricourt.

Triel-sur-Seine lies about 14km south of Pontoise at the right bank of the Seine.

BJ1921-44, Les hauteurs de Triel (R272,p31)

1881ca, Les hauteurs de Triel-sur-Seine, 46×55, Gallery Beverly Hills (iR64;iR2;iR13;iR10;R3,p203)

Vaux-sur-Seine lies about 13km south-west of Pontoise at the right bank of the Seine. Compare Vaux(-sur-Oise) which is now part of Champagne-sur-Oise.

H&S1938-7, Vallée de la Seine près de Vaux, 47×56 (R273)

H&S1938-9, Vaux-sur-Seine, 33×47 (R273)

Evecquemont lies just west of Vaux-sur-Seine.

H&S1938-2, Evecquemont, 33×47 (R273)

H&S1938-5, Rue à Evecquemont, 66×51 (R273)

1878-85 (1880-85), Chemin des frileuses à Evecquemont, 46×65, Orsay (aR1;iR23;R272,no1;M1)

Hadricourt lies just west of Evecquemont.

HD1903/03/23-34, Entrée d’Hardricourt (S.-&-O.)., 35×65, Sbl (former M. Adolphe T***collection). (aR10=iR40;R241)

HD1914/04/03-91, Entrée de village d’Hadricourt (Seine-et-Oise), 55×65  (iR40)

JC1927-2, Le clocher du village (Entrée d’Hardricourt), ill. (R272,p31)

Oinville (Seine-et-Oise):
Oinville lies north-west of Hadricourt.

HD1903/03/23-5, Le vieux chemin de l’église à Oinville (S.-et-O); 54×63, Sbl  (former Madame L*** collection). (aR10=iR40;R241)

There is a Chemin des Noquets, part of Jambville, just north of Oinville.

1880-90, Abandoned quarry at Noguets, 46×55, private (R272,no23)

Aincourt lies about 31km west of Pontoise. Probably it is also wrongly written as Anicourt. Vignon dwelled here in 1902 (R272,p7).

GP1900/06/11-97, Meule dans la plaine d’Anicourt, 38×46 ; 280fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

H&S1938-41, L’église d’Aincourt (pluie), 33×41 (R273)

Drocourt lies just south of Aincourt. It is probably wrongly written as Drancourt.

BJ1921-29, Chemin du lavoir à Drancourt (R272,p31)



Paris and surroundings:
Vignon did hardly paint in Paris, though in 1880 he also dwelled in Montmartre (R272,p7).

BJ1894-65, 1890, Notre-Dame vue du pont d’Austerlitz, (aR9=iR19)

1880, Montmartre, le maquis, 22×27, A1997/10/20 (iR13) (Eng. : undergrowth / bushes)

1880, Sbl, Montmarte, 46×32, xx (iR317)

1880-90, Laundry boat, Pont Marie Paris, pastel, 24×33, private (R272,no21)

1874, (view of) The Seine at Paris, 16×30, A2004/11/19 (iR13;aR1)

There is a Folie-Méricourt which is a quarter whithin Paris, wherein also is a Rue de la Folie-Méricourt. But it is doubtful if it was a hamlet in Vignon his days.

BJ1894-3, 1893, Le Hameau de la Folie. (aR9=iR19)

GP1900/06/11-93, Eglise et rue de la Folie, printemps, 32×40 ; 300fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

Île de France:
Île de France is a large area around Paris.

18xx, Village de l’Ile de France, 56×81, A1992/02/25, Sbl (iR15)

Clamart lies about 11km south of the Notre-Dame in Paris (iR9). Vignon made some works in Clamart, also of the Rue Saint-Christophe. He lived here in 1900 at 109, Rue de Paris, Clamart, but this road nowadays probably has another name. He painted in the surroundings of Clamart from 1872-92.

5IE-1880-217, Rue à Clamart (R2,p314;iR1)

Besançon-1880-798, Rue de Paris à Clamart.

