Mulot-Durivage, Emilien

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Emilien Mulot-Durivage (1838-1920)

or: Emile Durivage



Mulot-Durivage only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:
At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition Mulot-Durivage showed 2 works (catalogue numbers 113-114) (R2,p122). His work received little attention and remained unsold (aR1;R87;R90II).
Joconde states that Mulot-Durivage also joined the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882 (iR23;iR4). This is not confirmed by Moffett or other sources; anyway he was not in the catalogue (R2,394;iR1).
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Mulot-Durivage at the Salon:
Mulot-Durivage was rejected at the Salon of 1875 and exhibited at the Salon des Refusés. He exhibited at the Salon (de la Société des Artistes Français) in 1882 / 87 / 90. In 1887 and 1890 it is noticed that he was a member or sociétaire de la Société des Artistes Français. (iR1)


Mulot-Durivage as an artist:
Mulot-Durivage is an impressionist landscape painter (iR4).
Walther calls Mulot-Durivage as a member of the ‘Société Anonyme des Artistes…’ (R3,p684). Moffett doesn’t confirm this (R2,p105). Mulot-Durivage had contacts with Cézanne, Degas, Monet and Renoir (iR4;aR1;aR2).


Mulot-Durivage chronological data:

  • 1838/03/09: Émilien Mulot-Durivage was born in Granville, on the Normandy coast in the Mont Saint-Michel bay in the Manche region (iR4;R3;aR1;iR1;iR69;R2;aR2;iR66;R87)
  • Mulot-Durivage descends from an very old family of sailors in Granville, called Mulot sieur du Rivage = sire / lord of the shoreline (iR4). Contemporary marin commissioners were: René Aimable Mulot-Durivage (1801/06/17 – 1882/10/13) and his son René François Pierre (1856/03/22 – 1918/10/19) (aR3).
  • He later went to Paris (aR1)
  • 1874: Mulot-Durivage lived at Rue Neuve-le-Berry, 13, Le Havre
  • 1875: Mulot-Durivage lived at the Avenue Saint-Ouen, 34, Paris (iR1)
  • 1882: Mulot-Durivage lived at the Rue Saint-Jean, 28, Changis-Avon, near Fontainebleau. As his correspondence adres he gave: M. Billault at the Boulevard Haussmans, 32bis in Paris. (iR1)
  • 1886: Mulot-Durivage exhibited in Angers (iR69;R87).
  • 1887: he lived 23, avenue de Lyon, Nemours (Seine-et-Marne) (iR1)
    in 1890 he lived at number 28 (iR1)
  • Mulot-Durivage retired at Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, on the west coast of the Cherbourg Peninsula, with his sister Azelma. Here he became well-known for his landscape paintings of the nearby valley of the Ouve and of gardens (aR1;iR4;aR2).
  • 1920/09/11: Mulot-Durivage died in Saint-Saveur-le-Vicomte (iR4;aR1;iR66)



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