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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Frédéric Cordey



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On this page you will find an account of the works that Cordey exhibited at the 3rd ‘impressionist’ exhibition, at the Salon, the Salon des Cent, the Salon d’Automne and at other exhibitions. For general info on Frédéric Cordey and the used sources see the bottom of the main page. See link to a thematical overview of his pictures.


General overview 1877:

  • catalogue numbers 33 – 36
  • so in total Cordey (Frédéric) exhibited 4 works ;
    • 3x an indication of place
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 1x a study (no.36)
    • 0x a loan
  • Moffett doesn’t give one suggestion what actual works Cordey exhibited (R2,p204); nor does Berson (R90II,p72)
  • See his pictures.

Catalogue 1877: (R2,p204;R90I,p118;R88I,p149;iR1)

3IE-1877-33, Rue, à Montmartre
Eng.: A road in Montmartre. Montmartre is now a district of Paris. Berson refers to a review of A.P. (1877/04/07), who just mentions the painting (R90I,p173). An uncertain option is: 1877ca, Moulin-de-le-Galette, xx, Axx (iR10;iR249;R88I,p149).

3IE-1877-34, Le pont des Saints-Pères
Eng.: the Saints-Pères bridge. For the location of the Saints-Père harbour in Paris see. for the Rue the Saints-Pères see. Probably this bridge is now called Pont du Carrousel. Berson refers to a review of A.P. (1877/04/07), who just mentions the painting (R90I,p173).

3IE-1877-35, Le Séchoir (Chantilly)
Eng.: the drying room in Chantilly. Chantilly lies about 50km north of Paris. This work isn’t mentioned in the reviews.

3IE-1877-36, Pêcheur (esquisse)
Eng.: fisherman (study). Maillard (1877/04/09) reviews ‘There is (no 36) a pêcheur à la ligne, purple, in a purple site, fishing in purple water! (R90I,p164). Rivière (1877/04/14) reviews: ‘There is in le pêcheur à la ligne a very remarkable simplicity of drawing; the child has a charming pose, the hands are very pretty.’ (R90I,p183/4;R88I,p149)



Frédéric-Samuel Cordey at the Salon:

S1876-491, Portrait d’enfant
Eng.: Portrait of a child. I have not found a picture of Cordey depicting a portrait of a child. Note: this was the first and only time that Cordey exhibited at the Salon. He was called a pupil of Pils and M. Péquegnot. He lived at rue Forest, 35 (Montmartre) (iR1).


Salon des Cents:
3rd Salon des Cents, 1890, Galeries de la Plume, 31, Rue Bonaparte, Paris (iR19;iR6). Cordey (Frédéric):

SdC-1890-69, Fillette lisant.
Eng.: girl reading

SdC-1890-70, Portrait du peintre.

SdC-1890-71, Portrait.

SdC-1890-72, La Partie de cartes.
Eng.: the play of cards.

SdC-1890-73, Le Pont Royal.

SdC-1890-74, Kouba aux environs d’Alger.
Eng.: Kasba in the surroundings of Algiers.

SdC-1890-75, Matin d’été.
Eng.: summer morning.

SdC-1890-76, Le Tas de fagots.
Eng.: The pile of branches.

SdC-1890-77, La Seine à Sartrouville.

SdC-1890-78, Le Chemin latéral.
Eng.: The side path.

SdC-1890-79, La Route (soleil d’hiver).
Eng.: the route (winter sun)

SdC-1890-80, Laveurs d’osier.
Eng.: Willow (wicker) washers.

SdC-1890-81, La Voie.
Eng.: the road / the route / the railway.

SdC-1890-82, Le Clocher d’Eragny.
Eng.: The bell tower of Eragny.

SdC-1890-83, Nature morte.
Eng.: Still-life.



Frédéric Cordey at the Salon d’Automne (R239):

1903, Salon d’Automne (R239;iR19;iR6)
Cordey (Frédéric) ; Eragny-sur-Oise (Seine-et-Oise)

SdA-1903-143, Dans la bibliothèque.
Eng.: In the library.

SdA-1903-144, Le toit rouge.
Eng.: the red roof.

1904, Salon d’Automne (R239;iR1;iR19;iR6)

SdA-1904- 294, La leçon de chant.
Eng.: the singing lesson.