GP1919/12/01-224, La Rue de Clamart, 37×33, Sbr (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1921-16, La rue de Clamart (R272,p31)

BJ1894-26, 1875, Rue Saint-Christophe, à Clamart. Appartiennent à M. Cahen (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-80, La Rue Saint-Christophe à Clamart, (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-71, 1891, Le Chemin Vert à Clamart. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1921-38, Les cerisiers dans la plaine de Clamart (R272,p31)

There is a Route du Petit-Bicètre, which is part of Malabry, just south of Clamart.

HD1911/05/29-15, 1872, SDl, Intérieur d’une maison de garde au Petit-Bicêtre, on panel, 24×32, (aR6=iR40)

Fontenay-aux-Roses lies just east of Clamart.

BJ1894-2, 1892, Fontenay-aux-Roses. (aR9=iR19)

Boulogne-Billancourt lies just south-west of Paris at the right bank of the Seine.

BJ1894-79, Clair de lune à Billancourt. (aR9=iR19)

GP1919/12/01-227, La Seine à Billancourt, 32×41, Sbr (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

BJ1921-15, La Seine à Billancourt (R272,p31)

Meudon lies just south of Boulogne-Billancourt on the left bank of the Seine.

GJ1894-43, La Mare; bois de Meudon (aR9=iR19)

HD1913/06/10-91, Vue de Meudon (iR40)

Les Moulineaux:
There is an Issy-les-Moulineaux just north-east of Meudon.

HD1904/05/04-45, Les Moulineaux (iR40)

There is a Mondétour-Orsay 30km south of Paris.

HD1911/05/29-13, 18xx, S-, Une rue à Mondétour, 38×46, (aR6=iR40)

Fontainebleau lies about 69km south-east of Paris, on the edge of the famous Forêt de Fontainebleau.

1869-70ca, Sbl, Mother and child on a wintry forestpath (Fontainebleau), 34×41, A2021/09/04 (iR317;iR17)



West of Paris:
There are several places west and south-west of Paris where Vignon did paint so now and then. Notably from 1877-82.

Chatou lies about 18km west of Paris on the right bank of the Seine.

5IE-1880-223, Chemin vert, près Chatou (R2,p314;iR1)

5IE-1880-224, Carrières, près Chatou; appartiennent à M. Murat (R2,p314;iR1;R90II,p157)

Montesson lies just west of Chatou on the right bank of the Seine.
5IE-1880-216, Effet de neige, Montesson (R2,p314;iR1;R90II,p157)
HD1880/02/06-191, Culture à Montesson, offert par le Comte Borio (iR40)

(Île de) Croissy + la Grenouillière. :
Croissy-sur-Seine lies just south of Chatou. A part of the Île de la Chaussée belongs to Croissy and was probably known as Île de Croissy. On this Île de la Chaussée, there was a bathing place known as la Grenouillère. There is a Château Chanorier in Croissy-sur-Seine.

GP1899/05/04-229, Château de Croissy, 16×24 ; 260fr (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

7IE-1882-201, Étude d’arbres (Île de Croissy)  (R2,p394;iR1)

5IE-1880-221, La Seine, près la Grenouillère (R2,p314;iR1)

Rueil-Malmaison lies opposite Chatou and Croissy on the left bank of the Seine, about 16km west of Paris. Nanterre lies just north of Rueil-Malmaison.

Besançon-1880-799, Maisons à Rueil.

7IE-1882-199, Plaine de Rueil (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

1878-85, Factories at Nanterre, 22×33, MF Aix-les-Bains (iR94;R272,p8;M13)

Bougival lies just west of Rueil on the left bank of the Seine. There also is a  Chemin des Bourbiers in Bougival.

6IE-1881-153, Chemin des Bourbiers, neige fondue (R2,p356;iR1;R90II,p187)

6IE-1881-156, Saulaie à Bougival (R2,p356;iR1)

BJ1894-48, 1877, Saulaie à Bougival (aR9=iR19)

1877, Saulaie at Bougival, xx, xx (iR41)

6IE-1881-163, Chemin vert à Bougival (R2,p356;iR1)

S1878-2243, La Seine à Bougival, un jour de printemps (iR1)

7IE-1882-195, La Seine à Bougival (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

BJ1894-55, 1877, La Seine à Bougival; Appartient à M. Ravaut (aR9=iR19)

18xx, the Way of the Plain Bougival (iR41)

La Jonchère:
La Jonchère is now part of Bougival and is the hillside between Bougival and Rueil. See Avenue de la Jonchère.

