practical hints and abbreviations

impressionism, a historical reconstruction

practical hints

and abbreviations



Some practical hints in using this website:

  • Links to the 56+2hc=58 partaking artists / impressionist painters are found in the left menu column. (are in the bottom menu) In the sub-menu’s mostly you can find info about the pictures they exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions, at the Salon and an account.
  • Links to info about this website and on the ‘impressionist’ expositions, impressionism, locations (of meeting and painting together), the Salon, surroundings etc. are found in the header. The main page of this menu is mostly a starting page with many links to sub-pages and a summary of the most important conclusions. These sub-pages can also be found in the sub-menu’s.
  • A -/- before the menu title means the page is not yet started / published.
    A +/- before the menu title means the page is just started and still under construction.
  • I hope the main pages and the pages with many pictures will be interesting for many people.
    Some pages with detailed information, like the accounts of the expositions, are meant for those who want to make a more profound study.
  • The underlined turquoise words in the text have an internal or external link which are opened in a new tab-screen. Topographical references are mostly linked to Google-maps (=iR9).
  • See link for an explanation of the subscriptions of the pictures.
  • See link for info about the identification of the pictures exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions and the Salon.
  • Sources: the sources are mostly mentioned at the bottom of a page. Mostly I will mention the most important sources. Furthermore I will refer to the general references (=R), the references to internet pages (=iR) and the additional references (=aR) mentioned at the bottom of the page. In the text I will refer to the sources (and it’s page) like this: R5,p31; iR2; aR1.


Abbreviations and foreign words:

  • 1874/04/03 means the third of April 1874
  • aR = additional references; these are rendered at the bottom of the page or the main page of an artist; mostly referring to internet sites; these additional references are also numbered
  • cm = centimeters
  • CR = Catalogue Raisonné (= an overview of all the known paintings of an artist). It is followed by the number in the catalogue
  • en-plein-air = painting outside (in the open)
  • hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue
  • iR = internet references; followed by a number corresponding the list of references to internet pages .
  • km = kilometres
  • R = references; followed by a number corresponding the list of general references to books.


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