Renoir 1877 expo

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Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Pictures 3th impressionist exposition 1877

Catalogue numbers: 185-205


General introduction:

Here you will find an impression of the 21 pictures that were shown by Renoir at the 3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1877.
Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’,
see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see. For an account (references, translations, info, discussion, locations on Google-Maps), seeFor the general references (=R) see. For references to internet pages (=iR) see. For references to the additional sources (=aR) see at the bottom of the main page about Renoir.


1877-185 La Balancoire
now: CR202, 1876, The swing,
92×73, Orsay; zoom ; (iR52; iR2; iR22)

1877-186 Bal du moulin de la Galette,
now: CR209, 1876, Bal du Moulin de la Galette,
131×175, Orsay, zoom; info ; video ; (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1877-187 Portrait de madame G.C. (appartient à M. G. Charpentier),
now: CR226, 1876-77ca, First Portrait of Madame Georges Charpentier,
46×38, Orsay (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1877-188 Portrait de mademoiselle G. C. (app. à M.G. Charpentier),
now: CR178, probably 1876, Georgette Charpentier Seated,
98×73, private (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1877-189 Portrait de madame A. D. (app. à M. A. D.),
now: CR163, 1876, Madame Alphonse Daudet,
47×37, Orsay (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1877-190 Portrait de M. Sisley,
now: CR117, 1874, Alfred Sisley,
66×55, AI Chicago (iR2;iR22;iR52)

1877-191, portrait de Mademoiselle S.,
now: CR229, 1877, portrait d’actrice Jeanne Samary,
56×47, Pushkin (iR52;iR22;iR2)

1877-192 Portrait de M. S…,
very uncertain: 1871-76, Jacques-Eugene Spuller,
46×39, private LA (iR52;iR22;iR2)


1877-193 Jeune fille,
very uncertain: 1876, Jeanne Durand-Ruel,
112×75, Barnes Philadelphia (iR2;iR3;iR22;iR52)

1877-194 femme assise,
very uncertain: 1876-77ca, Young Woman Seated (or: La pensée),
66×56, private (iR2;iR52)

1877-195 La Seine à Champrosay,
now: 1876, The Banks of the Seine at Champrosay,
55×66, Orsay (iR52;iR2)


1877-196 La place Saint-George,
very uncertain: 1875, The Great Boulevards,
50×61, Mcllhenny coll Philadelphia; zoom ; (iR2;iR3;iR22;iR52)

1877-197, coucher de soleil
compare: 1883ca-Coucher de soleil à Douarnenez
53×66, CAI Williamstown or Christies 2/2/2010 (iR6;iR2)

1877-198 Jardin
very uncertain: 1876, The Garden in the Rue Cortot at Montmartre,
151×97, CMA Pittsburgh (iR2;iR22)


1877-199 Jardin
very uncertain: 1873-75ca, Summer Landscape (Woman with a Parasol in a Garden),
54×65, TBM Madrid (iR22;iR2)

1877-200, Tête de jeune fille,
very uncertain: 1875, Head of a Girl,
41×32, private (iR2;iR22)

1877-201, bouquet de fleurs de champs,
very uncertain: 1866ca, Flowers in a Vase,
81×65, NGA Washington (iR2;iR22;iR52)


1877-202, deux têtes,
very uncertain: 1876ca, Young Man and Young Woman,
31×45, Orangerie (iR52;iR22;iR2)

1877-203, deux têtes,
compare 1895, Study two women’s heads ,
xx, private (iR52;iR2)

1877-204, Dahlias,
very uncertain: 1869, mixed flowers in an earthware pot,
65×54, MFA Boston (iR7;iR22;iR52)


1877-205 Portrait d’enfant,
very uncertain: 1877, Paul Meunier,
46×36, private (iR2;iR22;iR52)