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Stanislas Lépine (1835-1892)




On this page you will find an account of what art-works Lépine has exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 and at the Salon. For general information on Stanislas Lépine and the used sources see main page. For the pictures see.


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

  • catalogue numbers 81-83
  • in total Stanislas Lépine exhibited 3 works, all oil paintings
    • 3x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 3x loans (appartient à…).
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p121) and of Dayez (R87,p240/1)
Catalogue 1874: (R2,p121; iR1)

1874-81          Le Canal Saint-Denis ; appartient à  M. Sporck
Perhaps Le canal Saint-Denis; old Loncle collection (R87;R2)

1874-82          La rue Cortot ; appartient à  M. Brullé
Moffett and Dayez doesn’t render a suggestion. De Lora (1874/04/18) reviews: ‘Among the most excellent landscapes, we mention a view of La rue Cortot, leading towards Montmartre’ (R87,p257)

1874-83          Bords de la Seine ;     appartient à  M.M…
Perhaps 1869, Bords de Seine, 30×59, musée Orsay (R2,p129;R87;R2). Moffett adds that Lépine has made many of this sort of paintings during the 1860s and 1870s, so specific identification is impossible. De Montifaud (1874/05/01) reviews: ‘Les bords de la Seine had lustrous waves that are a little cold, but of a fine colour harmony, tending to green. Houses with gray roofs and white facades rise from the bank. The river, marbled by shadows near the banks, lightens toward the middle and flows quietly on its way. Lépine’s palette has a healthy and peaceful quality…’ (R2,p129;R87,p264).  Castagnary (1874/04/29) reviews ‘his finely handled Bords de la Seine…’ (R2,p129;R87,p264). Leroy (1874/04/25) describes it as having ‘fine tones’ (R87,p260).



Lépine at the Salon:

The Salon database (iR1) indicates that Stanislas Lépine was born in Caen (Calvados). He is called a pupil of Corot.
1859-69: He lives Chaussée Clignancourt, 20.
1870-73: He lives at rue des Rosiers, 12 (Montmartre).
1874-86: He lives at rue de la Fontenelle, 40 (Montmartre).
Lépine probably also exhibited at the Salon in 1859, 1887/ 88/ 89 and 97 and at the SNBA in 1891/ 97/ 98/ 1902.

S1859-1953 Port de Caen; effet de clair de lune
His debut (R9). He was hardly noticed (R16).

S1863-1187 Le pont des Invalides .
This work strongly recalls some scenes of Corot (aR2).

S1864-1202 Paysage à l’île Saint-Ouen .

S1864-1203 Chevaux de trait

S1865-1337 Le pont de Bercy .

S1866-1212 Le bord de la Seine, à Bercy .

S1866-1213 Vue prise au pont de la Concorde .

S1867- 954 La Seine près le pont d’Iéna .

S1868-1561 La Seine à Charenton .

S1868-1562 Le pont de l’Estacade, à Paris .

S1869-1506 La Seine devant Saint-Denis .

S1869-1507 Le quai de la Râpée .

S1870-1739 Prairie à Saint-Ouen .

S1872-1008 Le bord de l’eau, à Saint-Denis .

S1873-943 Une rue de Montmartre ; effet de neige .

S1874-1187 Le quai d’Ivry .

S1874-1188 L’île Saint-Denis .

S1875-1347 Un lavoir aux environs de Caen .

S1876-1299 Une rue à Caen, un jour de neige .

S1876-1300 Le quai d’Ivry, à Paris .

S1877-1331 Les bords de la Seine, à Saint-Denis (Seine) .

S1877-1332 Le Pont-Marie, à Paris
Additional info: (see image)

S1878-1417 Le petit bras de la Seine, au Pont-Neuf .

S1878-1418 Le canal, à la Villette ; effet de lune .

S 1879-1900 Un quai, à Paris .

S1880- 2291 Canal Saint-Denis ; effet de lune ;
Additional info: H. 1m,14.- L. 1m,46.

S1880- 2292 Portrait de Mlle L… ;
Additional info: H. 1m,00.- L. 0m,70.

S1882- 1653 Le canal à Paris ; effet de lune .

S1882- 1654 Le pont Marie, à Paris .

S1883- 1494 La Seine au confluent de la Marne .

S1884-1508 Le pont des Arts .
Lépine received a honorable mention (aR2).

S1885- 1561 Le pont de l’Estacade, à Paris .
Lépine made several studies for this larger work. One smaller work is described as: ‘In this small painting, Paris and the Seine are shown bathed in warm sunlight. Extending across the river in the middle ground is the small foot bridge, the “pont de l’Estacade,” which was erected in 1818, rebuilt on several occasions, and demolished in 1938. Slightly beyond is the Pont Sully, constructed in 1874-76, connecting the Ile Saint Louis with the Right Bank. The dome in the center of the picture is that of the church of St. Louis and St. Paul on the rue St. Antoine. The artist apparently painted the view from a quai near the Port-aux-Vins.’ (iR6).

S1886- 1462 Le port au vin, à Paris .

S1888- 1609 Le Pont-Royal, à Paris

S1888- 1610 Le jardin des Tuileries

S1888-x La Seine près du Pont-Neuf
Received a order. Worked on it from 1884-88. Used half-tones illuminated by transparent light. (R9)

S1889- 1662 Le marché aux pommes, à Paris

S1889-x The apple market
1884-88, location unknown. Lépine is awarded a third-class medal (R21;aR2).

EU1889-x Le pont de l’Estacade
1884, location unknown (R21). receives a first class medal (aR2).

EU1889-x Le Pont Royal
before 1888, location unknown (R21). Receives a first class medal (aR2).

SNBA1891- 595 Sur la butte Montmartre

SNBA1891- 596 Le canal à Caen

SNBA1891- 597 Le pont de Ville-Neuve-la-Garenne
(Appartient à M. Charles Ricada)

SNBA1891- 598 Bords de la Seine, île Saint-Denis
(Appartient à M. Lutz)

SNBA1891- 599 Port Labriche
(Appartient à M. Durand-Ruel)