6IE-1881-162, Arbres fruitiers à la Jonchère (R2,p356;iR1;R90II,p187)

6IE-1881-165, La Jonchère; appartient à M. Mitrecey (R2,p356;iR1;R90II,p187)

BJ1894-81, La Châtaigneraie de la Jonchère; Appartiennent à Mme de Villers. (aR9=iR19)

La Celle Saint-Cloud:
La Celle Saint-Cloud lies south-east of Bougival.

BJ1894-52, 1877, La Route de la Jonchère à la Celle-Saint-Cloud (aR9=iR19;R9,p726)

6IE-1881-154, Chemin à la Celle Saint-Cloud (R2,p356;iR1)

Louveciennes lies just west of Bougival.

7IE-1882-192, Louveciennes (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

There is a Chemin des Gressets in Louveciennes and also an Avenue des Gressets in La Celle Saint-Cloud.

5IE-1880-220, Près les Gressets (R2,p314;iR1)

BJ1894-63, 1878, Hameau des Gressets; Appartiennent à M. Rouart. (aR9=iR19)

There is a Rue de Montbuisson in Louveciennes, that crosses the Rue Saint-Michel, where now is the station. Louveciennes was part of the former department Seine-et-Oise (iR3). There is a Rue de la Princesse in Louveciennes, what is the prolonged road to the north of the Rue de Montbuisson.

6IE-1881-159, Montbuisson, Seine-et-Oise (R2,p356;iR1)

BJ1894-76, 1876, Le Chemin de Saint-Michel à Montbuisson (aR9=iR19)

DR1907/03/21-84, Le chemin de Saint-Michel à Montbuisson, 46×55, Sbl, ill. (Former Viau collection) (R272,p30;aR7=iR261)

7IE-1882-196, Le chemin de la Princesse (R2,p394;iR1)

Le Port-Marly:
Le Port-Marly lies about 22km west of Paris, just west of Bougival on the left bank of the Seine.

6IE-1881-155, La Seine à Port-Marly (R2,p356;iR1;R90II,p187)

7IE-1882-191, La Seine à Port-Marly (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)

7IE-1882-200, La Seine à Port Marly (R2,p394;iR1;R90II,p214)



East and north-east of Paris:

Bussières lies about 80 km east of Paris.

BJ1894-5, 1893, Bussières. (aR9=iR19)

Compare: Bassières:
There are some locations called Bassières, but probably not in surroundings where Vignon did dwell and paint, so maybe it was a writting error.

BJ1921-47, Meule à Bassières (R272,p31)

Aisne is a department north-east of Paris including the river Aisne. There is an early work known made in 1872. At the 6th ‘impressionist’ exhibition in 1881 he exhibited several works made in this region.

Vignon was born in this region in Villers-Cotterêts in 1847. Did his parents / family still live here in the 1870s and 1880s? Note: There also is a town Genêts south of the Normandy peninsula Manche.

18xx, La Colline aux Genêts, dans les environs de Villers-Cotteret, 23×35, A2017/07/22 (iR11;iR17;aR1)

Ferté-Milon in the Aisne district, lies about 80km north-east of Paris.

6IE-1881-157, Arbres fruitiers à la Ferté-Milon, Aisne (R2,p356;iR1;R90II,p187)

Saint-Waast is now part of Ferté-Milon and lies to the east.

6IE-1881-161, Chemin creux à Saint-Waast (R2,p356;iR1) (Eng.: hollow road.)

GP1899/05/04-240, Dans la prairie (Saint-Waast, près la Ferté-Milon), on panel, 20×27 ; 150fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

Troësnes lies about 85km north-east of Paris, just east of Ferté-Milon.

6IE-1881-164, Troesnes (R2,p356;iR1)

Noroy-sur-Ourcq, lies about 90km north-east of Paris, just east of Troësnes. Other sources mention Vignon painted here in 1875 and 1887 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41). 

