Ottin, Auguste-Louis-Marie

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Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin (1811-1890)


A.L.M. Ottin only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:

  • At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin showed 10 works (catalogue numbers xx) (R2,p122)
  • See link for his -/-art-works.
  • See link for an -/-account.


Short biography of Auguste-Louis-Marie Jenks Ottin:

  • 1811/12/11: born in Paris; his father was Auguste-Denis-Victoire Ottin (born 1787); his mother Anne Barthelemi Charbonnier (born 1790) (aR6)
  • 1813: his mother died (aR6)
  • 1835/05/19: married with Suzanne Élisabeth Arsandaux (1814-90) (aR6)
  • 1836/10/30: his son, the later artist Léon-Auguste Ottin, was born (aR6)
  • 1868: published a book titled: ‘Méthode Elementaire du Dessin’ (aR3)
  • 1890/12/07: died in Neuilly-sur-Seine (92, Hauts-de-Seine) (aR6)



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