Degas 1881 expo

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Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Pictures 6th impressionist exposition 1881

Catalogue numbers: 12-19+hc4


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 12 pictures that were shown by Degas at the 6th ‘impressionist’ exposition. Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, seeSee here for an account (references, translations, info, discussion and locations on Google-maps). See here for the general references (=R) and here for references to internet pages (=iR). My main sources for the pictures were: (=iR2) and Google images (=iR10).


1881-12, Petite danseuse de quatorze ans. Now: Degas, 1881ca, the little fourteen year old dancer, wax + mixed techniques, 99×35,NGA Washington (iR2;iR59;R26,p160)


1881-13, Portrait. Very uncertain: Degas, 1875-7, CR378, Jérôme Ottoz, 46×37, private (iR10;R26,no405)

1881-14, Portrait. Very uncertain: Degas, 1875-80, CR389, portrait of a man, 55×45, MFA Boston (iR2;R26,no445)

1881-15, Portrait. Very uncertain: Degas, 1877ca, CR439, Alfred Niaudet, 46×32, VMFA Richmond (iR10;R26,no433)

1881-16, portrait. Very uncertain: Degas, 1877-85ca, CR660, Portrait of a Man, 79×59, CAI Williamstown, (iR2;R26,no606)


1881-17 Physionomie de criminel. Now: Degas, 1881ca, CR638, Physiognomie de criminal, pastel, 64×76, private, (iR10;R26,no582)

1881-18 Physionomie de criminel. Probably: Degas, 1881, Criminal Physiognomies, pastel, 64×76, private, (iR2;iR59) Probably: CR639


1881-19, Blanchisseuse. Uncertain: Degas, 1880-85ca, CR846, Woman Ironing, 81×75, WAG Liverpool, (iR2;iR10;R26,no638)

1881-19+hc1 Vue de coulisses. Option: Degas, 1878-80, CR500, Before the ballet, 32×25,CGA Washington (iR10;R26,no540)

1881-19+hc2, projet de portraits en frise. Now: Degas, 1880ca, CR532, a frieze, three women, drawing + pastel, 50×65, private, (iR2;R2,p341;R26,no565) =1879-67


1881-19+hc3 Chanteuse en scène. Option: Degas, 1875ca, CR372, Mademoiselle Becat aux ambassadeurs, litho pastel, 12×21, xx (iR10;R26,no385)

1881-19+hc4, Femme nue. Now: Degas, 1879ca, Room in a brother, monotype + ink, 21×16, Stanford UMA Palo Alto (iR10;R2,p363)