Cassatt 1880 expo

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Mary Cassatt (1845-1926)

Pictures 5th impressionist exposition 1880

Catalogue numbers: 17-32




Here below you will find an impression of the 18 works that Mary Cassatt showed at the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880, including 10 engravings that were probably meant for the project ‘Le jour et la nuit’. Some suggestions are very uncertain, others I just render to compare, see account. For no. 19 I have no suggestion at all. See link for the subscriptions and see at the bottom of the main page on Mary Cassatt for the sources.


1880-17, Portrait de Mme J. Uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1879ca, A Visitor in Hat and Coat Holding a Maltese Dog, 35×27, private (iR92;iR2)

1880-18, Portrait de Mlle G., Uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1880, Lady with a Fan (Portrait of Anne Charlotte Gaillard) , 82×65, private (iR92;iR2;iR10)

1880-20, Sur le balcon Uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1878-80, Woman reading in a garden (on a balcony), 89×65, AI Chicago (iR92;iR2;iR6;iR59;aR1) Probably CR94


1880-21, Le thé. Now: Mary Cassatt, 1880ca, 5 o’clock Tea, 65×93, MFA Boston (iR3;R2,p305;R44,p17) Probably CR78

1880-22, Au théâtre, Now: Mary Cassatt, 1879ca, CR63, Lydia Leaning on Her Arms, Seated in Loge (at the theatre), pastel, 55×46, NAMA Kansas (iR3;R2,p304;R44,p59)


1880-23, Portrait de Mme C. Uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1880, Lydia Cassatt in a Green Bonnet and a Coat, 50×60, private (iR92;iR10)

1880-24, Jeune femme, Very uncertain: Mary Cassatt, 1878, Portrait of an Italian Lady, 80×59, GM Tulsa (aR1;iR92)

1880-24, jeune femme Compare: Mary Cassatt, 1881-82ca, Susan in a Toque Trimmed with Two Roses (la jeune femme), 53×46, private (iR92;iR10)