Degas 1876 expo

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Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Pictures 2nd impressionist exposition 1876

Catalogue numbers: 36-59


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the about 25 pictures that were shown by Degas at the second ‘impressionist’ exposition. Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, seeSee here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion and locations on Google-maps). See here for the general references (=R) and here for references to internet pages (=iR). My main sources for the pictures were: (=iR2) and Google images (=iR10). I render the pictures thematically. 


1876-36 portraits dans un bureau (Nouvelle-Orléans),
Now: Degas, CR320, 1873, le bureau de coton à la Nouvelle Orléans, 73×92, MM Pau, (iR2;R26,no356)

1876-40, Cour d’une maison (Nouvelle-Orléans, esquissé),
Now: Degas, CR309, 1872-73, Children on a Doorstep, 60×75, OC Copenhagen, (iR2;R26,no346)


1876-38, portrait de Mr. E. M. ,
Now: Degas, CR339, 1874, Eugene Manet, 65×81, A1981/05/19 (iR2;iR15;R26,no371)

1876-57, Modiste, Very uncertain: Degas, 1875ca, CR371, Madame Jeantaud in the mirror, 74×84, Orsay (iR2;R26,no393)


1876-39, portrait de femme, ébauche,
Very uncertain: Degas, 1869, CR213, Mme Theodore Gobillard, nee Yves Morisot, 55×65, Metropolitan (iR2;R26,no249)

1876-42, Ébauche de portrait, pastel,
Very uncertain: Degas, 1869, CR214, Mme. Theodore Gobillard, nee Yves Morisot, pastel, 48×30, Metropolitan (iR2;R26,no250)

1876-43, Portrait, le soir,
Now: Degas, 1869-70, CR271, Madame Camus with a Fan, 73×92, NGA Washington (iR2;R26,no258)


1876-46, Portrait, Very uncertain: Degas, 1872, CR305, woman with a vase of flowers, (Estelle Musson, Mme Rene de Gas), 75×54, Orsay (iR2;R26,no341)

1876-58, Portrait Very uncertain, Degas, 1875ca, CR369, madame de Rutte, 62×50, private (iR2;R26,no394)


1876-37, Examen de danse
Now: Degas, 1876, CR397, the dance class, 84×77, Metropolitan (iR2;R26,no488)


1876-44, Salle de danse,
Very uncertain: Degas, 1872, CR298, The Dance Foyer at the Opera on Rue le Peletier, 32×46, Orsay, (iR2;R26,no292)

1876-45, Salle de danse, Compare: Degas, 1880-85ca, CR820, Dancers in the Classroom, 39×88, CAI Williamstown (iR2;R26,no819)


1876-47, Coulisses,
Option, Degas, CR512, 1876-80ca, Yellow Dancers (in the Wings), 73×60, AI Chicago, (iR2;R26,no726)

1876-48, Coulisses, Very uncertain: Degas, 1876-83, Dancers Backstage, 24×19, NGA Washington (iR2)



1876-51a, divers croquis de danseuses,
Very uncertain: Degas, CR479, 1874-75ca, Dancer (study), 41×33, Hermitage, (iR2;R26,no480)

1876-51b, divers croquis de danseuses,
Very uncertain: Degas, 1873, Seated Dancer in Profile (study), essence drawing, xx, Orsay (iR2)


1876-41, Blanchisseuses. Uncertain: Degas, 1870-2ca, CR278, Blanchisseuses souffrant des dents, Washerwomen, 16×21, MuMa (iR8;iR11;R26,no273)

1876-49, Blanchisseuse (silhouette),
Now: Degas, CR356, 1874ca, Woman Ironing (Silhouette), 54×39, Metropolitan, (iR2;R26,no368;R47,p61)

1876-50, Blanchisseuse portant du linge. Compare: Degas, 1876-87, CR685, Woman Ironing, thinned oil, 81×66, NGA Washington (?), (iR2;iR8;R26,no597)


1876-54, Blanchisseuse, Uncertain: Degas, 1873, CR329, La blanchisseuse, 22×18, private NY (iR10;iR90;iR22;R26,no367)

1876-59, Blanchisseuse, dessin. Uncertain: Degas, 18xx, blanchisseuse, dr, xx, xx (iR10)


1876-52, Dans un café, Very uncertain: Degas, 1877, CR417, Woman in a Café, pastel on monotype, 12×16, private NY, (iR2;R26,no431)

1876-53, Orchestre, Perhaps: Degas, 1876, CR391, the ballet ‘Robert le diable’, 75×81, VAM London (iR10;R26,no487)


1876-55, Femme se lavant le soir,
Compare: Degas, 1877, CR436, Woman Combing Her Hair before a Mirror, 46×32, NSM Pasadena, (iR2;R26,no426)

1876-56, Petites paysannes se baignant à la mer vers le soir,
Now: Degas, 1875-76, CR377, Peasant Girls Bathing in the Sea at Dusk, 65×81, private (iR2;R26,no396)