Degas 1876 expo



Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Edgar Degas


At the 2nd impressionist exposition in 1876

an impression of his exhibited art-works


Which art-works did Degas exhibit in 1876?
On this page you will find an accounted impression of the about 23 works that were shown by Edgar Degas at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876 (catalogue numbers: 36-59). Most works depicted portrait, ballet scenes and women ironing. Probably 2 works were not exhibited (no.52 +56) and many suggestions stay uncertain. I render the pictures by form and in thematical order. Note: If you double click on the first (of a cluster of) pictures and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. On a smartphone or laptop you can also zoom in. Enjoy!


Probably not exhibited:
No. 52 + 56 probably were not exhibited, they returned in 1877, so I assume they weren’t. Maybe an additional photograph was exibited outside the catalogue, but this is doubtfull.



Some suggestions are (quite) certain, but many suggestions are (very) uncertain. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another (extra) picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited, see also identification of pictures. See link for an account. See also a thematical overview of his exhibited art-works. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. See for the used sources at the bottom of the main page about Edgar Degas.


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