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Frédéric Cordey (1854-1911)




  • catalogue numbers 33 – 36
  • so in total Cordey (Frédéric) exhibited 4 works ;
    • 3x an indication of place
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 1x a study (no.36)
    • 0x a loan
  • Moffett doesn’t give one suggestion what actual works Cordey exhibited (R2,p204); nor does Berson (R90II,p72)
Catalogue 1877: (R2,p204;R90I,p118;R88I,p149;iR1)

3IE-1877-33          Rue, à Montmartre
Eng.: A road in Montmartre. Montmartre is now a district of Paris. Berson refers to a review of A.P. (1877/04/07), who just mentions the painting (R90I,p173).

3IE-1877-34          Le pont des Saints-Pères
Eng.: the Saints-Pères bridge. For the location of the Saints-Père harbour in Paris see. for the Rue the Saints-Pères see. Probably this bridge is now called Pont du Carrousel. Berson refers to a review of A.P. (1877/04/07), who just mentions the painting (R90I,p173).

3IE-1877-35          Le Séchoir (Chantilly)
Eng.: the drying room in Chantilly. Chantilly lies about 50km north of Paris. This work isn’t mentioned in the reviews.

3IE-1877-36          Pêcheur (esquisse)
Eng.: fisherman (study). Maillard (1877/04/09) reviews ‘There is (no 36) a pêcheur à la ligne, purple, in a purple site, fishing in purple water! (R90I,p164). Rivière (1877/04/14) reviews: ‘There is in le pêcheur à la ligne a very remarkable simplicity of drawing; the child has a charming pose, the hands are very pretty.’ (R90I,p183/4;R88I,p149)



Frédéric-Samuel Cordey at the Salon:

S1876-491 Portrait d’enfant
Eng.: Portrait of a child. I have not found a picture of Cordey depicting a portrait of a child. Note: this was the first and only time that Cordey exhibited at the Salon. He was called a pupil of Pils and M. Péquegnot. He lived at rue Forest, 35 (Montmartre) (iR1). 


Salon des Cents:

3rd Salon des Cents, 1890, Galeries de la Plume, 31, Rue Bonaparte, Paris (iR19;iR6). Cordey (Frédéric):

SdC-1890-69, Fillette lisant.
Eng.: girl reading

SdC-1890-70, Portrait du peintre.

SdC-1890-71, Portrait.

SdC-1890-72, La Partie de cartes.
Eng.: the play of cards.

SdC-1890-73, Le Pont Royal.

SdC-1890-74, Kouba aux environs d’Alger.
Eng.: Kasba in the surroundings of Algiers.

SdC-1890-75, Matin d’été.
Eng.: summer morning.

SdC-1890-76, Le Tas de fagots.
Eng.: The pile of branches.

SdC-1890-77, La Seine à Sartrouville.

SdC-1890-78, Le Chemin latéral.
Eng.: The side path.

SdC-1890-79, La Route (soleil d’hiver).
Eng.: the route (winter sun)

SdC-1890-80, Laveurs d’osier.
Eng.: Willow (wicker) washers.

SdC-1890-81, La Voie.
Eng.: the road / the route / the railway.

SdC-1890-82, Le Clocher d’Eragny.
Eng.: The bell tower of Eragny.

SdC-1890-83, Nature morte.
Eng.: Still-life.



Frédéric Cordey at the Salon d’Automne (R239):

1903, Salon d’Automne (R239;iR19;iR6)
Cordey (Frédéric) ; Eragny-sur-Oise (Seine-et-Oise)

SdA1903-143, Dans la bibliothèque.
Eng.: In the library.

SdA1903-144, Le toit rouge.
Eng.: the red roof.


1904, Salon d’Automne (R239;iR1;iR19;iR6)

SdA1904- 294, La leçon de chant.
Eng.: the singing lesson.

SdA1904- 295, Blé mûrissant
Eng.: Ripening / maturing wheat

SdA1904- 296, Seigles en fleurs
Eng.: Rye in bloom.

