Millet, Jean-Baptiste

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Jean-Baptiste Millet (1831-1906)

The unknown brother



Jean-Baptiste Millet:

Jean-Baptiste Millet was a pupil of his famous older brother Jean-François Millet. He exhibited several years at the Salon. In 1876 he exhibited 10 works at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition. There is very little known about him.


Jean-Baptiste Millet and the Salon:

Jean-Baptiste Millet did exhibit at the Salon in 1870 / 74 / 75 / 76 / 77 / 78 / 80 / and maybe after 1886. He only exhibited watercolours. 7 of the works he exhibited were loans.
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Jean-Baptiste Millet only joined the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition:

At the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition Millet showed 10 works (catalogue numbers 138-147) (R2,p163). 5 of them were watercolours. 6 of them were loans.
See link for his -/-art-works. See link for an -/-account.


Jean-Baptiste Millet as an artist:

Jean-Baptiste Millet was a pupil of his famous older brother Jean-François Millet (iR1;R9;R3;iR69). Landscapes, farms, farmers, harvests, shepherds, mills,  and work on a farm were his mean themes (iR1;R3;R9). He showed bright colours and transparant atmospheres which made him related to the ‘impressionist’ doctrines (R9). Jean-Baptiste Millet also was an engraver / printmaker (iR24;R3). He made several engravings of his brother Jean-François Millet works, including ‘the seated shepherdess’ (R9;iR69). Jean-Baptiste Millet also was a sculptor (iR24). Jean-Baptiste Millet also was a woodcutter / woodcarver (iR60;iR24). Jean-Baptiste Millet was active in Berques, Liège and Elsene (iR24).
Half of the works Jean-Baptiste Millet exhibited at the Salon and with the impressionists in 1876 were loans. Probably Henri Rouart and Charles Tillot were among the owners.


Jean-Baptiste Millet, a short biography:

  • 1831 Jean-Baptiste Millet was born in Gréville (Manche), which lies south of the Normandy peninsula  (R9;R3;iR1;iR69). RKD mentions he was born in Gruchy (iR24).
  • His parents were farmers (R3)
  • He was 17 years younger than his famous brother Jean-François Millet (1814-75; R9;R3).
  • 1870: lives in Chailly (iR1)
  • 1874+75: lives in Barbizon (iR1)
  • 1876+77: lives at the Rue Pouletier, 9, Paris (iR1;R2,p163).
  • 1878: lives at the Rue Saint-Jean-d’Osny in Pontoise (iR1)
  • 1880: lives in Saumur (Maine-et-Loire), 13, rue Royale (iR1)
  • 1906/03: Jean-Baptiste Millet died in Auvers-sur-Oise , which lies a bit north of Pontoise (iR24;R9;R3;iR69)




Jean-Baptiste Millet is not or hardly mentioned in books on Impressionism and no picture is rendered. More often his older brother Jean-François Millet is mentioned as a Pré-Impressionist. There is no English Wikipedia site about Jean-Baptiste Millet (iR3). The French Wikipedia site only mentions a Jean-Baptiste Pierre Millet (1796-1883) who was a politician (iR4). My main sources are Moffett (1986, R2,p163), Walther (2013, R3,p680), Schurr & Cabanne (2008,p532), the Salon database (iR1), RKD (iR24) and Bénézit (iR69). For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see. For other additional references (=aR) see below. See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.
See for additional reading:
Bénézit (1999=R76), Witt Library (1978,p210=R78), Thieme / Becker (Vol24,p567,1930=R79), Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (2017=R81). (iR24;iR60)

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