Sisley 1874 expo

Alfred Sisley (1839-1899)

Paintings 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

catalogue numbers: 161-165+h.c.

almost finished


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 5+1hc=6 pictures that were shown by Alfred Sisley at the first ‘impressionist’ exposition.
Sometimes the indentification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see more. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see hereSee here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion, locations on Google-maps). For the general references see. For the references to internet pages (=iR) see. For the most used sources and the additional references (=aR) see at the bottom of the main page about Alfred Sisley.


Sisley, 1IE-1874-161, Route de Saint-Germain, Perhaps: 1872, CR43, The Route from Saint-Germain to Marly, 46×61, MAM San Antonio (iR2)


Sisley, 1IE-1874-164, Verger, Compare CR62, 1873, Apple Trees in Flower, Spring Morning (Pommiers en Fleurs, Louveciennes), 50×73, private, (iR2)



Sisley, 1IE-1874-162, Île de la Loge, Now: 1872, CR21, Ferry to the Ile-de-la-Loge, Flood, 46×61, NCG Copenhagen (iR2)

Sisley, 1IE-1874-163, La Seine à Port-Marly. Perhaps: 1873, CR72, The Seine at Port-Marly, 50×65, private (iR10;iR94;R116II,p189;R166,p48)



Sisley, 1IE-1874-165, Port-Marly, soirée d’hiver,
Very uncertain: 1872, The Seine at Bougival in Winter, xx, PBA Lille (iR2;Mx,info)

Sisley, 1IE-1874-165+h.c., L’Automne, bords de la Seine près Bougival, Now: 1873, CR94, Autumn, Banks of the Seine near Bougival, 46×61, MBA Montreal (iR2;iR4)