Salon des Indépendants

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Salon des Indépendants

1884 onwards




Salon des Indépendants; the starting years, 1884-86:

1884/05/15 (or:14) – 06/30 exhibition by the ‘Groupe des Artistes Indépendants’ in a barrack in the Tuileries in Paris, performing works of 402 artists who were rejected by the Salon; their were fights between the partaking artists. With Seurat (Une baignade), Signac (R5,p139; R2,p24; R39,p325; R40,p93).

1884/06/11 foundation of the ‘Société des artistes indépendants’ (R5,p140; R3). Co-founders/members: Angrand (Charles; 1854-1926); Cross (Henri Edmond; 1856-1910); Dubois-Pillet (Albert; 1846-90); Guillaumin; Redon (also chairman), Schuffenecker, Seurat, Signac (R5,p140; R39,p299+695; R2,p422; R40,p93). Goals: exhibiting works, without the restriction of juries, freely to the public (R5,p140).

1884/12/10 (or:02) – 1885/01/17 first exhibition; Redon chairman; Dubois-Pillet organizer;
partakers: Seurat, Signac, Schuffenecker (R5,p140; R3; R39,p325), Angrand (R3,p655-).

1886/08/21 – 09/21 second exhibition; many neo-impressionists and symbolists exhibited. Including Pissarro, Seurat, Signac (10x), Angrand; Denvier writes it opened the 3th of August (R3; R5,p150; R39,p300, 655-).


The name ‘Indépendants’:

(The ‘Salon des Indépendants’ ‘stole’ the term ‘Indépendants’ from the Impressionists who called their expositions that way in 1882 and more or less in 1881, 1880 and 1879. Thus leaving the Impressionists with the term ‘impressionists’ whereas the term ‘Intransigeants’ already had faded out, see. Still in 1886 they represented themselves with the neutral term ‘8e exposition by…’.)



The Salon des Indépendants; later years:

  • 1887 and later: a yearly exhibition (R3; R39,p325/6)
  • 1887: with
  • 1888: with Anquetin,
  • 1889: with
  • 1890: with
  • 1891: with Angrand, (R3,p645-)
  • 1892: with Angrand, (R3,p6454-)
  • 1893: with Angrand,(R3,p645-)
  • 1894: with Angrand, (R3,p645-)
  • 1895: with Angrand, (R3,p645-)
  • later also important for Fauvists and Cubists (R3,p694)
  • chairman: 18??-1909 Valton; 1909-1934 Signac; 1934-1941 Luce (R3, p694)
  • Signac was often an important organizer (R39,p299)


The Impressionists at the Salon des Indépendants: