Mulot-Durivage, Emilien



Impressionism: partaker of the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition

Emilien Mulot-Durivage


a vanished landscapist

with impressionist tendencies

Was Émilien Mulot-Durivage an impressionist?
Émilien Mulot-Durivage only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. He is almost vanished. There is not much information known and there are hardly pictures to be found. If he had close contacts with other ‘impressionists’ there probably would be more known about him. So, if we see Impressionism as an ‘impressionist’ art-movement, Mulot-Durivage was hardly part of it.
When we see Impressionism as a impressionist painting style, we can call Mulot-Durivage a landscapist who had impressionist tendencies. When we look at the titles of the works that Mulot-Durivage exhibited, we see that he often rendered an indication of place, but he just sometimes rendered an indication of season. In a review in 1898 he is praised for the effect of light  (aR6=iR40). When we look at his pictures he more than once rendered the effect of light and season. But Mulot-Durivage didn’t use bluish or purplish shades. Sometimes he used juxtaposed brushstrokes (in the reflections in the water), but mostly his brushstroke is more rough.

Émilien Mulot-Durivage only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:
At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 Mulot-Durivage showed 2 works (catalogue numbers 113-114) (R2,p122). He asked respectively 300 and 400fr for these works (R411). His work received little attention and remained unsold (aR1;R87;R90II).
Mulot-Durivage only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874*. Mulot-Durivage was no co-founder of the Société des Artistes… 1873/12/27 (R410,p103).  Walther mentions him as a member (R3,p684), but probably he joined in the first months of 1874. He did pay his contribution (R415,p366). Coming from Le Havre, he probably was connected with Monet (R410,p105), but this is not affirmed by Wildenstein (R22I,p472). He was not present at the liquidation meeting 1874/12/17 (R415,p368).
See link for an impression of his exhibited works and for a thematical overview his pictures. See link for an account.

Note*: The French WikiPedia site, citing, states that Mulot-Durivage also joined the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882 (iR4;iR424;aR17;aR2). But, this is not confirmed by Moffett, Berson or other sources; anyway he was not in the catalogue (R2,p394;R90II,p283;iR1;aR4=iR371;iR82). Visiting 2024/07/03 I don’t see the name of Mulot-Durivage anymore (iR424).

Mulot-Durivage at the Salon and other exhibitions:
Mulot-Durivage was rejected at the Salon of 1875 and exhibited at the Salon des Refusés. He exhibited at the Salon (de la Société des Artistes Français) in 1882 + 87 + 90. In 1887 and 1890 it is noticed that he was a member or sociétaire de la Société des Artistes Français (iR1). Through the years Mulot-Durivage exhibited at several regional exhibitions in Le Havre (1870 +1893 +1896), Rouen (1884), Angers (1886), Fontainebleau (1887), at the Annuaire de la Normandie (1891) and in Pontoise (1898). In Angers Mulot-Durivage received  a ‘médaille de 2e classe’ (aR15=iR40).
See link for a thematical overview his pictures. See link for an account.

Mulot-Durivage as an artist:
Mulot-Durivage is called an impressionist landscape painter (iR4). Some sources mention that Mulot-Durivage had contacts with Cézanne, Degas, Monet and Renoir (iR4;aR1;aR2). Wildenstein doesn’t confirm this for Monet (R22I,p472), nor for Cézanne (R181,p641). Nor have I found his name in sources on Degas and Renoir.
Mulot-Durivage mainly painted landscapes and especially river views. I think the quality of his works if mostly quite meager. When I look at the only figure painting I could find, I think that the painting of the face is rather bad.
I couldn’t find information about his private live. He more than once changed his address. The moving sale of 1890 could suggest that Mulot-Durivage possessed some richness, but also that he needed the money.

Mulot-Durivage chronological data:

  • 1838/03/09: Émilien Mulot-Durivage was born in Granville, on the Normandy coast in the Mont Saint-Michel bay in the Manche region (iR4;R3;aR1;iR1;iR69;R2;aR2;iR66;R87;R88)
  • Note: sometimes his name is rendered as ‘Emile Durivage’
  • Mulot-Durivage descends from an very old family of sailors in Granville, called Mulot sieur du Rivage = sire / lord of the shoreline (iR4). Contemporary marin commissioners were: René Aimable Mulot-Durivage (1801/06/17 – 1882/10/13) and his son René François Pierre (1856/03/22 – 1918/10/19) (aR3).
  • 1874: Mulot-Durivage lived at Rue Neuve-le-Berry, 13, Le Havre (R2,p122), nowadays Rue Emile Zola (aR4=iR371)
  • 1875: Mulot-Durivage lived at the Avenue Saint-Ouen, 34, Paris (iR1), this lies in Montmartre (iR9).
  • 1882: Mulot-Durivage lived at the Rue Saint-Jean, 28, Changis-Avon, near Fontainebleau. As his correspondence address he gave: M. Billault at the Boulevard Haussmans, 32bis in Paris. (iR1)
  • 1884/08/12: Mulot-Durivage still  lived at 28, Rue Saint-Jean, Changis-Avon (Seine-et-Marne) (aR10=iR40)
  • 1886: Mulot-Durivage exhibited in Angers (iR69;R87;R88), about 300km south-west of Paris .
  • 1887: he lived 23, avenue de Lyon, Nemours (Seine-et-Marne) (iR1), about 89km south-east of Paris and about 20km south of Changis-Avon (iR9); in 1889 he still lived here (aR10,p187=iR40), but in 1890 he lived at number 28 (iR1)
  • 1890/08/17: movement sale of M. Mulot-Durivage, artiste peintre à 95, Rue de Paris, Nemours, containing furniture, a painting of Géricault, etchings, chinese and japonese objects and more (aR5). I assume there were not many painters living in Nemours with the name Mulot-Durivage, so I assume it is our Émilien. On the other hand it is strange that the address changed so quickly from 28, Avenue de Lyon in April / May as indicated in the Salon catalogue, to 95, Rue de Paris. Maybe our Émilien had a studio at the Avenue de Lyon, which he rendered as correspondence address for the Salon.
  • 1893/08/03: Mulot-Durivage lived at 121, Rue de Pontoise, L’Isle-Adam (aR7=iR40)
  • 1896/10/01: Mulot-Durivage lived at Auvers-sur-Oise (aR8=iR40)
  • 1898/06/25: a Mulot-Durivage exhibited two works at the 4th Salon de Pontoise. Edouard Cyrval reviewed: ‘I said several times all the good I thought of the landscapes of Mr. Mulot-Durivage; I am glad to have to repeat myself: his “Maison du garde de l’Isle-Adam” (133) is a charming piece of naturalness and poetry, and his ‘Église de Valmondois” (134), in which the setting sun illuminates with a very oriental light, is of a striking effect’ (aR6=iR40). As our Émilien lived in 1893 closeby in L’Isle-Adam and in 1896 in Auvers-sur-Oise, I suppose that it was he who exhibited in 1898 in Pontoise.
  • Mulot-Durivage retired at Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, on the west coast of the Cherbourg Peninsula, with his sister Azelma. This is about 90km north of his birthplace Granville (iR9). Here he became well-known for his landscape paintings of the nearby valley of the Ouve and of gardens (aR1;iR4;aR2).
  • 1920/09/11: Mulot-Durivage died in Saint-Saveur-le-Vicomte (iR4;aR1;iR66). Note: Walther (wrongly)  mentions he died in 1944 (R3,p136); Monneret leaves out the date of departure (R88).

Émilien Mulot-Durivage is almost fully vanished. Some books on Impressionism don’t mention Mulot-Durivage at all (R4;R6;R9;R22;R86;R94;R95;R116;R181), including Adler (R89). Spies just renders 2 sentences (R16,p248). Rewald, like many other sources, just sums him up as one of the partakers of the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition (R1,p316). Even important web-sites like the English WikiPedia (iR3), (iR19), Joconde (iR23), the RKD (iR24), the BNF (iR26) don’t render any information. I could find just a little more than 10 pictures, none of them in books. My main sources are Moffett (1986=R2,p122), Walther (2013=R3,p684), Dayez / Adhémar (1974=R87,p246), Monneret (1978-81=R88I,p605); Berson (1996=R90II,p11), French Wikipedia (iR4), mutualart (iR11), artnet (iR13), eclecticlight (aR1=iR35), (iR40), Bénézit (iR69) and the additional references (=aR, see below). For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see. See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

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