6IE-1881-160, Noroy-sur-Ourcq (R2,p356;iR1)

BJ1894-68, 1872, Une Rue à Noroy (aR9=iR19)

GP1899/05/04-230, Noroy (Aisne), 31×39 ; 540fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

BJ1894-29, Maisons et chaumières à Noroy. (aR9=iR19)

GP1903/05/18-71, Coin d’intérieur dans une ferme à Noroy-sur-Ourcq (Aisne), 30×23, Sbr (former Arsène Alexandre collection) (R272,p30;aR12=iR40;R232)

GP1919/12/01-247, Entrée de la ferme à Noroy, 20×21, Sbr (Former Hazard collection) (R272,p30)

There now is a Rue Bouzanleux in Noroy-sur-Ourcq (iR9), leading in the direction of Chouy.

6IE-1881-158, Chemin de Bouzanleu, Aisne (R2,p356;iR1)

Chouy lies just east of Noroy.

HD1914/06/12-75, Le vieux chemin de Chouy à Noroy-sur-Ourcq (Aisne), 15×27, Sbr, 50fr (former Roger Marx collection) (R272,p30)

Orrouy lies about 75km north-east to Paris and about 30km north-west of La Ferté-Milon. Comte Armand Doria lived in Orrouy and collected works of Vignon (R99I,p203). There is an église Saint-Remy in Orrouy. Vignon was active here in 1884 and maybe a bit later. Did he stay at Comte Doria?

8IE-1886-228, Un chemin vert, à Orrouy (R2,p447;iR1)

GP1919/12/01-231, 1884, L’église d’Orrouy, 32×46, SD- (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

Bethancourt-en-Valois lies about 72km north-east of Paris, just east of Orrouy.

1878-82, Sbr, Church at Bethancourt-en-Valois, 27×41, 2000/04/18 (R272,no2;iR15;iR11;iR13)


The Normandy coast:

Dieppe lies along the Normandy coast, about 180km north-west from Paris.

BJ1894-4, 1892, Sur les falaises, près Dieppe. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-67, 1891, Falaises de Dieppe. (aR9=iR19)

Pourville-sur-Mer lies just south of Dieppe.

BJ1894-10, 1887, Falaises de Pourville. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-25, 1892, Falaises de Pourville, (aR9=iR19)

HD1910/11/22-52, 1887, Pourville, 38×46, (former Bernier collection) (aR7=iR261) (see info)

Varengeville-sur-Mer lies just south of Pourville. Trublot wrote in his article in 1887 that Vignon spends ‘a few weeks every year in Varengeville’ (aR13=iR40). Anyway he painted in these surroundings from 1887-92.

BJ1894-23, Ravin de Varengeville. (aR9=iR19)

BJ1894-69, 1892, Ravin à Varengeville. (aR9=iR19)

1882-84, Normandy Valley, Varengeville, 23×22, MF Aix-les-Bains (iR94;R272,p8;M13)

GP1899/05/04-237, La maison du père Mayeux, à Varengeville, 37×45 ; 650fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

GP1919/12/01-237, 1887, La maison du père Mahieux à Varengeville, 38×46, SDbl (Former Hazard collection) (aR18=iR19;R232;R272,p30)

1887ca, Falaises, maison du père Mayeu  (aR13=iR40)

1887, The rocky coast of Varengeville near Dieppe, 33×47, A1993/03/26 (iR13)

GP1899/05/04-243, Les falaises de Varangeville, 53×54 ; 600fr. (former Comte Armand Doria collection) (aR14=iR40;R232;R154)

HD1913/04/11-109, 1887, Les falaises de Varengeville, 55×65, SDbr, 102fr (iR40)

Honfleur lies at the mouth of left bank of the Seine opposite Le Havre.

1874, SDbr, Beach and cliffs, low tide Honfleur, 17×28, private (R272,no3)

There is a Rue de Javelles east of Le Havre.

