Monet at the Salon

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Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Paintings Salon 1865-1880

Accepted et Rejected


General introduction:

Here you will find the pictures that were submitted by Monet to the Paris Salon.
Some were accepted, some were rejected. Monet made his debut at the Salon in 1865 with two works. In 1866 he also was accepted with two works. In 1867 his two works were refused. In 1868 one work was accepted, the other rejected. In 1869 and in 1870 his two works were rejected. In 1871 there was no Salon. Why did Monet not submit in 1872 and 1873? In 1874, 76, 77 + 79 he exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ Expositions. In 1880 he submitted again two works to the Salon. One was accepted, the other rejected. (Some sources indicate he also admitted at the Salon of 1879 and 1882 and was accepted. Wildenstein doesn’t confirm this, nor the Salon database of Musee Orsay.) The work that was excepted was hung high in a corner. Still one critic wrote: ‘The bright, light filled atmosphere of the painting let all the close by hung landscapes seem like black (R22I,p159=160).
After 1880 Monet did not submit again. He joined the ‘impressionist’ exposition one time in 1882. He had found other possibilities of showing his works (see also): at La Vie Moderne (1880), with Durand-Ruel (1883+1886+1891+1892+1893+1899), with Georges Petit (1885+1887+1889+1898+1899), with Les XX in Brussels (1886+1889), with Boussod, Valadon and Co. (1888+1889) and smaller exhibitions in France and abroad. In 1900 he received recognition by exhibiting at the ‘Exposition universelle’. Many smaller and bigger exhibitions would follow (R22IV,p1016-18). Monet didn’t need the Salon any more, nor the ‘impressionist’ expositions.
(Sometimes the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see more. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see here. For an account (references, info, discussion, locations on Google-Maps), see here.)


Salon 1865:

In 1865 Monet made his debut at the Salon with two works.

S1865-1524, L’embouchure de la Seine à Honfleur
now: CR51, 1865, Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur, 90×150, NSM Pasadena, (iR51;R22)

S1865-1525, La Pointe de la Hève à marée basse,
now: CR52, 1865, The Pointe de la Hève at Low Tide, 90×150, KAM Fort Worth (iR2; iR8=zoom;R22)


Salon 1866:

At the Salon of 1866 Monet was accepted with two works.

S1866-1386, Camille
now: CR65, 1866, Camille or the woman with a green dress, 231×151, Kh Bremen (iR2;R22

S1866-1387 Forêt de Fontainebleau,
now: CR19, 1864, Le pavé de Chailly, 98×130, private Switzerland,

Salon 1867:

In 1867 the two works Monet admitted were rejected.

now: CR67, 1866, women in the garden, 256×208, Orsay,
also at Latouche expo, 1867 (iR2;R22)

S1867-Refusé (=CR77)
compare: 1866-67, CR77a, Boats in the Port of Honfleur, 49×65, private (iR2;R22)


Salon 1868:

Of the two works Monet admitted one was accepted and the other rejected.

S1868-1787, Navires sortant des jetées au Havre 
compare, 1867, CR87, The entrance to the port of Honfleur, 50×61, NSM Pasadena (iR7; iR22)

now: CR109, 1868, La Jetée du Havre, (The Jetty at Le Havre), 147×226, private (iR51;R22)


Salon 1869:

Both works Monet admitted were rejected.

now: CR126, 1868-69, Fishing Boats at Sea, 96×130, HSM Farmington (iR51;R22)

now: CR133, The Magpie, 89×130, Orsay (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)


Salon 1870:

Both works Monet admitted were rejected.

S1870-Refusé,  compare CR135, 1869, Bathers at La Grenouillère, 73×92, NG London  (iR2;iR8=zoom; R22)

now: CR132, 1868, the luncheon,
230×150, Frankfurt,
also 1874-103, Déjeuner (iR2;iR8=zoom;R22)


Salon 1880:

Of the two works Monet admitted one was accepted and one rejected.

S1880-2681, Lavacourt
now: CR578, 1880, (The Seine at) Lavacourt, 100×150, Dallas MA (iR51; iR2; R22)

now: CR568, 1880, Floating Ice, 97×151, Shelburne, also 1882-58, Les glacons (iR51;R22)