SdA-1904- 295, Blé mûrissant
Eng.: Ripening / maturing wheat

SdA-1904- 296, Seigles en fleurs
Eng.: Rye in bloom.

SdA-1904- 297, Auvers (bords de l’Oise)
Eng.: Auvers (banks of the Oise).

SdA-1904- 298, Chômage de péniches sur l’Oise
Eng.: Mooring of the barges on the Oise River.

SdA-1904- 299, Temps gris (bords de l’Oise)
Eng.: Grey weather (banks of the river Oise).

1905, Salon d’Automne, 3e Exposition (R239;iR261;iR19;iR6)
Source: “Salon d’Automne. 3e Exposition.” In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 3, 2021.  (=iR261). Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric) living in Eragny-sur-Oise  (iR19;iR6).

SdA-1905-263, Méditation, painting
Eng.: Reflection.

SdA-1905-364, Portrait, painting
Eng.: Portrait.

SdA-1905-365, La Ravine (Anvers), painting
Eng.: La Ravine (Antwerp). Probably a city view of Antwerp. Maybe La Ravine is a special place in Antwerp. Maybe it has the general meaning of ravine / gorge / chasm or groove / furrow.

SdA-1905-366, La Vieille route (Anvers), painting
Eng.: the old road in Antwerp. Maybe Cordey had recently visited Antwerp.

SdA-1905-367, Soleil de Juin, painting
Eng.: Sun in June.

1906, Salon d’Automne, 4e Exposition (R239;iR261;iR19;iR6)
Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric) living in Eragny-sur-Oise (iR19;iR6).

SdA-1906-378, La Machine à coudre, painting: oil
Eng.: The Sewing Machine.

SdA-1906-379, Le cours de l’Oise (en aval de Pontoise), painting: oil
Eng.: The course of the Oise River (downstream from Pontoise).

SdA-1906-380, Le quai de Pothuis à Pontoise.
Note: this location has also been painted by Pissarro and Béliard.

SdA-1906-381, Hameau de la Martollière (Loir-et-Cher), painting: oil
Eng.: the Hamlet of Martollière.

SdA-1906-382, Terrains bas, à Eragny, painting: oil
Eng.: Low Grounds, in Eragny.

SdA-1906-383, Le Foulard jaune (étude), painting: oil
Eng.: The Yellow Scarf (study). Maybe a still-life, maybe a figure painting.

SdA-1906-384, Sous des Saules (bords de l’Oise), painting: oil
Eng.: Under the Willows (on the banks of the Oise river).

SdA-1906-385, Bords de l’Oise, painting: oil
Eng.: banks of the Oise.

SdA-1906-386, Le plat de pêches, painting: oil
Eng.: The dish of peaches. Probably a still life.

SdA-1906-387, Paysage, à Eragny, painting: oil
Eng.: landscape at Eragny.

1907, Salon d’Automne. 5e Exposition (R239;iR19;iR6)
Cordey (Frédéric); 61, Rue Orfila.

SdA-1907-385, Parc des Buttes Chaumont (Le Lac), p.

SdA-1907-386, Vue sur la Baie de la Somme (Saint-Valéry), p.

SdA-1907-387, Noyers au Printemps (Ronquerolles), p
Eng.: Walnut trees in Spring (Ronquerolles).

SdA-1907-388, Mauresque d’Alger, p.
Eng.: Moorish of Algiers.

1908, Salon d’Automne, 6e Exposition
Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric).

SdA-1908-458, Le soir à Lavardin (paysage), painting
Eng.: the evening at Lavardin (landscape).

SdA-1908-459, Fin d’été (paysage), painting
Eng.: End of the summer (landscape).


Frédéric-Samuel Cordey at other exhibitions:

Berheim-Jeune & Cie: Portraits d’Hommes, 1908 (iR261).
Portraits d’Hommes.” In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 3, 2021. .  Exhibition period: Dec 16, 1907‒Jan 4, 1908. Venue: MM. Bernheim-Jeune & Cie, Paris.

BJ1908-30. Frédéric Cordey: Cabaner (R247;iR261)
Probably a portrait of Ernest Cabaner, who was a musician / composer and who was also related to Renoir and Franc Lamy.



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