18xx, Sbl, Paysage aux Javelles, 27×40, A2018/06/28 (iR17)

Pennedepie lies just south of Honfleur. Possibly Pendepie is a writing error.

HD1911/05/29-16, 1874, S-, Paysage à Pendepie, 15×29, (aR6=iR40)

Manche is the Normandy peninsula.

18xx, Le moulin (Manche), wc, xx, xx (aR1)

The town Genêts lies in the south-west part of Manche. But Villers-Cotterêts lies 84km north-east of Paris, where Vignon was born.

18xx, La Colline aux Genêts, dans les environs de Villers-Cotteret, 23×35, A2017/07/22 (iR11;iR17;aR1)




Vignon painted some works in the peninsula Britanny (iR3).

HD1903/03/23-33, Portrait de jeune fille — La Bretonne, 81×64, Stl  (former M. Adolphe T***collection). (aR10=iR40;R241)

H&S1938-6, Intérieur Breton, 39×47 (R273)

Penmarc’h lies in the utmost south-west point of Britany. It is also written as Pen-Marck / Pen’mark. Vignon also has painted in Quimperlé, which lies east of Penmarc’h. Note the difference in dating between 1871 and 1891. Is one of them a reading error?

BJ1894-20, 1891, Route et Église de Penmarc’h. (aR9=iR19)

JC1927-25, Pen-Marck et son église (R272,p31)

GP1900/06/11-101, 1871, Rochers à Pen’mark, 16×24 ; 45fr (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

18xx, Quimperlé, 46×56, A2009/11/06 (iR13;aR1)


Other places throughout France:

The titles of Vignon  his works indicate that he painted at other places. Many of these places are far removed from places where he dwelled, which makes it uncertain if Vignon really painted at these places. I render the places in an alphabetical order.

There is a Blanzy 350km south-east of Paris and 130km north of Lyon.

BJ1894-11, 1893, Plaine de Blanzy (aR9=iR19)

He painted here in 1883 (R9;R273;R272,p7;iR41). There is a Bonneville 170km east of Lyon and 550km south-east of Paris.

GP1906/05/07-86, Hameau de Bonneville (La Bonneville), 38×46, Sbr, ill. (former Stumpf collection) (aR17=iR40;R232;R272,p30)

There is a Cernay 480km east of Paris.

BJ1921-30, Le village de Cernay (R272,p31)

There is a Crosne east of Paris. At there is a Cresnes 21km north of Pontoise.

BJ1894-21, 1882, La sente de Cresne (aR9=iR19)

Chemin de Grèves:
There is a chemin de Grèves found at several places in France.

BJ1894-1, 1893, Le Chemin des grèves (Septembre 1893) (aR9=iR19)

There is a Le Plessier-Rozainvillers 132km north of Paris.

BJ1894-7, 1893, La Route du Plessier  (aR9=iR19)

The Provence is a region in the south-east of France.

1884ca (18xx), Summer landscape (in the Provence with olive trees), 55×65, A2014/11/14 (iR11;iR41;iR2;iR13)

There is a Saint-Catherine 197km north of Paris.

18xx, Saint Catherine – edged with festoons of fruit, 49×39, A1994/10/21 (iR15) (Nl. slingers)

There is a Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets 96km west of Paris.

BJ1894-18, 1889, Le Manoir de Saint-Lubin. (aR9=iR19)

There is a Vaucouleurs 279 east of Paris.

GP1900/06/11-92, Vaucouleurs, 45×38 ; 205fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)



Unknown places:


GP1900/06/11-100, Le chemin de la plaine de Lesville, 46×55 ; 285fr. (former Charles G. collection) (iR40)

H&S1938-4, Lesville chemin de la Plaine, 41×56 (R273)

HD1913/04/11-108, Le hameau de Lesville, 46×55, Sbr, 150fr (iR40)


BJ1921-23, Le mont Trognon (R272,p31)

I could not fiend a Vienne in the former Seine et Oise region.

H&S1938-15, Village de Vienne (Seine et Oise), 50×44 (R273)




Recommanded citation: “Impressionism: Victor Vignon, a topographical overview of the titles of his pictures. Last modified 2024/01/30.