SdA1904- 297, Auvers (bords de l’Oise)
Eng.: Auvers (banks of the Oise).

SdA1904- 298, Chômage de péniches sur l’Oise
Eng.: Mooring of the barges on the Oise River.

SdA1904- 299, Temps gris (bords de l’Oise)
Eng.: Grey weather (banks of the river Oise).


1905, Salon d’Automne, 3e Exposition (R239;iR261;iR19;iR6)
Source: “Salon d’Automne. 3e Exposition.” In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 3, 2021.  (=iR261). Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric) living in Eragny-sur-Oise (iR19;iR6).

SdA1905-263, Méditation, painting
Eng.: Reflection.

SdA1905-364, Portrait, painting
Eng.: Portrait.

SdA1905-365, La Ravine (Anvers), painting
Eng.: La Ravine (Antwerp). Probably a city view of Antwerp. Maybe La Ravine is a special place in Antwerp. Maybe it has the general meaning of ravine / gorge / chasm or groove / furrow.

SdA1905-366, La Vieille route (Anvers), painting
Eng.: the old road in Antwerp. Maybe Cordey had recently visited Antwerp.

SdA1905-367, Soleil de Juin, painting
Eng.: Sun in June.


1906, Salon d’Automne, 4e Exposition (R239;iR261;iR19;iR6)
Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric) living in Eragny-sur-Oise (iR19;iR6).

SdA1906-378, La Machine à coudre, painting: oil
Eng.: The Sewing Machine.

SdA1906-379, Le cours de l’Oise (en aval de Pontoise), painting: oil
Eng.: The course of the Oise River (downstream from Pontoise).

SdA1906-380, Le quai de Pothuis à Pontoise.
Note: this location has also been painted by Pissarro and Béliard.

SdA1906-381, Hameau de la Martollière (Loir-et-Cher), painting: oil
Eng.: the Hamlet of Martollière.

SdA1906-382, Terrains bas, à Eragny, painting: oil
Eng.: Low Grounds, in Eragny.

SdA1906-383, Le Foulard jaune (étude), painting: oil
Eng.: The Yellow Scarf (study). Maybe a still-life, maybe a figure painting.

SdA1906-384, Sous des Saules (bords de l’Oise), painting: oil
Eng.: Under the Willows (on the banks of the Oise river).

SdA1906-385, Bords de l’Oise, painting: oil
Eng.: banks of the Oise.

SdA1906-386, Le plat de pêches, painting: oil
Eng.: The dish of peaches. Probably a still life.

SdA1906-387, Paysage, à Eragny, painting: oil
Eng.: landscape at Eragny.


1907, Salon d’Automne. 5e Exposition (R239;iR19;iR6)
Cordey (Frédéric); 61, Rue Orfila.

SdA1907-385, Parc des Buttes Chaumont (Le Lac), p.

SdA1907-386, Vue sur la Baie de la Somme (Saint-Valéry), p.

SdA1907-387, Noyers au Printemps (Ronquerolles), p
Eng.: Walnut trees in Spring (Ronquerolles).

SdA1907-388, Mauresque d’Alger, p.
Eng.: Moorish of Algiers.


1908, Salon d’Automne, 6e Exposition
Cordey was notified as: Cordey (Frédéric).

SdA1908-458, Le soir à Lavardin (paysage), painting
Eng.: the evening at Lavardin (landscape).

SdA1908-459, Fin d’été (paysage), painting
Eng.: End of the summer (landscape).


Frédéric-Samuel Cordey at other exhibitions:

Berheim-Jeune & Cie: Portraits d’Hommes, 1908 (iR261).
Portraits d’Hommes.” In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 3, 2021. .  Exhibition period: Dec 16, 1907‒Jan 4, 1908. Venue: MM. Bernheim-Jeune & Cie, Paris.

BJ1908-30. Frédéric Cordey: Cabaner (R247;iR261)
Probably a portrait of Ernest Cabaner, who was a musician / composer and who was also related to Renoir and Franc Lamy.